The sad life of a Kenyan child celebrity : Juala Superboy | Tuko TV

The sad life of a Kenyan child celebrity : Juala Superboy | Tuko TV

To speak the truth things are not okay at home the landlord is about to lock us out and again we have not paid our school fees Go rap something for them Everyone come say hello to Superboy My name is Brian Masaba alias Juala Superboy I am a rapper and I am in Class 2 I am 6 years old I live in Cosovo, Mathare This is our school Is this Hope? Have you closed school? Yes When are you opening? Next week Monday Which are your favorite subjects? Mathematics and C.R.E Who was the Father of Moses? Abraham That’s not true I am not sure Just take 7 and add those two zeros at the end. What will you get? It’s simple, you see I stay with my mum and dad I have one brother and one sister My mum used to wash clothes for people but she lost the job my dad also used to work in the construction industry but the job was not consistent he would work today and not have a job for another two weeks So my mum has been at home for close to 6 months without a job To speak the truth, the situation is not good at home We sometimes get some little money when go out there so we use that to buy food and other small items We have once slept hungry Why are you crying? I am feeling pain Why? The landlord might lock us out any time and we haven’t paid school fees Sorry. What’s the name of the your school? Hope It’s okay stop crying Supa Boy loves music I think it’s good I will support him With the little I have Are you paid after performing in shows? Sometimes I am paid but other times I am asked to perform for free So you only perform and you are not given any pay? Yes. Absolutely nothing He is yet to receive any money from music For now we rely on the little that we get sometimes We just make sure we use the money wisely My father works really hard everyday Since that day we slept hungry He doesn’t want us to sleep hungry again He says it’s better for him to sleep hungry but make sure we have eaten When the situation becomes more tough on a particular day he will work extra hard on that day to just ensure we have food in the house What message do you have for him? I know he won’t hear you now but he will get the message after the interview Daddy. Thank you very much for bringing me up well and for taking care of me and mum? I still have the same message for her My vision in music when I grow up is to become a big artist both locally and internationally I would love Once I get enough money I would come back to the ghetto to help the upcoming artists as well as the less fortunate My favorite artist in Kenya is Khali but I don’t recognize his game I believe in myself I don’t compare myself to others or try to copy them I just want to become a big artist in my own way My favorite song is Harambee and the most recent one called Faya I love Harambee mostly because of the beat It’s more of afro Not like the hip hop ones and again it goes with any dance style you can do odi dance My producer is called Msolo My videos are done by Charlie P I own an academy for the talented children and youth It’s called Sejo kids and Talent Centre Juala Superboy has been in our academy I am his manager I have been mentoring him about music I am only here to help him Especially when we go for shows Sometimes we do shows for free to ensure he is known out there not just here in the ghetto My name is Charles Kioko I am Juala Superboy’s music director I discovered his talent and decided to do a video for him to see whether it will pay or not. I was okay either way because in todays music industry there are styles that you must use to be recognized but as for me there are things I can’t shoot I prefer to nurture an upcoming artist in a morally right manner instead of shooting a video that contains explicit content for fame and money I just want to thank him May God bless him Hi Do you who this is? He is Juala Do you normally listen to his music? I always see him doing his music around here What message do you have for Kenyans watching you right now? I would like to tell me Not to engage in harmful activities Engage in a business even if it means selling fries or vegetables that sounds fine instead of just staying at home and smoking bhang or engaging in crime That is so wrong True. Good boy People love you here Hello Juala. Hey fans, this is Juala Supaboy Please support my music Go to You Tube and subscribe to Juala Superboy channel Do you I know I can also rap?

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  1. Thank you for your continued support towards Superboy and his family. You can continue supporting them through PayBill no.891300 Ac.Name Juala:)

  2. Its heart breaking, he is very intelligent and talented. He needs good manager ,some people are benefiting from his hits.

  3. supaboy need a award for real man I hate to see my people hurting over bills and these people just spending so much money on wars and guns for wars WTF we got to do better yall

  4. You sound so wise and intelligent. You broke my heart wen you were crying. God is watching you closely and will make a way for you.

  5. So ur telling this kid wit all this talent lives in mathare while ppl like vira sadiki makes millions?😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. How can we make contact to Help this young boy and his family? I need his WhatsApp information so that I can speak with him and his Family.

