‘The Five’ reacts as Pelosi gears up to send impeachment articles to Senate

‘The Five’ reacts as Pelosi gears up to send impeachment articles to Senate

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  1. Stop bashing the other side when you can't defend your own. Own it. Fix it.
    Motivationaldoc said, "You may not be able to control someone's negative behavior, but you can control how long you participate in it." Republicans must end this republic con, remove Trump, to save GOP. How much more will you have to turn a blind eye to?

  2. Does this clown want the same fairness as the House offered to Trump?
    In former years Pelosi Nadler and Schiff would all be tried for Sedition and Treason with the ultimate penalty. Nancy says she doesn't hate Trump and she as a good Catholic prays for Trump every day. She doesn't say that she actually prays for his removal by any and all foul ways possible and of course being such a good Catholic she supports the abortions even up to the day of birth. What a pathetic hypocrite she is. Her facial expressions show her hatred of Trump. And Schiff and Nadler defy description they so obviously are anti Trump and by definition anti American.

  3. The truth is you have no facts and your case would be thrown out by any competent legal team anywhere in this country, excluding New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and Antarctica. Bunch of losers you need to get your asses kicked by a 12 year old girl.

  4. The whole thing has been totally unfair lead by the Democrat lead House so the Republican Senate needs to play then by the rules they lead out for their side in the house all witnesses requested by their opponent. Eeds to be squashed and when questions are being asked they need to be cut if fir no legitimate reason at all. Just Slam the gavel and cut off Democrats

  5. Nobody should have any illusions. No matter how much you HATE and FEAR the Democrats, they're correct to impeach Donald Trump.
    I'm a Libertarian and I'm just HORRIFIED by what Trump has warped the Republicans into. It's DISGUSTING that he's lied so often, violated the Constitution so often, and now committed War Crimes and drug us to the brink of war FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER other than to try and distract from what a TRAITOR Donald Trump is.

    I'm a libertarian, and the Democrats are acting like Patriots.
    The REPUBLICANS are acting like Criminals and Traitors. It's DISGUSTING and if you people don't put a stop to it, the Republicans will be SWEPT from the political board in 2020.

    And YOU ALL DESERVE IT for acting like such SLAVES and COWARDS about Trump and his hideous lies and crimes.

    Before anyone gives me flak about saying these things…….. What Donald Trump DID , ACTUALLY DID , was try to get a Foreign Power to rig an American Election, and he used Tax-Payer Money in the Extortion efforts.

    And if you don't find something SICK about that, then YOU are part of what's gone so horribly wrong with America.

    Have NO ILLUSIONS about that, Republicans!!!

    Does your PARTY matter more to you, or does the COUNTRY matter more to you???

    At this point, you CANNOT be a Patriot and a Donald Trump supporter at the same time.

    Trump is a TRAITOR who violated the Constitution.

  6. Rudy's indicted homeboy is snitchin…. Nancy and Chuck is the problem. Republicans, y'all just need to admit trump did that sh*t. He's not confident enough not to cheat. Sad.

  7. We must have a Fair Trail and get the Truth out to find out if Biden is Corrupt. If Biden is Corrupt then Trump was right to ask Ukraine about him. If Biden is not Corrupt then we need to see Trump had reasonable cause to ask Ukraine to look into him.

  8. Another lame attempt but unsophisticated Trump suppers coupled with THE LEAST FAIR AND BALANCED news organization to justify the presidents blatant breakage of long standing laws. NOTHING IS DUMMER THAN A TRUMP SUPPORTER.

  9. Republicans should dismiss the impeachment!
    Republicans are cavers like trumpy and obama.
    The democrats were not fair and peached trumpy.
    They are are already getting to impeach him again.
    Republicans are a joke.

  10. The transmission of articles are what has to be done and they are the only thing that needs to be counted as the evidence for impeachment period nothing else needs to be added or backed because impeachment was voted already so by those rules the Senate is the JUDGE that needs to enact on prosecuting only because of the impeachment reasoning that got the house to vote yeah on impeachment

  11. You guys are idiots as are your viewers You don't live in America or know the Constitution . Hunter Biden was not employed by the U S Government, So guess what he can work for who wants Period. Like you Moron's can work for Putin. As for witnesses guess what it is a trial and like all trials witnesses are allowed. Why haven't you touched on the Republican's saying they will consult with the President and they are the Jury . Please just STOP you sound like Stupid MORONS . And I am a Republican.

  12. A vote to send the Articles of Impeachment? Democrats think the people are too dumb to know the procedures of impeachment.

  13. Ummm.. why wouldn't you want to hear from witnesses? Especially ones that were initially blocked by the White House? I wanna hear what Bolton has to say.

  14. I’m sorry I stopped fallowing after the sham house got done with it’s sham “investigation” but what witnesses do they want now? The ones the democrats provided during the house clown show, didn’t witness anything, all they had was “muh feelings”

  15. Democrats are asking for a fair trial,lol we wanted the truth in the house they allowed no witnesses.The most unfair trial in history.

  16. Nothing to worry about folks. Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham have already said the fix is in – they already said they'll hold the first Impeachment trial in history without witnesses to a crime. If I ever end up in a court house for some minor discretion, maybe I should claim executive privilege.

