100 thoughts to “Taylor Swift’s Mom Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Tumor”

  1. This is not hate. I'm NOT a fan of Taylor Swift. Don't come at me for not being a fan or liking her music. Sorry to hear about the battle of cancer her mom is going thru

  2. This is horrible. My heart breaks for Taylor and her mom. My dad died from a brain tumor almost 3 yrs ago. Its awful to watch a parent go thru so much pain.

  3. So upsetting. I can't even imagine how upset she feels, Taylor's such a strong person, even in situations like this. Sending her and her mom love and light

  4. She had cancer before and now its showed up as a tumor not a good sign sounds like its spreading. God I feel terrible for her and her family. may her mother survive this disease. Such a horrible story it is heartbreaking 🥀💔

  5. My heart is absolutely shattered. I feel so incredibly bad for Taylor and her family. They don’t deserve this. No one does. Sending so much love 😭💔

  6. I really didn’t care man
    A lot of people have to deal with this but no one talks about it
    My aunt fought a brain tumor since 2011 but she died two years ago and my grandma died to a tumor on the same month so deal with it

  7. My mother also has breast cancer and I'm only ten.😭P.S. Taylor, your songs have helped me get through this and I'm your biggest fan.

  8. so has many other people's mothers. celebrity's families don't need to be on the news unless you want show all the kids in hospital with cancer too? oh no? hm

  9. Even though I do not really like Taylor Swift I wish only the best for her and her family because no one should ever go through that! Much love to her and her family😌

  10. Will pray for your mum to be strong and turn to Jesus Our Lord for healing…..🕊🕊🕊✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. This is what happened to my mother, she died two years ago. I feel for her and hope she has a good support system, losing your mother changes your life. Wishing them all the best.

  12. I work at UofM hospital and Brain tumor is at all time high in kids from cell phone and smart meter behind child bedroom wall outside!

  13. Tough few years for Taylor? So many other folks in this world suffering beyond comprehension but this is what we consider tragic?

  14. My grandmother had breast cancer twice i watch both breast have to be removed she fought a brain tumor ive seen her with tubes and bags at her side ive seen her with tubes up her nose an in so much pain it came back but she had 10 years of fighting dont give up dont loose hope when she's with u shes happy when shes with God she'll be looking over you

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