  7. Juala I really love… U r superstar… I salute you…. May God help u in everything n I wish I could help you bt don't I will pray for baby boy keep up…

  8. I think it's time to Mr Governor Mike this is ur job to help out this little boy u promised Kenyans who want ur need this boy needs you

  9. who else subscribe to the lil rapper youtube channel after watching the interview??????

    please doc channels anytime you are documentary or doing an interview heartbroken situation please and please you should and include a helping bank account and phone number so that anybody who is willing to help can be able to after watching the video

  10. I understand not a single word he said, but I don't doubt a bit that his music will be rich in message. Too intelligent for a 6 year old.

  11. People seem to know him uko Kenya, that means his music should be getting some kind of recognition which means he can get some kind of bookings and get paid, not only that but it also means the people he works with are ripping him off there’s some kind of profit he should be making out if his music

  12. So now he has to take his parent's out of poverty? At the age of 6 year old where does this happen? Chineke Biko kenyan parent's have some shame…It also happened to fresh kid why do you exploit your children like this you don't deserve these blessings…

  13. Obama,Kenyatta,Mombasa,Mafuta,Usalama,mafuta,utalii na viwanda,ni nini kwamba asilimia 70%jiji la Nairobi ni wamaskini kupindukia na gouvernement haitoi social help kwa wazalendo wa Nairobi?corruptions?

  14. Only help him understand the dangers of this industry…
    Musicians have died of AIDS due to a high level of uncontrollable resources and the environment in which they thrive.
    I wish education can be put first in the life of this beautiful Soul.

  15. This boy has talent 😃., only 6 years, may God bless you he gave you the talent he will bring you far👊🏾

  16. Oh wow..I will donate..I’m just seeing this heartfelt video for the first time..Is the info the same?And can you please do an update on this child?Im speechless..NO 6 YEAR OLD CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS..I’m so saddened right now.My God

  17. This boy doesn't need fees ,,this boy has music in him…if Amy musicians is watching this and believe in real talent …he needs a label and mentor

  18. This boy is so bright and I see a bright future ahead of him ! Thank God he has good parents who bring him up in a respectful manner despite the hard life they are going through! May God bless them

  19. I just can’t stop crying 😭 😭😭😭This is not a laughing matter….I wish I could help but I’m also helpless 😭😭😭

  20. It's sad his parents can't pay the school fees,I can't afford my son career goals either an I work so hard,it's painful,but you must stay focused on the goals an never give up,lil Brother.#Talentedbrother#

  21. Many people are of the impression that Africa is a poor continent. Ask yourself this, why is North America, Australia and Europe so rich while the other continents are in dire need? First look at the racial composite of the people who lives in these places. The leaders in African countries need to start putting their foot down. Stop having white people raping your countries and taking away the valuable resources from the people. School should be free to these people. Child should not be penalized because he can't pay school fees. Come on Africa.

  22. Poor baby such a great kid in a not so good situation but his heart and love is so pure praying for him and his family he has what it loves

  23. Just sad, but hope Khali took him in…if not I wish he could…..just like Birdman did to Lil Wayne…take him under your umbrella bro…Ni vile anatoka Ghetto sasa support ni noma huko joh….But Khali kama unaskia, uko na compe kwa huyu boy bro, in future tukizeeka nway….

  24. Superboy I will advise Jesus Love you and has given you this gift and talent, turn your music to GOSPEL RAP and you and your family will have a divine uplifting in a very divine unusual way. God bless you in Jesus Name Amen.

  25. Ata Mimi Jameni Nisaidieni, Nafwatwa Na Majini Na Sijui Ni Nini Zinataka. Zinaishi Na Mimi Mpaka Kwa Nyumba Ndani Ya Familia Yangu. Ukienda Kanisa Kutafuta Help Unapata Ni MaFisi Wamejivalia Ngozi Za Kondoo #targetedbythegodofthisage#

  26. If the kid has a you tube channel where is the money going? Hope there's no one greedily taking the money. You'll be fine boy. Life is a struggle. Don't cry or feel pitty for yourself just continue pushing. It shall be well

  27. I'm watching this I can tell he's unhappy but I can't tell what happen to him because he's not speaking English someone please tell me what he's saying

  28. What a heart touching story! Superboy is a brave boy, May God grant him a bright future together with his family. Hats off to Superboy! HIT A LIKE FOR JUALA…

  29. What's wrong with Kenyans why are we not supporting our own ..
    Imagine Fresh kid in uganda is being supported by M7 …while Juala Superboy is struggling to battle the like of kina khali..

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