‘The Five’ slams media for trying to shutdown Trump’s coronavirus briefings

‘The Five’ slams media for trying to shutdown Trump’s coronavirus briefings

100 thoughts to “‘The Five’ slams media for trying to shutdown Trump’s coronavirus briefings”

  1. Juan needs to go to CNN and MSNBC because he belongs there. These fake news advocates and TDS reporters needs to just go to China and stay there.

  2. By censuring my President you are censuring me! We the people voted Trump in, we did not vote in the media!!!

  3. Well that's what happens when new york is ran by a Buffoon and have a city of but hole surfers. Could you imagine only if new york had an Amazon factory to supply the hospitals with stock

  4. Hey Juan….your are proving yourself into being a bigger idiot than we have ever seen before….. now you are breaking out of your ridiculous opinions…..you ae an idiot..Juan …plain and simple…trying to protect Democrats as they play politics with this emergency situation……you are an idiot….and you are making it very clear at this time…..step down now….fox….get rid of this idiot….he is not factual in the least…..and he is an embarrassment to the profession of journalism…. or does the board including the sell out republican ….who hates Trump want him to continue…..you all know who i mean…..he is a Traitor and he will be outed shortly…..the storm is here…and his days are numbered ….the virus is
    only bringing the truth to the american public……Trump haters are having and will have a harder time wi th his success in this crisis……..dems and den agents in the Media are trying to suppress the cure….which has been very successful ….why would they do that……because actually they do not care for american's citizens welfare….only political points…..discipable bottom creatures that they are…….Fox ….i warn you we are soon to k now the truth of media manipulators and those that are behind it……and you and others may be going to jail soon……and you know who i am talking to…..this is no time to be playing petty politics when the american people, and system, are dying …..those who oppose truth and help will fall soon…..WWG1 WGA

  5. When will you get rid of Juan. We really don’t want to hear his rubbish anymore. Go to another network Juan – we don’t want to hear from you anymore Shut him up please.

  6. The Left..the ARBITER of misinformation!!!.. accusing Trump of misinformation?!
    Lmao..that's rich!!
    Their just pissed that Trump rolls over them like a bulldozer..lol..
    Trump 2020!!!

  7. Gerg's closing comment is the most accurate and important to the American people. We hear about infection and mortality rates related to covid19. We hear about the possibilities of mass infections a cross America. BUT, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE RECOVERY RATE OF THE INFECTED! Clearly, people are successfully beating the covid19 infection and recovering! What we Americans want to know is, accurate information on what treatment protocols were being used to assist patient's recovery? The reports are, that the combination of Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin is continuing to be successfully used in France for treatment of sever covid19 cases; and SURPRISINGLY, no one with any medical authority has come out to clearly state it doesn't work? This lieves me and other Americans to rely on our own intuition and wits to decide for ourselves what we're going to do. I don't need my government to intrude on my decision regarding treatment. What we need is real information on what treatment protocols are effective, not entertainment!

  8. so whos to blame for the infection of NY… their mayor, the Democrat-run city councils… and the same people who ignored Pres Trump's advice and told their people to all 'go to the subway, mix with everyone… noooooo problem'. This directly on the Democrat politicians running NY they are to blame.

  9. WOW! It's frightening to listen to this. Trump's speech, The "Five" conversation, The comment section. It's like the world has allowed all the dumb fucks to take over. I can't believe this scenario. You can't have this type of leadership without it ending in some sort of worldwide disaster. You think I'm referring to this disaster, Hell No Trump has no limit to his potential. On a positive note, you guys have persuaded me that the extinction of the human might not be such a great loss, after all, 
    Love from a concerned citizen from the rest of the world

  10. They are all idiots!!! They all need to be mentored by “real” journalists. They don’t have a clue how to be “journalists.” We already suffer through that idiocy every day so please don’t allow anymore idiots on your show like this Juan.

  11. Juan needs to be put on the Ship that is sitting offshore right now! He’s the biggest VIRUS !!!!! Please Fox! Get Rid Of Juan!!!

