Steve Bannon: Democrats are not going to stop trying to impeach

Steve Bannon: Democrats are not going to stop trying to impeach

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  1. Seriously? An app designed by "Shadow Inc" That's like sending your kid to a day care center called "Neglected Kids"!

    The Dem party. The infected wound that just keeps on oozing. Looking for a winner among the Dem candidates is like searching for a tootsie roll in a septic tank!

    # WALK AWAY!

  2. Bannon is right it's time for Trump to go on OFFENSE! The House Demon-rats should be arrested and led out of the Chamber in HANDCUFFS!

  3. Lol We need witnesses ,when the republicans denied witnesses ,the "COVER UP OF THE CENTURY " and a stab at fooling the American public .? Is what do the people really know and understand .

  4. The question is not that this is a soft coup but why are the committing the coup so aggressively, look into their corruption

  5. Democrats are criminals, they tried to use impeachment as first resort, bypassing the Judicial hearing. these people are power hungry and a threat.

  6. They KNOW they're not going to beat Trump. This is about trying to flip the Senate to keep Trump from installing any more Supreme Court judges and other conservative judges. That would set back their agenda for decades. The Liberals have worked for years to take over school, media and the judicial system. So they brought a half-baked trial to the Senate acknowledging that they would probably pitch the thing out. They used the Senate to promote fake emotional issues and asking the Senate to do what they didn't do…have lots of witnesses. They knew the Senate was not going to spend the rest of the year playing this game. So the Dems have planned to blame the Republicans in the Senate as part of a cover up of justice so they can bully them in the upcoming Senate elections. They just need to flip a few and then they can keep Trump from filling the judicial appointments. That's the ploy…

  7. The govt is failing the people badly. The increase of disparity and wealth transfer to the wealthiest since this President has taken office has doubled. This is smoke and mirrors. Corrupt policies on Bolivia, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, 3 part bio attack on China (using swine and chicken flus and Coronavirus) and ongoing unconstitutional overpriced spying on Americans by the CIA, NSA, State Dept, DoD and others will have consequences. Nobody gives a crap about 2 party infighting guys—stop giving us excrement for News.

  8. They're not going to stop trying to take ALL our guns and they're not going to stop trying to replace Americans with foreign aliens…that are the facts…theyre toxic and must be voted out

  9. R vs D a horse and pony show to keep the none voting shareholders (slaves) of the united corporation of america in the dark.

  10. MR. VINDMAN ..IS the whistleblower…as Commander in Chief the President can order an investigation of the Vindman Twins Coup to remove the President.

  11. If hundreds of these political scumbags aren't put in prison or executed for treason this country will fall and be destroyed, because other nations will not respect or fear the U.S. ever again. As an American, I am so embarrassed. I say abolish Washington DC altogether and let the states govern themselves. God please have mercy on the USA

  12. Steve Bannon shame on you .You are a traitor of the American people and President Donald J. TRUMP yes the activists Socialists of the 60's have stepped on a big 💣 bomb.and blew in their faces.

  13. BREAKING NEWS: police are not going to stop arresting suspects!
    2. District Attorney not going to stop indicting suspects!
    3. Courts are not going to stop admitting evidence / allowing witness testimony
    4. Jurors are not going to stop finding criminals guilty
    5.. Judges are not going stop sentencing criminals
    6. FOX is not going to stop lying to you.
    trump the OJ Simpson of president.

  14. Crime of the Century is Bannon and Conway coming in with Mercer money to do CA mischief. They need to be held accountable. Bannon outreached to Russia via CA.

  15. Sorry Steve, but we can see the obvious future in this case. It is apropos to this particular situation for Donald Trump to come out fighting this FARCE that is "impeachment" with both guns blazing regarding his achievements and vision for the future of this American republic. There is ZERO time to rest on laurels when the country is doing so well in all things, foreign and domestic.

  16. Says the guy who enjoy stupid men, believes it must be broken society for his world. Who is the conspirator of
    cambridge analytica, the massive stalker of data with Mercer. Breitbar and vulture oligarchs. He’s talking on murdoch fake fox news and it doesnt mean anything, like more than vomit !

  17. It is si funny, Trump giving a speach in full illusions when he is too weak to answer simple questions live. He can only talk when he controls the room not like a normal person. And all these bullied senators, bullied to silence, bullied to adoration,. Its a sham, what is the constitution a sham?

  18. Well said and your right the Dems will not quit and Bloomberg is a SOB with lots of money. Ps he does need a box and Pelosi is still making money getting rich paid for by Bloomberg

  19. Accountability? I want to see Brennan, Clapper and Comey all hung from the gallows in the courthouse square with Hillary watching, knowing that she is next… That's what most of us want. Actual Justice, not lip service.

