Stray Kids Answer Our Stray Questions | MTV News

Stray Kids Answer Our Stray Questions | MTV News

– Can you demonstrate your favorite move?
– [Everyone] Oh! Demonstrate.
– Doon!
(everyone laughs and mimics him)
(whooping, cheering)
– Woo!
– I feel nothing.
I’ve got nothing.
– 1, 2.
– [Everyone] Step Out!
Hello! We are Stray Kids!
– Today we’ll be answering
some stray questions with MTV..
– [Everyone] News!
– [Felix] Ah, I hate this!
Why me? (balloon popping)
– (everyone yells) Oh my God!
– What’s your favorite
thing about yourself?
– [Everyone] Oh!
– I like the fact that, um–
– Handsome face.
– Yeah!
– I like the fact that I can go deep,
with my voice.
– [Everyone] Oh!
– So, being able to rap with a deep voice,
feels pretty good and–
– [Everyone] Oh!
– Another one, let’s go!
(balloon pops) (screaming)
– What’s the last photo you took?
– Yesterday?
– Yes. I take a photo in
Times Square.
It was great!
– I also took a photo at
Times Square yesterday.
Also, today I took a picture of my face.
– [Everyone] Oh!
– Oh, selfie.
– [In unison] My face!
– You guys ready?
I’m going to do it with my hands.
– 1, 2, 3!
– I.N! I.N!
(balloon pops)
– Finish this sentence.
“I feel most creative when…”
I feel most creative
when I’m on the plane.
– [Everyone] Ah, oh yeah.
– I think that’s when I
do some track producing.
Sometimes I make a lot of stuff-
I made Hyunjin something recently.
I’m currently working on Changbin’s.
And yeah!
Who knows, might make something
for someone else. Okay!
– I feel my most creative when…
dark surround me?
– Dark surround you.
– Yeah when it’s dark.
I make choreo,
– When it’s dark.
– Yeah when it’s dark.
– Oh yeah Changbin?
– When I take a shower.
– [Everyone] Oh!
– Me too, me too.
– Because a lot of water.
– Lot of ideas in here.
– Massage mind.
– Yeah, brain massage. (laughing)
– Let’s go! (balloon pops)
– You’re traveling the world,
– Oh yeah,
– Have you noticed
– Oh yeah, noticed,
– Any differences among STAYs
in different countries?
Okay! Woo!
– I feel like um,
There’s not much of a big difference.
Like, you know what I’m saying?
– Yeah.
– The energy that STAY gives us,
is not that different.
But I guess the country is different,
but, STAY’s energy that they
give us is always the same.
– Okay, countdown.
5, 4, 3… (balloon pop)
– There’s a countdown!
– “19” is such a personal song.
Do you feel like you are still navigating
that confusing space between,
adolescence and adulthood?
– Let us ask this question
to the maker of the song!
– Who’s the maker?
– Do you know the maker?
– Oh! I think he’s the
most good looking guy.
– No. No, no, no.
– Oh, okay, no.
– Everyone is against me, yeah.
– Ah! (clapping)
– Translate, let’s go.
– No. (laughing)
– Why not?
– Okay! (balloon pops)
– Whoa!
– Do you remember–
(singing “September”
by Earth, Wind & Fire)
Do you remember the first lyric
you ever wrote?
What was it about?
– I have one. So, basically
the song was called
– Really?!
– Yeah, yeah.
– Those were your first lyrics?
– Yeah writing that,
writing in Korean and
English was also my first.
So, yeah, it was very interesting.
And it was a favorite style of music.
It was like boom bap.
– It’s one of our favorites too.
“Side to side…”
– 1.
(balloon pops)
What, outside of Stray Kids and STAY,
makes you happy?
I love cheesecake.
– Oh then because you’re in New York,
maybe have a New York cheesecake.
– (sings) New York cheesecake.
I love it.
– What’s your hobby?
– My hobby is, um,
ring shopping.
– Oh, ring shopping.
– [Everyone] Oh! Ring shopping.
– Yeah ring shopping.
– He’s got that bling.
– I like drama.
– [Everyone] Ah!
– Korean drama?
– Yes.
– Korean drama is Hyunjin’s happiness.
– Yeah, it’s my happiness.
(speaking in Korean)
– I like to smell things? Or…
– Uh, smell… perfume.
– Oh yeah, Woojin has the
most perfume out of everyone.
How many do you have right now?
– 10.
– [Everyone] Whoa!
– Wow.
(balloon pops)
– Oh yeah let’s go.
What’s a personal goal you
recently set for yourself?
– Me?
I want to… perform?
– Mhmm.
– in big stadium.
– Oh, in a big stadium.
– Yes.
– Wow, it’s a big goal.
– Yes.
– While I’m here in America,
I want to get a bit more bigger.
Try and work on those pecs!
That’s my goal.
– [Everyone] Oh!
– Before Bang Chan told me
to try New York cheesecake.
– Oh yeah?
Yeah that’s my new goal.
– [Everyone] Ah!
I need try it.
– For me, to improve myself.
It would be singing or
dancing, or language,
photo skills, everything.
– [Everyone] Ah!
– Me too.
– Um, I think we all forgot
something that we all have in common.
We all listen to, you
know the… the Stray…?
– [Everyone] Stray Kids!
(loud commotion)
I think they are good these days.

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  1. Alternative titles
    "Minho Being SHOOK for eight minutes straight"
    "Chan bullying Han for eight minutes straight"
    "Jeongin being pure for eight minutes straight"

  2. Stay's I'm till kinda new to the fandom do can anyone tell me if Jisung and Seungmin lived outside of Korea? since their English is so good 😶❤

  3. Y'all making memes but I'm sitting here feeling so honored that minhoe said me FrIkIn name without the "s" added on like most people say. Omg I'm so happy, my name is Lyric, Eeeeeeeeeeek!(4:52)

  4. Lol Han was the only one happy when popping his balloon
    He seems evil
    And he surprising doesn’t have a Korean accent when he speaks English even though he’s not fluent

  5. Todavía dicen que la energía y el sentimiento de Stay en los conciertos es el mismo (refiriéndose a los distintos estados o ciudades que han visitado) lo que les espera en Latinoamérica agarrense que les lanzó mis calzones si se apendejan

  6. woojin: I have 10 perfumes

    all my boyfriends: whOooOOOAAaaa

    me,who haves 30 perfumes: i’m a joke 2 u?

  7. STAYs energy is always the same

    so that‘s why Jisung always forgets the lyrics n choreos- no matter where they r

  8. Awww Lee know was so scared because of the balloons popping its so cute🙂💜

  9. Bang Chan: While im in america I want to get more bigger
    Me: Wtf you already have six pack of bread buns y get bigger

  10. 2:39 finish this sentence 'I feel most creative when…. '
    Changbin – when I take a shower… 😐
    Hyunjin – Me too, me too..

  11. Felix: I like the fact that I can go deep
    Me: *chokes on water*EXCUSE ME
    Felix: with my voice
    Me: ohhh… okay…. totally didn’t think anything dirty

  12. Jisung: I need to try New York cheesecake “I NEED TRY IT”

    no one:

    literally not even a crumb:


  13. 00:50
    felix: i like the fact that I can go deep…
    me: whaat ahaha
    felix: …..with my voice

    i know he made that freaking pause on purpose ahahah

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