The Clues: Fox | Season 2 Ep. 7 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Fox | Season 2 Ep. 7 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. 30 year career, boombox, guitar playing and mainly known for being in a pack. I'm thinking either a Boyz 2 Men, All 4 One, Backstreet Boy or NKOTB member. Or long shot gueeses MC Hammer or Bobby Brown.

    No way its Wayne Brady after these set of clues he hasn't been famous for 30 years that be from 89 (30 years ago)

  2. It's Wayne Brady. The foxxhole thing he was on Jamie's foxxhole podcast in 2009. It's def him. Hes been having a career since 1990 and hes gonna be playing a super hero in 2020.

  3. I'm not even a fan of musicals, and have only seen a few during my lifetime, but even I know that the first "title" on the set list is a reference to "Kinky Boots", so this is, for sure, mr. W.B.

  4. Pack of talented fellas, you and me was one of Wayne's songs from his album a long time coming. It's definitely wayne brady

  5. Sounds like Jamie Foxx, but all the clues add up to be Wayne Brady 🙄🙄 the Emmy, the song called “You and me”, he was bullied as a kid for stuttering….I think he wants us to think it’s Jamie, but it’s Wayne.

  6. Everyone is forgetting about the Wayans brothers. Jamie Foxx was on In Living Color with that "pack of fellas". Also the Jamie Foxx show was about Jamie working at a hotel!

  7. Anybody who’s not convinced that Fox is Wayne Brady please listen to the episode of Joey Fatone’s podcast where Wayne was the guest. They’ve known each other since they were teenagers in Orlando.

  8. I'm saying it Neil Patrick Harris he has a Emmy he was in the play cabaret and and in a play called Hedwig something he sings a sing called sugar daddy

  9. I think it might be Johnny Gill. In the middle of the dance routine he didn't the hand rub thing from the Rub You the Right Way video.

  10. Sugar Daddy is a reference to Hedwig and The Angry Inch- starring Taye Diggs, it's definitely Taye …listen again with just the sound. Taye also did a concert series described as a" Cabaret" . Wayne Brady said on Wendy Williams that if people wanted to know what he sounded like, to listen to his albums…sounded like sly shade…

  11. I was thinking maybe Sebastian Bach from Skid Row? He has a KILLER VOICE and has done everything from heavy metal to Broadway, and even had a regular role in that show Gilmore Girls.
    Gosh the more I hear it though, Im kind of hearing more of a R&B kind of vibe though.
    The Jaimie Fox be would be very clever with the name and all.
    I'm talking myself out of Sebastian Bach now. He is a great singer though, Attention producers for season 3…
    I totally know that Daughrry is the Rottweiler. I am such a fan and basically boycotted American Idol when he lost. I can tell by how he sings t the lower pitches like a little raspy. Its Daughtry.

  12. look what info i just found…..
    Gardner Francis Cooper Fox was an American writer known best for creating numerous comic book characters for DC Comics. Comic book historians estimate that he wrote more than 4,000 comics stories, including 1,500 for DC Comics. Fox was also a science fiction author and wrote many novels and short stories

    DC comics….
    Gardner Fox…..creator
    Its Got to be Ray Fisher……(aka) Cyborg

  13. Definitely Wayne Brady, from all the clues, like the boombox which is reference in this video

  14. I thought it was Jamie Foxx, until he said he was in a pack of fellas,…. does he mean a boyband… there was 4 guys behind him 🤔…. I'm so CONFUSED

  15. COME ON PEOPLE – WAKE UP~~ On his album LONG TIME COMING the last song on the album is YOU AND ME! It talks about his divorce from his wife MANDY!! He's basically talking from behind the mask….ITS WAYNE BRADY!!!

  16. I think its Mario! The guy that sings "Music for love" he was in a group called Reformation…he can sing and dance the fox moves like Mario…just my opinion

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