The News – An ASP Short

The News – An ASP Short

In international news There’s been reports of a war in Alberkastania Susan? Yes… there is a war here. Allllright Susan… Thanks for checking on that. Now, our next report: Are perverts… Are perverts… …bad for kids? A controlled study… A controlled study… …says yes!

17 thoughts to “The News – An ASP Short”

  1. There's something wrong with your rss feed. Your comics come through just fine but for a video it doesn't show up. Great video!

  2. You guys have 3 options:
    1: Get better voice actors
    2: Don't ragdoll every character (although this wouldn't matter if the joke was good)
    3: Punchline. You need it.

  3. Wait, perverts ARE bad for my kids!? Crap, I gotta run to my neighbors- wait… I don't have kids. So… whose kids did I send over there anyway?O_O

  4. I've watched a few of these episodes now. I say they have potential and who's ever animating them is doing a good job. It's just not well written.. like.. not funny.. at all.

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