The Head of a Satanic Temple Explains Satanism

The Head of a Satanic Temple Explains Satanism

We do not sacrifice children. The foundation of Satanism
is built upon the self and carrying out
the devil’s work. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hi! My name is Zeke Apollyon
and I am the chapter head for the Satanic Temple,
London and UK. I think what attracted me most
to Satanism, I think how preposterous a lot of stuff that was coming from
people who call themselves Christians. These people are extremists,
they’re religious extremists. That use Christianity to
kind of further their extremism. Some of these people have
blood on their hands, and so I figured if they could do horrible
things in the name of Jesus then I could do wonderful things
in the name of Satan. It’s so liberating. It is so liberating. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as in
my own skin as I do as a Satanist because, I mean part of it is looking
at like ugly sides of yourself and being able to sort of
reconcile that and looking at
ugly sides of humanity. No. No. I don’t want to catch anything and I’m pretty sure
other people don’t either. People get in touch with us
and we just have a conversation. A lot of times what people want
is community, a lot of people feel like outsiders and so they come to us
because they’re looking for people
that are accepting. They do not come around anymore. They don’t come around anymore. They came over one time when we
were having a big ritual and they must have seen it
on my face or something ’cause I opened the door
to come out to get something and they were walking up the path and I was just like, no! And they just
turned around and left. And I haven’t seen them since. We still live in a time
when people who are satanists have to live incognito? But I think in terms of
misconceptions about Satanists I think people think that we
sacrifice babies, that we are engaged
in some kind of like underground sex trafficking. I’ve definitely met some babies
that I haven’t really gotten on with very well, but I’ve never
actually killed one. There’s a little girl
in the window right there. Satanism, it’s been a philosophy or a way of life for people
for a very long time. For me, Satanism is really about
not letting myself off the hook. And I believe for me that being a
Satanist is about trying to continually advocate for people
especially people who aren’t able to advocate for themselves. You could definitely go much worse
than to use those things as your way to
kind of move forward. Every day! In fact somebody is
probably right now, asking us to put them
in touch with the devil. People ask for riches,
they ask if we can allow them access to the Illuminati. Some of the weirdest interactions are people who like
send us satanic prayers. People will sometimes ask us to
pass on messages to the devil. And I’m like, we’re not the
devils answering service. I wish! Satanism is a love affair
with the self. Actually, I think one of the things
that the Satanic Temple wants to do is actually sponsor an orgy. We do, but like we would be there as
people who would fold the towels and we would make sure that there
was enough condoms and lube. And we would provide sex education. A lot of us are trained. Some of us are medics. And what we would do is facilitate what would be like a safe, consensual, group sex practice for people
and it would benefit something. I think it would be great if
Satanists went on Love Island. That would be amazing. I totally would. I would turn that party out.

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  1. notice this idiot says "we don't sacrifice children" and grits his teeth? folks don't be fooled by this little cute videos to show them in a better light. they are sicko's and dangerous and keep watching them very closely to report them to law enforcement for prosecution and lock them up where they belong

  2. Shows how deluded they are and haven't done any research , satan the fallen angel was actually female and lucifer isn't her name the church being male dominated back the made satan male

  3. I had a good friend that studied religions for his own interest. I remember him telling me about the difference between satanists n satan worshippers. Satanists focus on a narcissistic lifestyle. They aren’t horrible. This dude, this dude I’d hang out with. Satan worship involves themselves in the sick shit. If u look it up there is evidence of it including FBI raids with horrific findings. I’m a moderate catholic myself. I take the positive messeges in the Bible n apply it to life. I don’t judge others n I believe in redemption. I also believe love can overpower hate with an open mind

  4. Most people don’t understand satanism, it’s the overall belief that we are sparks of god inhabiting mortal bodies. They also believe the biblical Satan was only trying to impart that knowledge, to Adam and Eve. If one really studies occultist beliefs, they will find some interesting ideas. The Occult (hidden) and Christianity share MANY ideas.

  5. Satanism is a drug that appeals to those people who have low self esteem, are lost in the world, following the misguided searching for answers, etc. Just as false promises are made, the destruction of their lives is just a beginning. The more a person follows this stuff they get a unhealthy view of what they are about and what the world is about. They become lost souls with no salvation at the end. It is sad satanism preys on those types of people. Those who most need healthy relationships, attainable goals, and a realistic value system. You will not get that with a pseudo religion like satanism. I seriously doubt these satanist started out worshiping satan. They were more than likely born into christian homes.

