‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

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  1. " What's wrong with transparency?" Why don't you ask the republican senators who refused to allow first hand witnesses to an impeachment trial?

  2. I'm shocked the Dems have spun this in a way to make the AG look bad… Barr is either a liar or Trump's guilty??? Wow that's not a false dichotomy…

  3. Barr recommends lesser sentence than 7-9 years like most prosecutors suggest. Democrats and their media go nuts.
    Barr drops McCabe prosecution, democrat and their media silent.

  4. If they are going to hold Stone responsible for a "lie" (confused answer because of a beatdown) then they need to hold McCabe responsible for ALL that he has done, including his proven 3 lies to Congress!

  5. Relax people… the rat is snitching… sometimes you have to set the small fish aside to catch the bigger fish… there are only a few people that know the whole story behind what has happened and we aren't in that loop

  6. Juan just shut up with the TDS give Juan 9 years in the hole. Or take his mike. How about all the other liars who lied to congress the people including you, 9 years Juan you should get minimum of 9 years

  7. I DO NOT CARE FOR Democrat Juan Williams and for the life of me can not understand why he is even there, he sounds like Schiff and Pelosi so I have dislike this channel, (to be specific Juan Williams).

  8. The five are, sliding around on their projectile feces, This Trump joke has run it's course. You will deliver the truth or your grandchildren will find cartoons about your stupidity in history books. Trump will be pecked into small bits by Pelosi and Bloomberg, because he hates both and is being usurped by both. His manhood, and his bankruptcies.

  9. McCabe goes free? No one gets a free lunch. Barr knows exactly what he's doing. How do you catch big fish? Throws out the bait, they catch the hook, and they get reeled in. We do want the big fish…it's only just begun…

  10. Whats worse than a traitor is an infiltrator…These democrats do not care. They have decided civil war is good enough for the people to endure and if their party self destructs they will have the socialists to take their place. This has been well thought out by the globalists. Our country and the youngest are being brainwashed in schools infiltrated by these destructive people. I'm starting to believe that when a Republican gets into office they sabotage them for the purpose of staining them to replace them with a democrat. I believe Michigan Governor Snyder was set up for the Flint water scandal because the companies involved with causing the damage to Flints water were trusted and the Republican took the blame which gave us another Democrat.

  11. ANY excuse to oust Barr OR impeach, is all that was needed. ANYTHING involving AG Barr the Dem's where bound to jump on. They KNOW Barr & Durham are CLOSE to exposing & charging Deep state players & DNC corruption. Their report can't come soon enough

  12. When the Democrats were all about collusion, would Juan have confessed to being in collusion of the slaughter of tens of thousands of babies?

  13. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. So is barr a deepstate or not? Why isn’t the fbi leader being prosecuted? He should resign for not charging mccabe if anything.

  15. They only keep Juan around to prove to Americans that they're not completely one sided and their opinions are not predictable 100% of the time. Is anyone falling for that?

  16. Please juan for once for ever don't talk…Obama pardoned over 100 ]peop,e ..Trump is the president of United States of America he has the power not you.

  17. What a cowardly bastard Barr turned out to be. He needs to be fired for making a mockery out of the justice system and replaced by someone who can propery administer justice
    out to those criminals who deserve it!

  18. And so the DOJ now gives the crooked anti Trump McCabe a free pass for a greater crime than that of Stone. The Media and the Dems aren't making any noise over that. I can't help but wonder if people in the DOJ are purposefully making decisions that are unfair and that will force Barr to intervene so that the media and Dems can accuse him of being in cahoots with Trump. Its exactly the dirty trick that they would do.

  19. I think the main point here is the injustus of one man getting the maximum sentence and others let go when they all committed the same crime.

  20. Listen democrats will criticise anyone they are trouble makers not representing the people of America but the NWO Deep state.

  21. Juan and democRATs think they are all professionals at”reading between the lines”and it always turns out to be exactly the opposite of what they think, but they are too stupid to figure it out even though they have been wrong every time.

  22. The savviest of men are far ahead of the game. Kudos to the administration. Strategy is an ancient practice for the wise only.

  23. I refuse to listen to Juan. It is clear that the deep state and its mocking bird's are leading all of America around by its nose. Enough. There is no justice. This is a joke and the joke is clearly on We The People. The deep state will steal this election. Just watch

  24. Where's my healthcare?
    Where's my zero interest student loan?
    Squabble all you want, but give me my stuff!
    Bernie 2020
    Change coming!

  25. Barr is doing what he thinks is right. As much as I love Trump I agree that sometimes he needs to tone down the tweets every now and then.

  26. Juan thinks he knows it all. He does sound like Schiff. Schiff has been kind of quiet lately. I wonder what dastardly scheme he is cooking up now.

  27. Stop torturing us with Juan. I said it on other videos, Juan is going to give old people heart attacks. If this is fox using Juan to prove Dems are annoying, just stop. PLEASE!!!

  28. All this smells a big theator scene? why how come Barr did not phone Trump to tell him back off sir, you are not making things any easier. But how come this is out in the news ? It does not compute.

  29. Juan needs to go to cnn he would fit in there with all the hatter's better then that leave the country he don't care about the people

  30. Seven to 9 years makes no sense for the nature of the suppose crime . it is a partisan sentencing plan that is abuse of power just like democrats LOVE to do?

  31. Somebody stick a giant pacifier in Juan Williams piehole because he is part of the Tantrum throwing media. Shut the f up you stupid whining little B( Juan Williams).

  32. Andrew McCabe is not going to face ANY CHARGES!!! Are you kidding me !! It's clear to me that the deep state snakes influence both parties. When are Jim Comey and James Clapper going to be brought up on charges ??? Answer: probably never. Our legal system has become corrupt to the core. Its this kind of illegal garbage that has the average American fed up. President Trump is trying but the deck is stacked against him. Two great books that I recommend on this corruption are The Deeper State by Lt.Col. Robert Maginnis and Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs.

  33. Mr. Williams reminds me of a crybaby who is sitting in the backseat he looks at all the kid things with a child's understanding and say look look but we are looking at adult things through adult eyes and understanding my thoughts

  34. We needed the 4 to leave! Hahaha Trump infinity…. Brazilians for Trump 2020, legal immigrants for Trump 2020 and Baron Trump 2082 or what ever year

  35. This doesn't make sense. Why would Barr knowing all the BS from the Dems and media, make a comment like that? This is swamp food to the dems and fake news. A possible way to impeach Trump on abuse of Power. Lol No, this is a deflection from something they want to divert the attention of the Nosey pain in the asses!!! Barr is way to calculating to have made a random comment to entice the monsters of the swamp.

  36. Barr is good and isn't it usual for good people like Trump to speak on behalf of people facing sentence for crimes. If i make a mistake i hope some one speaks for me and all the good things i do. Let the time fit the crime…

  37. Barr is absolutely corrupt, lets McCabe walk and recommends three years for Stone. This dust-up is meant to hide MaCabe walking. Trump as president has the authority to recommend sentencing, so these five clowns are full of crap.

  38. McCabe never, ever should have been able to get off Scott-free. It is total BS. You and me American citizen would have died in prison for what McCabe did.

  39. Why does Barr have to hire a prosecutor for honorable general Flynn ? And not McCabe the whole country know what he did and he should had been in jail for what they have done shame on them how is that fair Mr Barr?

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