  17. Democrats restricted Witnesses, only allowing their own during the house impeachment inquiry. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Now let's get it on and get it over with. Maga2020

  18. Witnesses and Documents???? I don't recall EVER seeing anything even close coming from the Democrat House of Representatives… EVER!… Sorry House, NO FRIGGIN WAY, EVER!!!…. The Senate trial will be a "Red Crush", as will be the 2020 Elections!.. 2016 was only a "sample" of We The People's solidarity. 2018 was where the "people" lost focus. 2020 will take your breath away Dems. You're about to experience an utterly humiliating defeat like never before.

  19. Nancy w/school the five geezers.Squeeze the truth or dare.Anyone on this site not talk with there hands.Whoops forgot its politics for the inept.

  20. What is Hunter Biden got to do with Trump abuse of power investigation? 🤔his investigation is a separate case of corruption.

  21. I am impressed with how long the Congress is using this to get out of doing any work. It would be nice if we could get the votes together to recall the whole lot of these losers.

  22. Since When Do They Vote To Send The Impeachment Over To The Senate?
    I believe once they've impeached, it gets sent over.

  23. Hey Fox news, I could care less. Send them, don't send them they can pull all the tricks they want, they can't beat Trump even when they lie, cheat, steal, coup…

  24. If Ann Coulter can figure Trump out YOU can too! Unless all you hear is PROPAGANDA – democrats are commies, Biden is corrupt blah blah blah – eat it up sheepie cause the GOP is about to follow the Trumptanic to the bottom

  25. Again. Nothing will really happen. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Spending our tax dollars and trying to divert attention to what is really going on.

  26. Lol. Typical Dems. They hold to a double standard. For them its "innocent until proven guilty" but for the Reps the Dems say "guilty until proven innocent" hmm the Dems live a rich fantasy life.

  27. Fair trial ok, what law did he break, what statute? Where is that law point at it.
    But, he he..he he's not PC 😂😂. It's all about TDS they just can't admit it.
    Witnesses, does that mean they can call Biden and Hunter and actually ask questions?

  28. These dems should practice what they preach!!!! Witnesses….evidence!!! I hope the republicans stand their ground and take and keep control w/o letting the dems intimidate them into running this show. They had their chance. This is republicans turn!! Fight for the millions of americans that voted for this president!!!!!

  29. Get this trumpets; DJT Has been sued over 135 timees since taking office..1. emoluments clause. 2. travel bans 3.his tweets about banning transgender out of military. 4.executive order threatning sanctuary cities. 5 trump university 6 one to be filed/ gifts and benefits from foreign leaders.

  30. Democrats Absolutely have no credibility anymore… Remember in November… 10 Months to Go… Americans Do Not Forget How much of your Tax Payer Dollars have been Wasted… Vote with your Wallet, and Cast Your Vote to not Allow a Socialist Government anywhere near the USA people. Nancy Pelosi… The Queen of the Democrat Socialists Do Nothing leaders, finally Sending it over? "She is Walking to the Door" She is Turning the Knob" "Slowly Opening the Door" Right? Really? Another Week of Tax Payers Money Down the Drain wasted by the Democrat Party… Nancy Pelosi should to be out of the Discussion Now! Send the disgusting, biased, work she has done to the Senate Now! Do not play these manipulative extortion games on the American People? Stop Holding up the USA and the People. It's time for you to go back to your Democrat Socialist House of Representatives and continue getting nothing done. Pelosi Knows She is Finished with her Obnoxious Hold on America after She Sends this Democrat Socialist fabricated mess, she has done, to the Senate. After that it's just the November 2020 Election. Bye Bye Nancy Pelosi just go away, Leave the American People Alone. Your 15 minutes of Fame are Over Now. You will now be appropriately described, and analyzed in USA History Books of what can go wrong by leaders in the House of Representatives. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are finished after the Impeachment is sent to the Senate, they will then disappear into the Democrat Socialist Party working on getting re-elected, then they will be forgotten by the captured and tortured Americans by her constant USA resistance actions against USA Citizens after November 2020.

  31. The Chief Justice needs to dismiss this entire case. The two articles are not high crimes and misdemeanors. There wasn’t treason or felonies. It’s all bs.

  32. Again Fox spewing non-truths and biased commentary. Good thing their viewers see them as purely fictional entertainers.

  33. Fox News is a joke. Let's get everyone that is relevant on the witness stand. No ands, ifs or buts…. everyone, Dems and Reps.

  34. Does Pelosi not realize what impeachment is supposed to be? If she has waited this long, she has no idea. Why should she let a sitting President stay in office for so long? Because she is a f*cking idiot.

  35. The fact they keep calling this pack of idiots "The Five" is laugh out loud funny. Trying SOOOOOO hard to seem cool. lol

  36. tRump, McConnell MUST BE STOPPED.!! This is so dangerous for our country and our people..
    They are both greedy insane people. How can ANYONE defend these communist??

  37. Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Jerrold Nadler have said in the past that impeachment must be bipartisan to be credible, and they have achieved … Jeff Van Drew voted no and may switch to the GOP.

  38. This is funny as hell. No one has said there wont be witnesses and documents. They said they will do the trial, review the evidence and then decide the documents and witnesses after. The democrats just want to be able to start right off the bat with whatever witnesses and documents they want. They want a fair trial but they want to be the ones to control it which isnt fair.

  39. Witnesses and documents. Shouldn't the house have done that already during the impeachment process? Or are they stating they had no witnesses and no documents?

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