  12. patients need to demand right to try for the drug but they should also ask if they have HAD other vaccines because i bet they did and i bet it is a factor of their weakened immune system. back with the spanish flu doctors and nurses were required for vaccines and they died faster than the patients that werent vaccinated and some got better and went home…not so much for the vaccinated. and back then vaccines were more cleaner made than they are now. there is so much added to todays vaccines and they dont tell you about it…until you find out you are now sterilized, have MS lupus, baby is autistic….these are very dirty vaxxes they make now probably due to the want of depopulating the planet. just saying. and fauci is one evil S.O.B. jaun is nuts. i want a study done to see how many of those who died were vaccinated compared to those who werent.

  13. It's just another flu! Stop trying to make it more than it is. Here's a idea ! Juan needs to wear a garbage bag because that what's he is.

  14. With the way President Trump communicates with us daily, I don’t see the need for the media. They don’t report the truth and certainly do not ask appropriate questions. I am all for him briefing the American People and they can watch like us and do “their stories” from that!

  15. The Malaria Drug is bad news! While in the service the government had us take these drugs, while being observed to insure we took them. Then out nowhere the had us throw them away because they can cause severe brain damage🤯 Hence; when the president talks about the drug being a positive, Or a double negative.

  16. I'm way ahead of them. I mute the sound whenever Trump steps up to the mic. I pretty much only listen to Dr. Fauci.

  17. He’s trying to hide the casualties and allot of people are buying it! He made a horrible misstake by shutting down the pandemic experts at the start of his presidency and now he don’t want to own up to it! And his fans can’t even see it, that is dangerous because you are just following blindly instead of questioning him… The rate in the US is climbing to fast compared to the rest of the world and you americans seem to be unbothered? You have allready lost trillions and that is trillions of your pension and who cares right?…

  18. So Juan is the only journalist there, and he's about universal access on correct information for the public. The rest of them are entertainer on a news station bashing media for being fake? And praising the president for being fun to watch? … So what's your president's actual purpose? Entertainment and cheerleading?

  19. The real story is…Juan Williams has shown, once again, that he is a complete moron. Wouldn't know his a$$ from his mouth. On second thought, they are one and the same!

  20. I don’t like watching the show when Juan talks because most of the stuff that he brings up other things that have nothing to do with Conversation that they are having at the moment, he picks and chooses or twist what he wants out of a conversation or a story then be honest talking about the real whole truth of the story or conversation etc. Just like the scumbag dems in congress and the fake news they pick and choose and twist and lie to fit their narrative to make it bigger or to scare others etc then what it really is. The real honest truth of the story or conversation that they leave out and don’t tell people they put it at the end of the paragraph in the newspaper or don’t say anything at all. They wonder why most people don’t trust them, or believe them, or just don’t watch their shows because they lie, cheat, made stuff up, twist the words around, they accuse or asume something that is not tue etc for years from the crap that they spew out of their mouth.

  21. It was a simple flu! No, It's a Democratic hoax! Ooops, most Covid-19 cases in the world, well done US, MAGA! Idiots.

  22. Yes stop showing Trumps BS just lying again and again and again, God hoping November he is gone and then we can watch him fight the courts to stop him going were he belongs with his cronies IN JAIL.

  23. If Trump's turning these press conferences into a maga rally, the media is only mad because the political left right and center are attending his maga press conference. 🇺🇸

  24. "We don't know anything about the patients who are succumbing" is key. Are they already sickly, old, already dying, or what? We who know the MSM is crap full of liars know why they do not tell us – it is because those dying were already sickly, old, already dying, and thus beyond help from the Hydroxychloroquine cure. Leftist MSM censors the truth because fear sells better, in their sick, twisted little minds at least.

  25. juan is an idiot….when President Trump said we are ahead of South Korea in testing he was talking about the percentages…10% of a 1000 is 100.. 10% of 100,000 is 1000… it's still only 10%….not total # of tests…percentage of population…. I really hate listening to Juan, but still better than the brasil beeotch….

  26. USA behind every western democracy in testing AND the bailout plan is LESS than 10% of GDP (UK Gemany 20%) Trump is a total idiot and a criminal.


