‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

61 thoughts to “‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump”

  1. Pffffft. Jesus. Tom Arnold is still around???? That dude walks arouns in a cocaine psychosis his entire life.

  2. This term neverTRUMPer's is ridiculous. As if there weren't a truckload of anti Obama people. People who would've never voted for him no matter what he did. Give me a break.

  3. my main goal is to not watch THE FIVE anymore, because of Juan, Juan should be confronted EVERYTIME he lies. He makes unfounded untrue statements and should be called out. Thank you Jessie for doing that, but still., I would rather not watch anymore, because it is so irritating. You can just as well watch CNN if you want to get irritated

  4. Cmon people give Juan some credit. Being a whipping boy in front of a demographic that thinks you a complete idiot, and deep down you know they are right, is NOT EASY!!!

  5. Juan Williams is using the fact that the democrats socialist agenda is not getting passed as an example that things are not getting done? I think it is a great example of the opposite…the more of their bulls**t that gets stymied, the better!!!

  6. It's a shame Allan Combs passed he was the most likeable Liberal ever you couldn't hate the guy even if he was with the opposing party

  7. I hear Don Lemon at CNN is dating again . Maybe Juan should consider moving over so he can be with more like minded people.

  8. What is he talking about could you imagine? People talk bad about all presidents. I hate when people cry and whine about that. On both sides. Grow up

  9. Don't get mad against Juan, it's all part of the show. Fox News are smart and they need a more or less "liberal" on the team to appeal to more audience. You really think that his comrades would tolerate that if it was real. It's all part of the show and everyone is on board. Trust me, they know what they are doing, in fact, I believe that in real life, Juan is the most conservative of them all.

  10. I'm sorry I'm not going to listen to anything Juan Williams is going to say because he is too stupid period. Super moron

  11. OH FINALLY ! JUAN ADMITS TRUMP WILL WIN.GLORY JESUS! I would thought I would ever hear that out of his mouth. He can stay on fox news now.

  12. If the Dem's really wanted Trump gone , all they would have to do is stop talking , reporting and condemning his actions, Free Media is a dream com true!

  13. Tom Arnold and some of these others making threats against the President of the United States — those threats are against the law and it's seems to me federal officials should be enforcing those laws.

  14. Palomino is not crazy. She just killed independent reporting in California. She’s finally learning 4 d chess. Impeachment is a farce. There is a similar bill in the house. And not even fox will talk about it. She killed real reporting without the othe states knowing.

  15. We need free healthcare, but just for Dems with TDS. Its going to hurt our economy without these crazies being able to concentrate…

  16. Juan Williams why don't you join the other dems running for president your comments sound just like theirs. With all due respect…both of whom, I can't listen too for very long!

  17. Trump never claimed to be a politician. He is a business man, a President and a leader. He turned the phoney politicians on their ear and exposed them to what they really are. Political slime balls.

  18. Trump lost the popular vote yet Republicans always pull the argument "trump's doing what the american PEOPLE voted for". No. he's doing what the electoral college voted for. Get your facts straight.

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