Tag Team Champions face off: WWE Top 10, Aug. 31, 2019

Tag Team Champions face off: WWE Top 10, Aug. 31, 2019

[MUSIC].>>Chokeslam city.>>He’s going for it all here. Giant didn’t get him up. Sting Blocked him.>>Or the knee went out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Sting is taking it to this big man.>>I think Stingman may have
gut checked on the way up.>>Scorpion death drop again, second time. Can he do it here? One, two.>>No.
The man didn’t stay down. [SOUND]
>>You gotta try whatever you can.>>He’s got it, to the leg. Kendrick’s gonna to advance here! No, Paul London reverses, kick-out!>>By Kendrick>>Side kick binds the law, Chris Candido to the outside. Slide by Chris Candido lines up with.>>[NOISE]
>>Sling shot Jack.>>EC Dub.
EC Dub>>Miz was voted the jerk of the month by WWE magazine. He took offense to that.>>Well, I would too, because every
woman in the world wants you, doesn’t make you a jerk. It makes you a chick magnet.>>John Morrison so wise. Join Miz back into the ring,
taking advantage.>>Could this be it Michael?>>Miz may be going to WrestleMania. Kick out of it too by John Morrison.>>[SOUND] Going for
some sweet chin music that was Michael.>>There’s a stunner.>>Stone Cold stunner. Austin did it, Austin did it,
Austin did it. It’s over, it’s over. The referee is nowhere in sight.>>Stone Cold inadvertantly
running into the official.>>Now, trying to get him.>>So difficult, the referee is down.>>[NOISE]
>>Well now look at firing back
up with those left hands.>>That’s your partner.>>That’s coming on the right.>>They’re duking and diving.>>And dropping a knee right in the heart.>>And the cover.>>He got it.>>He got it.
>>Man that was a half a count away, if that.>>A victor for the road dogs.>>Well a jackhammer.>>Well I can’t believe I’m seeing the WWF
tag team champions fight each other.>>My goodness right in the spine. With those steel steps it’s a big
red machine, he is demonic. He turned his back on his
own father earlier tonight.>>Look at Mankind, look at Mankind,
still pulling up to his feet. Well, they said the only thing in
his favor is the fact that, my God.>>Gosh mighty. And remember they are the riegning
tag team champions. [SOUND]
>>And we wonder as we call the match from Berlin, just whether or not this European
championship would split these two tag team partners in two, and
it definitely has done that. Owen Hart has gained an early advantage,
and this match has yet to officially start.>>All of that,
take it to the British Bulldog. A lot of this tension developing between
these two as time has progressed. it was just a matter of time. The jealousy. A jealousy just too much. Owen Art, look at him ramming
the Bulldog into the steel post.>>Yeah, again, all that jealousy and
that rage was fired by you and Jim Ross.>>Look at this.>>That’s right, it should be his belt. [SOUND]
>>Ooh, stinging I’ve been struck by
Shawn Michaels on John Cena. Things are blurry, with the hannson
blurry on the WWE Champion. And I can still see in his eyes and
they’re blurring.>>What is Michaels doing?>>But it doesn’t look good,
get out of the way, look out, look out. [NOISE] Good lord. MIchaels with that springboard moonsault,
catching John Cena on our table. [SOUND] Tag Team Champions
opponents tonight deep barn drag by Mysterio dragging
Eddie Guerrero out of the ring.>>Looking now I wait seem to look
like Eddie Guerrero had a power bomb. And then Andre the Giant beat Mysterio. By Guerrero, some, wrestle the pace,
stop the momentum, but, uh-oh, uh-oh.>>Over the top rope by Rey Mysterio. [MUSIC]

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  1. What about Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy? Edge vs Christian? Kane vs The Undertaker? Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero? Bradshaw vs Farooq? You're missing some tag teams here.

  2. Imo they need to stop pairing singles especially mid-card or above in this era. Just let tag teams have their own storylines or at least form a faction if they do

  3. I'm so glad that Eddie and Rey are #1 without a doubt the best thing about Wrestlemania 21.

    R.I.P Eddie i miss you brother.

  4. 2020: R-Truth & Drake Maverick are 24/7 Tag Team Champions but still try to pin each other for the 24/7 48/7 7-11 I-95 European Constipation Consummation Television title 😛

  5. Hey WWE….please bring back attitude era or ruthless aggression era… Improve your content…Don't do bore… Already your viewership ratings are falling….Bring back old golden days… Otherwise AEW overtake you!!!!

  6. Y tf did shawn go back into he ring then over the ropes to the apron to moonsault cena. Y Didnt he just hop on the apron and moonsault

  7. 3:06 See this is what wwe is missing… Bray wyat just does not do it for me, sure the mask is ALRIGHT but I mean when it comes to athleticism and making a point, nope..

  8. I'm at 4:15 RN in the vid and HOW THE HELL WAS CENA VS HBK NUMBER 2?!?!?!? All I'm saying #1 better be amazing

    Edit: Ok Rey vs Eddie being #1 made me happy 😁😁

  9. WWE uploaded a video with Owen Hart in it I thought they was allowed to do that because his family didn't want them making money by using his likeness?

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