  20. The Crime of the Century according to the Democrat Party and its NPCs: the Chief Executive is guilty of Being President While Trump.

    The Crime of the Century according to the Republican Party and the rest of the nation: the soft coup rigged by the Democrats to stop the Chief Executive from Being President While Trump.

  21. Voter fraud will be beyond of all imaginable limits this year. Democrats will try to overturn the election results even before last vote is counted.

  22. If it was up to me I'd put every Democrat in the US in jail and give em an ultimatum come bend the knee swear your allegiance or suffer the fate of all traitors

  23. Steve Bannon should shut his lying mouth. This racist, sexist toolbag needs to go hide back under a rock before he gets in trouble. He's a scared, crying, white supremacist with nothing to offer but lies and hate.

  24. It’s shameful and infantile to see a grown old woman behaving like a child having a tantrum ..Pelosis should step down before she falls down ..!

  25. Proverbs 21:15 "When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers." Watch out for the next act in the Dems' soap opera.

  26. Being Jewish won't save you. Accept Yeshua as the Messiah, Son of Adonai the one and only God. Being born in Israel won't save you. Yeshua was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. No one can get to heaven or come in alignment with God if they reject his Son who died so we can live.

  27. I am sorry Hillary no one will ever unite the criminal enterprise the dems have become. And he shouldn’t worry about the other candidates it’s a race not pay to play!

  28. ADP just announced record job growth this morning. To my American friends: My God, you've got to get rid of this Trump guy. This wage growth and general economic growth has got to stop!

  29. Yes, however the percentage of Americans who are becoming more stupid everyday (drinking, marijuana, etc.) is growing. Too many really IGNORANT citizens. Every attempted hammer blow is an attempt to make others dislike Trump enough to change their vote.

  30. Trump is on trial because he clearly broke the law – History will show there has never been a more corrupt administration and criminal activity

  31. I watched Nancy Pelosi tear our POTUS' speech in half after his SOTU address. It was a visual reminder to myself and others how divisive Democrats are. The Dems failed miserably in Iowa and it may be that voters are getting ready to impeach them at the polls.

  32. There was a crooked man who led a crooked life.
    He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife.
    He had some crooked children and son-in-law–a louse.
    And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House….

  33. new song out by Sonny Rex The ballad of willie joe and sherrie Lyn … Please listen to it on you tube, iTunes etc…share

  34. Remember Clinton and Benghazi. Oh wait THE HOUSE AND SENATE COMMITTEES FOUND NO WRONG DOING AND IT WAS ALL A WASTE OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. But at least it made sure she wasn't elected President.
    Now it's Biden's turn. Funny You idiots think that even now longshot Biden would become President that you could somehow impeach him for something he didn't even do as President let alone something HE DIDN'T EVEN DO. But you moron cultist don't even see the IRONY HERE.

  35. President Trump is doing an incredible job and the democrats can not take it !That's what democrats do for us??? Go to work bunch of idiots!!

  36. She broke the law ripping up the state of the union speech. Why do they keep getting away with this nonsense. Hold her accountable for her actions!🤷‍♂️🙄

  37. The reason this impeachment is a sham is mainly…President Trump didnt need to do ANYTHING to improve his chances to win because he has ALWAYS been the only clear choice for President and the democrats know that and thats why they are trying to get rid of him any way possible. They know they dont stand a chance running against him. They were talking of impeaching him since before he even got in office. It does not take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see this clearly.

  38. They will stop this Nov. when Demoncraps lose all across the country….. March 3 is my Primary and I'm voting Republicans all the way……28 days to go….TRUMP/PENCE 2Q2Q…. PENCE/McCARTHY 2Q24-2Q28 McCARTHY/GOWDY 2Q32…..This is my American Dream

  39. Do the dems get away with all the lying under oath? Do the Bidens get away with being the corruption in ukraine, Any average person would be put under the jail. do liars and thieves walk when they are big shots. they will keep trying to impeach if we the people let them

  40. Study the Constitution anyone in Congress can be removed for cause I'm not going to point to it because I believe everyone should be aware of the contents not just the Preamble but all of the amendments. Because the country has become polarized left and right I feel we are closer to a 2d Civil War when the Nations Lawmakers can't work together for the benefit of the nation. Someone like [Polesi] will eventually divide the nation enough to bring it about and that would be a GREAT Tragedy for the Republic of the united States of the Americas

  41. I want the whistleblower! The accused should be able to face the accuser! The democrats are trying to protect him/her because the whistleblower doesn’t want to be disgraced like the woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh.

  42. And I might be one of the only people that sees us as a good thing because as long as they’re trying to out are president there not proposing bills to take more rights from me.

  43. Can we please stop pretending that the political parties are in opposition. They are not at war with each other.

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