  6. Whatever you want is your need. Whatever you can't is your source. But this video is a great reminder that you can't make that choice. Your weak. You don't have committed sense. But I can't judge . I can only reason. Until I feel that I'm not helping. I do feel, so I am until I'm not. Satan is real. God is a choice. Be careful and always be forgiven.

  7. That dude could not be more full of shit everything he said he didn’t do he clearly does do

  8. Its quite sad that you will burn in hell you have a good hart but the wrong path hope fully you will learn your ways are wrong

  9. I truly believe in satan and evil forces. but for me, this is only a show with no deep understanding of satanism. They seem to follow the same rules than christians do.
    They keep talking about love and sharing, this is bullshit.
    My Satanism is about ellitism and hate. If everyone fight for being better each days, we will all become better as a society. But if you are counting on others to achieve something, you are already doomed to fail.
    Consider anyone the ennemy. Hate the ennemy until he earns the right to be called a friend.
    You guys are just selfish losers with no confidence who want to play with forces you are too afraid to understand.
    Face the world instead of playing in your basement dressed as halloween witches. Every action you take will teach you more about satanism than ever thing written by someone else. Stop following a path that is not yours.
    Because the day you will meet someone that truly believe in those dark aspects of life, you will be ashamed and scared.
    Moreover, the guy that truly understand those evil forces is the same one that can appreciate happiness ten times more because he knows it is very rare.

  10. The soul is stronger when it can love and care for others around it. The soul is prone to weakness when it only loves itself. They say satanism is the love of the self, okay but that eventually leads to emptiness. Seems wise to give love to others so in return others can help you when in need. Christianity does not a have a perfect history, but through all and all its intent it to help the soul find strength. Satanism only endulges in desire and eventually drains you into nothing. Be well and God Bless 🙂

  11. it's a little weird but they're not harming anyone. far as i can see, it's not about being evil, it's about doing good while being perceived as bad so i don't see what's so wrong. the chant was creepy tho

  12. How do you normalize Satanism? you start with something like this where it looks harmless but as time goes by the sacrifices will begin, Satan is Saturn! there energy is sent there.

  13. Thus says The Lord of Heaven and Earth: I have seen and I have heard, and no more shall I allow all this iniquity to thrive before My face! No more shall I allow all these abominations to proliferate throughout the earth!

    Thus says The Lord your Redeemer, He who weeps for you; behold, with many tears I speak to you: Oh My beloved lost sheep, you have wandered far from Me, you have gone astray! Why, beloved?! Why have you forsaken Me?! You were to be My treasure! Oh how I weep for you; yes, I weep for you, beloved! Turn aside and return to Me, for I call to you still!
    Where are you, beloved? You are lost, chasing after every unclean thing in a world which seeks only to consume you! Come home! COME HOME, MY BELOVED ONES! There is no more time to tarry! For the time has come for The Father’s indignation to be poured out, and all the children of disobedience shall come to know it! Yes, all these insolent and rebellious peoples shall surely drink of it!
    Yet here I am, beloved! Look up, My children, and give Me glory! Repent in dust and ashes, wail and lament loudly! CRY OUT! For there is but One Salvation, only one name under Heaven by which you must be saved, One God and One Savior, only One who can fulfill your heart’s innermost desire… I am He, beloved! I AM HE! YahuShua is My name!

    Beloved, come out from among them and be joined unto ME!…

    Be sheltered from all these troubles which are coming
    And are already here; be spared from all these things
    Which I am about to pour out upon this generation!…

    Now is the accepted time! Today is the day of salvation!
    Escape to The Father’s house!…

    Thus have I spoken it and so shall it be,
    For I swear by Myself, says The Lord, it has begun.


  14. there is sick people out there n these guys are not them. Satanists are the most chill people i ever met in my life.

  15. the real satanism that we all know about is truly real and includes sacrifices and blood drinking, but wouls these guys show up on tv? ofcourse not. the people you are seeing in those so called "documentary" are NOT REAL SATANIST. they just makes satanism seem good and all about freedom but wtf it literally have satan in its name, SATAN… EVIL. how can their symbol be literally the symbol of evil in this world and be considered good. please guys dont be fooled..

  16. This is what a georgian Saint (St Gavriil) experieced as a child:

    “When I slept, at night I suddenly awoke and saw a demon with a terrible
    face in front of me. He was looking at me enraged. Thanks to God’s
    mercy I was not frightened, but got tense. However, I did nothing to
    drive him out. I simply looked at him in surprise. He roared at me – You
    are fighting against me, are you?! And he struck me with the fist."

