Suicide Forest in Japan (Full Documentary)

Suicide Forest in Japan (Full Documentary)





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  1. Him: “ it says not to enter because you can easily get lost”

    Also him: hops over rope😂👍🏼

    Seriously, we need more people like him!

  2. It breaks my heart watching this how people can feel so depressed and stressed they wanna take their Life if you ever feel suicidal your not alone people love life is to short to be sad think happy ily ❣️

  3. It’s peaceful that’s why this forest. There’s no peace in life, when you have the mind to do this to yourself. .. that is why this forest 🙁

  4. Tips for coping right now

    try not to think about the future – just focus on getting through today.

    stay away from drugs and alcohol.

    get yourself to a safe place, like a friend's house.

    be around other people.

    do something you usually enjoy, such as spending time with a pet.

  5. Prices are skyrocketing, poverty levels are going up, more and more people are becoming murder victims, more people are developing disabilities and disorders. So why? The thing is we’re already there. We dont have enough food to keep us forever. Our natural resources are plummeting. But we’re here. We could be the last humans. Our children could be the last humans. We need to make our last years on earth count even if we dont have alot of time here.

  6. Human consciousness is the biggest misstep in human evaluation. When someone suicides you think he/she is coward couldnt face the life. Then, you fell in that kind of consequences or situations, you also suicide. Nothing would have happened if there were no human consciousness.

  7. Anyone at this point thought about how they haven't blocked of the forest for human passage now? If people go there to die just block it off so it's not an option!

  8. Now you can't think about this forest without thinking of Logan Paul who cares about him he's young and dumb there's worse things in the world. Talk about the poor people who hung themselves I'm sick of hearing about him when I hear about the forest he's more talked about than the people

  9. I'm glad the host didn't forcibly drag the man they found in the tent back like the south Koreans trying to prevent people from commuting suicide from a bridge do. It's their choice to do what they want with their lives.

  10. I’m usually mentally strong when it comes to seeing dead bodies in documentaries and stuff, but seeing those photos made me break down. I just cried, I can’t imagine how hard these peoples’ lives must have been to take away the most precious thing they had.

  11. How ironic is this, there are people who wants to end their life while on the other side of the world, people are fighting for their life to live and survive! What is wrong with these suicidal people?! They're even lucky that they're not torn between famine and war, and yet they don't want to live?

  12. Ich dachte immer es wäre nicht gestattet im Wald zu filmen?!🤔Falls es wirklich der Wald ist ist es interessant zu sehen!Die Verschmutzung muss wirklich enorm sein durch Touristen und durch die die den Wald bewusst nicht mehr verlassen wollen!selbst die Angehörigen schleppen noch Blumen mit Folie umwickelt in den wald!kein Bewusstsein!Der Mann hat meinen größten Respekt!Wenn ich in einen Wald gehe finde ich meinen Mittelpunkt und ruhe🧚‍♀️in keinster weise weckt er in mir den wunsch zu sterben!im Wald haben wir doch so gesehen alle unsere Wurzeln!es ist so interessant und gleichzeitig auch so tragisch!Passt aufeinander auf♥️ich würde diesen Wald auch so gern mal besuchen!einfach weil ich Wälder so faszinierend finde!allein die ganzen Mythen die sich darum ranken!der Berg Fuji ist mit Sicherheit ein wahrer augenöffner 🏔 leider ist das ja immer eine Sache der finanziellen mittel😑

  13. I think that taking your life is the most heroic thing you can do since it's the most terrifying and hard decision you have to make.

  14. They should not leave all that trash behind! Somebody should open a store with natural fiber clothing and hemp ropes, LSD…

  15. I’ve been to the forest before for a photography trip and when I stepped foot into the forest the atmosphere is dark and heavy in a way it made me realise a lot about the topic of suicide

  16. Life is precious gift from God. When someone really knows God and have a real relationship with him, perhaps suicide can come in into thought but God is powerful to hold someone not to do that.

  17. When I was in japan I was told that the the forest is a hoax made by locals for tourism. Many ropes clothes etc are put by local people there.In statistics the same amount of people committed suicide there like everywhere else in japan.Actually cities are much worst. The hoax started from a book, later whatever body was found there in the giant forest it was very famous . Locals realised it is a good businesses and started adding things 🙂 there are coffe shops,restaurants, tours etc etc

  18. I feel bad for the person who committed suicide the eerie music showing the bones of the victims was kind of scary and sad

  19. If you're Japanese and you've been thinking of going to this forest to commit suicide, try and move out to other country, specially those that are sunny all the year long. Blue sky and constant sunlight might change your mood and give new sense to your life. Come to Brazil! There are descendents from Japanese people here and we need more people like the Japanese to help us out with building this country and turning it into a prosper country. PLEASE, think twice! Save some money and come to Brazil! You guys are widely welcome here!

  20. Fuck Logan Paul I Hope loses Horribly on November 9th And Remembers it on For the rest of his life #TeamKSI #UKBABY

  21. How to handle this sorrowful subject with respect, not as that cnut LP did, and the little Cnut followers that follow that prick, a generation of little cnuts I’d love to personally knock spit out of their mouths.

  22. weird thing is look….
    you get a main media site such as vice showing a dead body it’s fine because we have a nice foreign gentleman narrating via subtitles whereas you get the snowflake generation complaining about Logan Paul showing a dead body, Generation Y you should be embarrassed and ashamed for watching the clickbait straight up. Also they tried to get pissed off for Chappell’s standup? Go fuck yourselves.

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