Steve Bannon: Schiff did Trump a great service with impeachment hearings

Steve Bannon: Schiff did Trump a great service with impeachment hearings

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  1. Th United States CONSTITUTION is what matters and when the corrupt president tramples on it then the opposition has an obligation to stand up against this corrupt president. We need more Adam Schiffs

  2. I like Bannon he understands people which are the economic engine of the world. The world needs the economic engine but it does not need the elites railroading the middle class. Only middle class should be elected to govern no elites allowed.

  3. 2:03 what the hell?
    Is he praising him?
    Didn't they get pissed at each other, at some point in time?
    Is this another reality?
    Oh well, it's theater, so.

  4. How about the CPS workers in New England that gave a child NOT to grandmom or mom, but to a recently fired CPS worker, who taped the childs mouth shut tied to a chair in a cold basement: @

  5. Human sentient refuse, Steve Bannon, gives his opinion on the affairs of homo sapiens and their political inclinations in the United States.

  6. Right wing Fascists universally looking sick and/or inbred… explaining entirely why they are hate-mongers and idiots. An inbred mind is capable of very little.

  7. This is so so simple. Righteousness will always TRUMP evil. Watching the democrats run scared confirms that the
    God of Abraham Issac & Jacob does run this world. Genesis 12:3. Trump loves God chosen people. Democrats???????

  8. Why do Democrats get to keep Obstructing Justice and trying say The President is Obstructing Justice. They say it's an impeachable justice, Impeach some of the Democrats please, and stop all this Childish bull crap.

  9. Im signing up for one of his hotel seminars now. How to get rich after presidency and impeachment, kicked out of office as POTUS seminar at Maro largo. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. It's funny 😂 how the Democratic Party is allowing foreign idealist to determine how American culture, work, and traditions need to be created to their own views. This is a very dangerous path to follow and we should all take note 🙏 and remember what America / American values stand for.

  11. Well, they had no other ethical choice read the law read the constitution and the concerns of the writers, hell read the transcript! Now you might think that what happened was ok but you would be wrong.

  12. Oh man Bloomberg needs to go Home. She needs to Go!! And not be voted. They blew it when they did this Coupe.
    They are not going to push Biden with any questions about China or Ukraine! They don't want to stir up the dust!

  13. Bloomberg is circumventing campaign contribution laws by being a candidate. He can spend millions on anti American ads to defeat us!

  14. Demonsrats said they were anti capitalists, but they wld put a biased corrupted by china one into the race? Seems there is not low limit for such traitorous crooked shits .

  15. Don't forget what Bloomberg did in NYC. It's a fact, people died when that snow storm hit and he told sanatation not to clean the streets.

  16. What is with all the Pete Boot-edge-edge's ads in these Fox News videos? If I'm watching Fox News I'm obviously not going to vote for that dingus.

  17. I love hearing Steve Bannon's take on things. He's super super smart and breaks down the political science very well. Glad he's on our side.

  18. Trump has the street fighter instincts, but Steve and KellyAnne are national heroes for engineering his electoral win. Without their efforts, Hillary may have won and this country would be circling the drain right now.

  19. I love Trump. Strictly business. No BS, sugar coating for the snowflakes. Trump 2020 😍
    Steve Bannon knows what he's talking about.
    All the best in 2020 !!!

  20. WE THE PEOPLE will not allow the Democrats to disarm American Citizens of our Tyranny Deterring Rifles….Because we are NOT going to be enslaved like China, N. Korea, Russia, Iran…..

  21. Congress should be working on immigration reform and the national debt, not kicking dirt at the President's pant-legs.

  22. He's absolutely correct that this so called impeachment will cause a very bad precedence for future elections. The Democratic Party has used the media to play "gang/mob" politics.

  23. For fun. Gold should be $50,000 dollars per-ounce.

    I shall say no more. Silver – 1/10th of – i.e. 1k per.
    The DJIA – meaningless (30 of 5k stocks listed).
    You TEACH ME.

  24. Roku. Undervalued. "Diamonds are forever." Loving all of the movies made. Diamonds are now artificially made – compression of coal (by the way the U.S. has 20 trillions tons of it). So the true value lay in gold (rare) – platinum (even more rare); and lithium.

  25. Too much? Eisenhower's final speech regarding the military industrial complex. The War of Roses. The 300 year's of war that took place between the Inidiginous American Indians. George Washington as a surveyor. Churchill's misstep on the dreadnaughts. Read – read – read.
    In the trenches "I."
    Bloomberg? I don't think America at this current moment in time needs a Jewish President who's net worth is 65 billion U.S. $.

