‘There’s only so much shirtless I can handle’: Jake Gyllenhaal talks Love Island and ghosting calls

‘There’s only so much shirtless I can handle’: Jake Gyllenhaal talks Love Island and ghosting calls

there’s like only so much shirtless that
I can handle jake gyllenhaal lovely to speak to you about slide I loved the
film because I basically love that it’s like a roadtrip movie with superhero
stuff yes in it there’s a big thing about Peter Parker ghosting Nick Fury
yeah in it how are you at replying to people
generally because I always accidentally ghost people yeah yeah yeah like your
group shattuck Norah well yeah like family group chats oh that’s a lot for
me family group chats are just like if someone gets going and you’re on that 25
person texts chained it’s a disaster yeah and you can’t really sign off of it
Kenya it’s I think one of those things just can’t get off of well you can’t
exit it because then everyone gets a notification that you’ve left my family
does I think my dad side the family does the thing and my dad has six brothers
and five business sisters and my end so they’re you know we have a plethora of
cousins and this and that and might they do a thing where they like on everyone’s
birthday they do a massive email to everyone in the family and wish the map
your birthday my uncle Anders does it and my god it’s one of those like oh
happy birthday how many happy birthday text messages can you get through your
feet it’s like it’s how many times can you say thank you as well yes thanks
that is why Cece always a good thing but it still is it’s a lot yeah I do those
people without sometimes knowing like if you’re in the middle of a yeah I was
just on my phone and in the middle you filmed this film a lot of it in London
you spent a lot of time in the UK you know I was there any like we had pop
culture that you got hooked on when you were here hmm I always like looking at
our TV through the lens of someone who’s not from the UK in other ways really
fast see what me as always is always gonna be weird and obscure but the thing
that I really love is like when I when I know that ever when I’ve spent enough
time somewhere and it’s actually become a second home or home to me things like
you know like the labels on things and and street signs yeah and things that
have become my normal so you know you go to a different country like that’s a
funny way of having a and that it’s like normal for me now there’s no pop culture
things I mean I know Tom loves love island that’s a big thing for him and he
didn’t get hooked I didn’t get hooked I didn’t give it i I
there’s like only so much shirtless that I can hand off on a you know and white
leather couches it’s just not my you know I just there’s only it’s also on
every night it’s such an investment of time oh it’s on every night oh my god oh
my gosh yeah yeah no I didn’t get up done that
but yeah yeah but I there’s some shows I like yeah yeah BBC shows oh the highbrow
ones no no no no like the crop daytime telly
so yes that’s right um thank you so much and congratulations Thank You spider-man
thank you

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  1. I left my family chat as it got too much!! Maybe I’m just a bitch and am happy to explain why. Weirdly enough no one asked!! It seems I’m not that missed 😆😆

  2. I know how he feels about the group texts and birthday stuff! 😂 It’s sweet but it can get kinda bothersome.

  3. Mute for 24 hours… That's my go to for family group chat… And when that 24 hours is up, do a quick read through and mute again

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