The Real Reason We Don’t Hear About Susan Boyle Anymore

The Real Reason We Don’t Hear About Susan Boyle Anymore

With the voice of a hopeful, yet world-weary
angel, a bursting bank account, and internationally chart-topping hits, where has Susan Boyle
skittered off to? Let’s find out what this talented Brit is
up to. Throughout Boyle’s entire life, she was told
she was “brain damaged.” That’s not an easy burden for anyone to shoulder,
but it turns out all she needed was proper therapeutic attention. She went to seek a diagnosis from a Scottish
specialist, who told her that she actually has Asperger’s syndrome, not brain damage. Not only did she finally get some real answers,
but also some needed validation, as tests confirmed she also has an above average IQ. Boyle is hopeful that the diagnosis will help
others comprehend her in a more meaningful fashion. Boyle’s mega-famous now, but that doesn’t
diminish the fact that she was struggling long before she knocked Piers Morgan’s socks
off. Before her 2009 Britain’s Got Talent appearance,
she’d endured some serious losses. Her father passed away in 1999, followed by
her sister Kathleen in 2000. But one of Boyle’s biggest losses was the
2007 death of her mother, whom she both cared for and adored. “And when I was singing that song, I was being
reflective, because I think my parents would be proud of me now” In 2015, Boyle dealt with yet another painful
passing: her older sister, called “Birdie” by her loved ones, succumbed to cancer. Even though Birdie was 73 at the time of her
passing, it was still unexpected. For a devastated Boyle, it was an extremely
low point. Despite these losses, Boyle still feels the
support of her loved ones, especially her mother, who she says was the angel on her
shoulder the day of her groundbreaking audition. She also continues to remember how her sister
Birdie kept her humble. After Birdie’s death, Boyle took a bit of
a break, putting the album she was working on hold so she could take some time to breathe. They say it’s never too late to find love,
right? That’s certainly true for Boyle, who at age
53 entered her first real romantic relationship. She briefly had a boyfriend back in her twenties,
but that relationship pretty much stopped before it began. It turns out her dad didn’t think she was
ready for romance, so he ended it. And while it hurt at the time, she isn’t mad
about it anymore. Boyle finally got a second chance at romance
in 2014, when she became smitten with an American doctor who was “the perfect gentleman.” And while everyone was hopeful for her, it
unfortunately didn’t work out in the end, as Boyle felt, quote, “it just wasn’t practical.” Just how lucrative is Boyle’s musical empire? For one, her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream,
named for the song that made her a legend, earned the top spot on the Billboard charts
in 2009. It was also the top-selling album worldwide
that year. Way to go, SuBo! Boyle dropped her second album, The Gift,
in 2010. It reached number one in both the UK and the
US at the same time. That was the second time she pulled that trick
off within one year, something only The Beatles and The Monkees had done before her. Altogether, Boyle’s total net worth has been
estimated to be around $33 million, which means she’ll likely never have to worry about
money again. That’s well deserved, given where she started. A big reason why Boyle has been able to maintain
her wealth is because she is in charge of three companies that manage her millions. Along with her trusted manager Andy Stephens,
she took control of her brand in 2011. It’s always nice to see a woman taking charge
of her own finances. Although Boyle hasn’t launched any major world
tours recently, and even though she has plenty of money, she continues to put those perfect
pipes to work. Her seventh and most recent album, A Wonderful
World, was released in 2016. The record features a variety of tunes, such
as classics like “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Additionally, there are two duets: she paired
up with Michael Bolton for a contemporary rendition of “Somewhere Out There.” And then there was a “virtual duet” with the
late Nat King Cole on “When I Fall In Love.” On top of that, Boyle covered “Like a Prayer,”
a classic by one of her longtime faves, Madonna. Finally, after a long radio silence, Camp
SuBo got a real treat when Boyle posted to her Instagram on October 10, 2018 for the
first time in nearly five years. The post teased that the singer was back and
had “exciting announcements coming soon.” It’s about time! Additionally, just a few weeks prior, it was
announced that Boyle would be returning to the stage in America’s Got Talent: The Champions. That means that she’ll once again be reunited
with shade king Simon Cowell, who apparently has zero shade for Susan. Will Boyle light up the stage as she did during
her first audition on Britain’s Got Talent? We think so, and can’t wait to find out!