  26. When one has COPD – steroid treatment is standard – thus the weight gain.
    It's not COPD – it's a childhood disease that I forget the name of.
    But she lives in New York and can as a multi-millionaire get proper treatment.

  27. How does one American – one person – accumulate 65 billion dollars (i.e. 1,000 million dollars equals one billion same).
    How So? Is Blomberg the man who you wish to be the President of the United States of America? Methinks Not.

  28. Democrats are no longer a Political of the United States they are presently anti-American one World Government wanting to end rights and freedoms of the Constitution and become citizens of World, with no fundamental rights as they just showed the World, Democrats will accuse and sentence anyone who opposes Government corruption and Globalization of the United States of America

  29. It is difficult to understand what the next move should be for America. This Senate will not vote Trump out of office and its near certain Trump will win 2020 by a landslide. But what about the enemy? Will it do us any good if the Senate holds a trial? The Senate can simply reject the case for impeachment and be done. Orange jumpsuits on the Democrats would be gratifying but we have bigger fish to fry. We have our children to look out for. The Democrats have cost us too much time and money already. They have held our POTUS back and deprived us of what could have been. I don't want to waste more on them than they have already stolen from us. The only thing we really need is to vote them out in 2020. POTUS needs that from us and we need that for America.

  30. Independent / Libertarian here and I voted for Gary Johnson…. ok you can stop laughing now. However, after watching this coup masquerading as an impeachment my wife and I will vote Trump 2020. Unfortunately we live in California and now I only wish we lived in a swing state so our votes could help make a difference… but at least my conscience will be clean.

    Semper Fi – USMC 0331 89'-94

  31. It's a funeral… Dems are crying and wailing naturally. Still, they will have to bury their communists progressives, feminists, egalitarianism…because not even identical twins are exactly alike. Must bury their Gender Agenda, bury their Multiculti program, Planned no Parent Hood and Merry Men, their borderless and Godless nation program…their procrastination on crazy immigration. It'll take years to bury all their dead….clintons etc. It's painful (i feel your payne) you know but you will have to bury all the dead body's in your political subterfuge. Thanks

  32. what are they doing for the country, nothing, they are too busy trying to impeach the pres., apparently that's more important then health care, jobs, etc ., this is what happens when majority is given to the wrong side

  33. The fact that Fox News has "wear racism as a badge of honor" Steve Bannon on their show should tell you all you need to know.

  34. WHO is BLOOMBERG ? HE's just a Moneyman a Billionaire just. He's NO politician the like of MrPresident DONALD JOHN TRUMP, who was and is there DECADES ago already an American PATRIOTIC POLITICIAN FOR The GREATER AMERICAN REPUBLIC period

  35. The USA are fortunate to have such a President 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸

  36. Steve you get more handsome every year, God Bless You! I’m so happy you too love our President Trump, he’s honest not like the crooked Democrats we need him so much now that all their dirty clothes are coming they still want their power ! The hell with them there is only one honest President & that’s Trump Go Trump!!!!!!! ✝️🇺🇸❤️

  37. Bannon was a brilliant tactician. He created the doctrine that put Trump into the White House. With Hillary we would have had, more crime, grime than we currently have in Los Angeles.

  38. We need a check on all five democrats that trying too impeach a GOOD / GREAT president WE ALL VOTED FOR just wonder how they were when a child thru aging years Hmmm

  39. Adam shift is a Republican secret agent and he did this to ensure a very solid Trump 2020. There is no other answer because nobody could actually be "THAT" stupid!!! Could They?????

  40. Dems blew it. Now you can't be a Christian and a dem , you can't be a patriot, and you can't be sane and fairly moral .
    Whats left is a socialist fascist that wants a totalitarian government.

  41. Lots of older people watching the polls. Wondering why the work for the people is not getting done like lower drug prices. Our Medicare is going up higher on our premiums. Benefits are down

  42. Millions of dollars were wasted on the Impeachment hearing but on the hand, it helped the Trump re-election campaign tremendously as more people were won over & saved Millions of dollars of free advertising!!

  43. How much was Joe's cut when he took Hunter on Air Force 2 to get him a 1.5 billion loan from the state-controled bank of China? Don't tell us they didn't discuss it on the plane.
    Oh, and Joe said China is clearly not a security threat. China's investment in the Bidens is paying off well! TRUMP 2020

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