  28. The daily briefings by President Trump and his team are important direct source material for the American people. I watch them whenever possible. However, the T.V. goes off when the briefings switch to journalist's questions. Yes. Some questions are good, but some of the journalists ask questions leave me shaking my head wondering why they were invited there.

  29. It’s so difficult to watch FOX or CNN right now. They are both pretty terrible at a time like this. I find myself trying to figure out what is really going on. I watch the briefings every day to see what Fauci and Burke have to say. We need the FACTS right now and not political garbage. Some Americans have issues filtering through the BS, and truth is somewhere in the middle.

  30. Liberals are insane. They would rather the whole house burns down, than President Trump get re-elected.
    All these Democrate Regions controlled by nutcases having problems. It was only a couple of weeks ago that De Blazzio was encouraging people to go to the movies, the same day that the NBA cancelled their league.

  31. I'm not a fan of Juan, and all what he is saying… But, I think his part in this panel is good giving some neutrality on every issues they discuss… I think this is a good setup by fox management…. All we don't, Juan may not be believing all what he is saying…

  32. Why do public creeps look so creepy? Examples: Shifty, Schemer, Pelosi, Warren, Impeach Impeach Impeach, and Williams?

  33. Yyou cannot compare korea to the usa for testing for Coronavirus. Korean population 51, 000, 000 versus US population 340, 000, 000. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

  34. like it or not he's the president, in fact he's YOUR president too … and he'll be for the next 4 years!
    too bad ,
    TRUMP is the people president
    most trusted and honest president we've ever had
    unlike the crooked failing MEDIA , the not trust worthy , the fakkkkkkkkkkkkke media , we the people all know that fact, thank God for Trump who exposed them!
    TRUMP 2020

  35. Juan is falling asleep… when he wakes up he is merely a nit-picker, straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel.

  36. Maddow is actually a Chinese man. Were way behind in testing because of our socialist CDC bureaucracy limiting testing in the beginning leftover Obama BS.

  37. To broadcast an opposite view, like Fox does here with mr. Juan, speaks tremendously in favour of them!
    CNN and the other left wing propaganda channels don't allow an other opinion than theirs.
    The right wing is always more tolerant!

  38. Exponential numbers allude republicans. What we do know is more important than what we do when its to late. Most Americans realize Trump is a moron and are taking things into their own hands. If Trump had his way millions would die.

  39. Juan is needed on the five because they need a different point of view a different opinion that is not conservative.. that being said I can't stand him anymore and I don't want him on the show …f*** that s*** all he does is say lies

  40. They are upset that Trump 's approval rating for the crisis is pretty good I would say. They are more concerned about politics than helping people in this crisis.

  41. Why does Juan always take the same stance. If it was any other President i.e. Obama would he also be turning his appearances into a speech/rallying cry? It seems to be Juan is tolerated because like all TV programs we need the villian to cause controversy.

  42. This whole thing is a joke. The president is a joke. Our government is a joke. And the news is a joke. The public is a joke. No one is believable.

  43. Trying to take the freedom of speech from the leader of the free world? Come on even Juan is partially on board.

  44. Juan is a CNN imposter. Nobody's testing anyone. I have not seen or heard of anyone I know who knows anyone who supposedly has it. Baltimore hospitals are empty. Saw that yesterday after breaking my hand.

  45. Whenever there is such a gap between real news vs fake news, having Juan on their show only further demonstrates what the "FAR FETCHED LEFT" thinks…or more accurately, they aren't thinking at all! It adds spice to their discussion and highlights how the F.F.L. think and what they believe! Actually, Juan in comparison is mild compared to the weirdness the FFL stations' spins…at least he's sweet and knows when he's out numbered (which has to be very hard to be in the position, but likely profitable if it brings ratings). I know it gets my adrenaline pumped that I have to restrict how much it and what I watch…which is why I only tune into Fox…and I may add, they are as clever as a "fox"! I love the puns and analogies!

  46. "You're the only one that still believes Trump word for word Jaun" …🤯 did they actually say that to defend lying to the American people daily….🤦🏿‍♂️

  47. The MSM are going to get worse the closer we get to election day, CNN/MSNBC only goal is to broadcast fake news and lies.

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