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  1. What's your favorite coffee roast? I found the medium roast (or city roast) to be my favorite of the ones I sampled.

  2. At first I was like "meh, don't feel like I want a 8 minutes video". And then, the video ended amd I was like "Wow, already? man that was good!"

  3. this channel is so cool, I don't understand why is doesn't have 1,000,000 subs, or even 100,000, it seriously deserves more subs.

  4. I like Tim's coffee, not sure what roast it is lol.

    Thanks for these videos, you are doing great! I also want to learn about everything;
    The internet, and all its glory gives people that option, no other generations have ever had such power at their finger tips 😊

  5. So hang on, do these color changes in the roast apply to all (or most) coffee beans? Bob had graphs and tables of his roasting experiments and what not, but does that only apply to that particular bean he roasts, or can it be applied to any bean? Do other people roast the same bean differently?

    Love the series btw, to me it's like an evolved How It's Made. Spent hours watching that show on Discovery when I was little, and it's really nice to fill that itch.

  6. Honestly these videos are so well put together I feel like I'm watching a tv show that was just put onto YouTube. He definitely deserves his own tv show in my opinion 🙌

  7. "You cannot make a flavor that is not there". "So roasting is pretty important"? Wrong, he was stating that the growing process is the most important part.

  8. A great coaching! Please tell me your machine and cost to get that roaster! I may not buy now, but may be in near future. I'm still seeking coffee knowledge. I grow less then 10 coffee plants in my yard and intend to expand it when I have full confidence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  9. not very smart with coffee, but do they do blends of different roasts / bean to balance out specific taste profiles ? or can that just somehow ruin the whole batch ?

  10. That guy roasts beans for days. That's all he does. Those beans got roasted. I bet it's not the only thing he roasts. Get roast'd m8

  11. I know this is a year on, And i am really enjoying this series. But you stand around not looking interested most of the time. Im not saying your not interested, but for entertainment purposes and just for the quality of the video, you could show a bit more enthusiasum in what is going on. Just standing there with your hands in your pockets, Saying Mhm, and giving monotone answers kind of lets these videos down. Even after a year, i do hope you see this. maybe not.

    This is just a bit of constructive critisisum, as i said i am really enjoying this series and will continue watching through this adventure one year late 🙂

  12. Hi, Thank You for sharing everything about coffee. Your video is awesome. 🙂
    Don't forget to check mine if you are also interested about coffee.
    Mine is about Java Coffee Beans, from Indonesia. 🙂

  13. I like my coffee like I like my women *HOT AND BLONDE*ol
    French is too dark like you might as well just put top soil in you coffee maker lol

  14. The best quality beans in the world are saved and bought to be mostly for light roasted. If your coffee needs to be burned to taste good, you’ve got relatively cheap beans. The further you go the more you char all the flavor and acidity away. I want to taste the bean, not the roast. If you
    char to a crisp a piece of chicken, pork, beef and fish, they all will taste like similar burned meat. Wildly different and distinct coffees from around
    the world lose their unique characteristics when burned to a crisp. Dark roast can hide many defects of cheaper beans. Burning to even the first
    crack shouldn’t be necessary with good quality beans. Light roasted coffee also has health benefits that dark doesn’t. Light roast is life. ☕️

  15. the part of the process that always seems to be missing is the "degassing" stage. How soon after roasting is it ready to be brewed? What are the procedures?

  16. I'm using robusta coffee beans but I boiled it first after opening the package then now I'm roasting it on frying pan some of the beans turned dark green can I still grind it please help

  17. light roast is not bad coffee, You get a different flavour, and i disagree that it tastes like grass? sounds like a bad roast to me.

  18. Great video, interesting when you start to look at the aromatic differences between coffees with varying processes of preperation

  19. hello I am a coffee processor from Indonesia Arabica and Robusta coffee beans if anyone interested can contact me instagram kukuhimanp thankyou🙏

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