    God exists and the devil exists. Why are so many people hate god and attack him?
    Because he exists. You can t attack something non-existent.

    Therefore there must be a god and there must be a devil.

  17. If he only knew what Hell will be like. It was a placed created to torment demons and satan himself. That place was not designed to torment humans. So, humans there suffers way way more. Really lost souls !!

  18. if you think christianity is bullshit just leave the church and read science books and become a science communicator

  19. Umm these ppl ain't gonna have a good time in hell, satan is jst using these guys to get powerful nd once they die they gonna be burning for ever nd ever well ppl in heaven is gonna have a good time (facts)

  20. People are very confused here. Now satanism is very vague, there are multiple sectors of the religion as there are with any other religion. However, this man is associated with TST which literally does not even acknowledge satan as a being. In simplest terms they view themselves as 'satan', the higher being if you will. I like to think of it as hardcore individualism. In prayer satan is often thanked for his lack of existence, because without a higher power they as human beings are able to see their true potential.

  21. Wanna here a scary dilution or dream it seemed real well there was about 6 women standing in front of a window were I lay in front of them was a man I saw he looked like a Taurus man I called him down behind that was as a priest or big man with 2 children standing in front of him arms spread out I didn't tell anyone but one person and I just watched a video and I saw that man with the children this date I saw it was 5 or 6 in the morning July 25 of this year does it mean anything to anyone is the devil after me or trying to talk to me or am I crazy.anyone?there a lot more to it but.I also was baptised in Catholic I'm confused

  22. Obviously gay, abused child maybe…Stupid from the beginning to the end but I stop at 1:15, enough. Why people are that stupid like this guy? He says that if christians could do such things in the name of Jesus, you can do opposite in the name of satan. Let me educate you, those who did bad things in the name of Jesus, they werent christians, if you would read for once in your lifetime Bible you would see that Jesus was not violent!!!! He was humble, many many followed him but only greedy people wanted him to die. Bible says that satan is father of all lies so you proved that you know nothing about Bible, history, you dont know that whoever commits anything bad is not of Jesus even though he claim it, dont be stupid whole life.

  23. Real Satanists are REALLY good speakers. And they know how to twist your words around to make you sound stupid and question yourself. Satan taught them well

  24. Always a weird guy being interviewed😂… I cannot take this seriously… A false mindset they put themselves in.

  25. God does voices of devils, and all witchcraft, and paranormal. when you praise satan, you glorify God. God attacks and betrays his children

  26. A bunch of lying, filthy, pieces of dung, only fit to be thrown into the Lake of Fire! Fools! I hate God's enemies with a perfect hatred
    Matthew25:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
    Mark 9:48 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched🔥
    #Reprobates #FodderForTheFire
    These Wicked people try to conflate everyone who claims to be Christian as Christians: newsflash, not everyone who calls himself a Christian is actually a Christian! These damn Liars, they try to say that they don't really believe in an actual Satan, then they turn around and hail him. Just who are they hailing then?!? Why anybody would give them the time to spew out their deceits is beyond me! I can't even watch this garbage through, I ran across this video looking for something else. 👎👎

  27. The time of death is upon us
    SatAn will return
    Frogs will be turned gay
    And ur mom will be thrown into a river of pirhanas as sacrifice to Satan

  28. This guy is a lovely man but to me religion sucks Going to church is bullshit it just brainwashing and makes someone rich. Many people who turn Christian find themselves paying thousands of dollars to listen to the same brainwashing crap every Sunday morning. Some guy said to me when I use to go to church he said you only come to church to find a girlfriend and then disappear. Hahaha so funny but true. Love ya man.

  29. oh come on… as christian we live as community with communion to God, our creator. maybe you do not accept the fact of doing what you want or express your full potential of freedom from this sinful world. God Bless you …

  30. Its not that christians are bad people what we mean is the FUNDAMENTALIST religious people who use religion for bad

  31. These aren't Satanists these are wannabes. To be a true Satanist requires things that the majority could never do. Most don't have the willpower or stomach for it. Only a hand picked few are chosen. These people are just atheists that think it's cool to use the dark side to oppose religion. Satan doesn't deal with weaklings nor does he give them power. The Satanic temple says do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. This part is true but everything you do should be for the glory of Satan and I'm sorry to tell you this Satan only appreciates evil acts and none of these pussies have the balls to commit them

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