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  1. God bless Susan….humble kind smart lovely and very talented.Sad she has lost her loved ones.💓🙏👏💞

  2. She is a great lady. She has an IQ above average, she is an Aspie, she is very talented, she is wealthy and she has managed to remain simple and faithfull to her love ones. She deserves a break, please, leave her in peace to recover her strength and good health. She will come back in due time, and…. once more leave her in peace, she needs holidays. We wish her all the best because she deserves it. With all my love Susan, take your time and enjoy holidays well deserved.

  3. It dose not matter what age you pass away we still have a broken heart, she is a great singer she can sing not talk like a lot do fantastic keep up with the great work.

  4. I love you Susan
    you really are a beautiful soul & I wish you all the happiness you deserve
    😇💖I remember your very first audition on Britans got talent & when you first walked on stage I felt your sadness then you gave your talent to the world
    God love you xx

  5. I adore Susan's voice just love her. She can bring tears to your eyes with her voice. What a great humble woman with a big voice.

  6. I so feel for her. I was also a late in life diagnosis of Aspergers. A lot of pieces fell into place. Wishing much good health and a lot of happiness for Ms Boyle

  7. Красивая женщина, с сильным голосом, я влюбленна в ваше исполнение ❤️

  8. Je l'aime beaucoup, pour ses chansons, sa voix et toutes les difficultés qu'elle a rencontrées. Fonce Suzanne , je te souhaite tout le meilleur.

  9. It is good that she manages her own finance. This also means she is quite a smart person, fully capable of handling herself and her life journey. Imagine a wrong diagnosis could affect a person for so long. The power of words. Words can either build you up or kill you. You are what God made you to be not what those craps surrounding you, who only aim to destroy. At last, she is blessed with people who really care after her mom passing and her involvement in bgt.

  10. I hope that she continues to make CD's, she has a beautiful voice. She has suffered so much loss in such a small amount of time.

  11. She had gone through tough times but I believe she could overcome them one by one. She is such an adorable woman.

  12. I wish her the best and I hope that she will be able to adopt a nice baby to love. Susan would make a great mum.

  13. She is so inspirational to me❤️ I was in a bad place when she auditioned and when I felt defeated I would watch her audition video to inspire me. I’m now in the best place I’ve ever been. Thank you Susan❤️

  14. "It's always nice to see a woman taking charge of her own finances" Uh… Okay. She runs companies that do it for her, but alright. Also, I'm a woman and I'm not hating on her, I'm just surprised that a large channel like this would have the courage to say something like that.

  15. actually..if we study the history of most singers they finish their lives with broken glass in their mouths. The fame and adoration destroys them.

  16. Amen.Susan is such a humble Lady and is dearly Loved For Who She is by many people and Graceful.Susan has been Blessed with an amazing voice it is so beautiful and we give Thanks to her for sharing it with us and to God for giving her that Beautiful voice and seeing her through all the trials and tribulations and Bringing her out Stronger.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Glad she did bgt because nobody gave a crap about her and her family until she proved that she is a perfect example of book by it's cover, shameful that the world is like this

  18. I have just retired from medical practice and saw a lot of adversity, struggle, and down on patients faces over the years, Susan must have suffered inwardly total loneliness until a break came her way.. not many so lucky , wonderful person god bless you… I love the joy of your voice..

  19. My wife just bought her latest album 10. I recommend it very much. Her voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard. The songs she records are lavish, stylish and inteligent.

  20. Susan's best ever song is the duet with Jackie Evancho of 'A Mother's Prayer' which is on Jackie's album 'Dream With Me'. The duet is also on youtube. My Mother-In-Law (RIP) was a huge fan of both singers and at her funeral we played that song plus other music from both Susan & Jackie.

  21. I shed a few tears for this lady such a hard begin but she has weathered
    When I first saw her sing and the audiences expression prior to the first notes that flowed from her were like she has to be kidding herself this lady is no Page only a village church singer
    Wow the panel and audience got surprised
    Can’t judge a book by the cover alone
    Not ashamed to say I cry when ever I view that video
    Awake call

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