Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] START JOURNEY B-b-b-b-beep Ready to do this? Maybe we can get up there Ok, now where Thanks BD Let’s finish this There’s no pulse Your turn to report fatalities (sigh) This is L9-7240 reporting in We’ve got confirmed casualties It’s the Jedi Bringing a new ship up on scanner They brought more firepower than we thought How’s are hull looking? Badly damaged. We’re at 70% integrity and falling That should still be enough to stomp out these insurgents keep us steady Be-beep! Huh? It actually worked Boo-beep! Okay, uh… Report, what’s happening over there? You’re in violation of imperial protocol – Shut that guy up Stand down or we won’t hesitate to – Boop-beep! Better [laughs] Let’s do this That’s the blasters Whoops That’s out of the way Boop Hey! Who are you? Someone who just brought an AT-AT to the table Who are you? Someone making the Empire angry We’re advancing on an imp landing pad up ahead Wouldn’t mind fire support Copy that Let’s make them even angrier More troopers ahead We have to protect the guerrilla fighters It’s headed for us Can you do anything? Be-boo-beep beep C’mon! Brace yourself! Wooo Beep boop? Yeah I’m ok. You all right? Trill No we are not doing that again You just wrecked a perfectly good Walker Got a name? Cal Kestis Saw Gerrera What are you doing on Kashyyyk? Looking for somebody What are you doing here? My companions and I came to Kashyyyk to disrupt Imperial supply lines Hey! So, who are you looking for? A Wookiee Chieftain named Tarfful Tarfful is impossible to find There’s a reason he’s evaded the Empire this long He’s a freedom fighter He’s THE freedom fighter A symbol of the Wookiee resistance, striking at the Empire from the Shadowlands Cere, Greez. This is Saw How ya doin’? What do you want with Tarfful? Jedi business The Jedi are dead Not all of them You get that off a corpse? My master gave it to me This pad supports an Imperial Refinery that runs on Wookiee slave labor Intel suggests that some of the captives there are guerrilla fighters I should help them One of them might know how to contact Tarfful It’s possible Whoa, wait a minute, hold on, wait a minute The Mantis works wonders I mean it’s a great ship, excellent pilot, but it is not built for close support We’ll stay here and monitor Imperial transmissions With a bit of luck we will intercept any distress calls Appreciate it My lieutenants and I will scout ahead to prepare the attack Join us when you’re ready Go. Go. Glad you’re all right Yeah, good to see you too This place is a dump Your plan worked And now you want to follow Saw? You don’t like that idea? I’m concerned you’re jumping from one risk to the next Wait, what?!? I fly my ship into the middle of a battlefield and now we’re talking about risks!? Why didn’t you stop me? My job is to guide you on your path not choose it for you So here’s my advice the Empire’s overtaken hundreds of worlds There’s a reason Saw chose Kashyyyk Saw’s goals may not be the same as ours We should be careful Thanks. i’ll keep that in mind Over here! Could be supplies inside this walker You ok? I’m. I’m fine. Phew I’m fine Saw should be at the other end of this trench Right, we need another power source Look a workbench Woo Wooooo I’ll check it out How much current can you conduct? Beep-beep Well with this transformer I bet you can short circuit Imperial tech B-b-eeeeep! Let’s try it Thanks Jedi, over here An Imperial sap refinery lies dead ahead What does the Empire want with tree sap? Nothing good They refine the sap into a powerful compound and they’re rushing to expand production We have to stop them That’s the plan We don’t know their endgame but they’ve spread themselves too thin This map we’ve recovered proves it Woo! B-b-b-b-eeeeep! Here you go bud These refineries double as brutal prison camps We’ll use those cutters to create a distraction While you take your lightsaber and free the Wookiees inside We’ll need their help to stop the Empire Understood Watch yourself in there You hear that? He said he needs my help Beep woo C’mon buddy Over there. One of the cutters turned on Are they running some kind of drill? Maybe. Think we should call it in? That would be a breach of protocol If there is a disturbance, their squad should call it in Yeah. Better do this by the book He’s killing us! Watch where you aim! I can get him Try to slice into this one Thanks Look out! Attention all units We’ve lost contact with our troops stationed at cargo pad 119 Gamma Keep to your posts and stay alert Watch Out! Let me out! A Jedi This is what I’ve trained for You’ll pay Try again Are you shaking, Jedi? Keep going. I’ll rendezvous with you shortly Looks like you’re blocked I’ll fix that Never seen a trooper like that before You’ve got to get those Wookiees out of lockup Keep moving Jedi Vents open Go! Think you can help me BD? Flame Beetles They’re coming through the walls Get their nest Jedi – engage with caution! You sure you want to plug into this thing? Beep-beep Okay Oh a shortcut That’s why you wanted to move this thing Be-beep You had no idea that was there did you? You just wanted to turn that cutter on Be-boop On target Blast it Cover! Over here! Another one? I just heard from the captain they’re coming Oh this is it At least we have the high ground What was that? Cutter seven is active Reporting a live cutter near the cell block immediate aid requested It’s breaking through and destroying everything The Jedi will be here any minute And our reinforcements? In retreat Good Sir? The fewer distractions the better Hostile, get ready! Watch out or you’ll be next Keep an eye on him! Ah! Make it stop! Stop resisting I am the Emperor’s will For the Empire! Traitor! Throw it! Sluggish! Boop beep beep! Can’t get through No guards Hey I’m here to free you You’re not alone Visitation is not permitted [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. I wanted it to have had itself only star wars the force unleashed 3 I have even an interesting prologue: the starkiller clone is going crazy with the memories of galem merek (original starkiller) soon he will die with madness so he needs to find a way to recover the soul of galem merek for it becomes a complete being since it is a clone with only 1 or 2 years of life in a body of 19 or 20 an

  2. Star War's The Shameless Jedi .
    When are we going to get a SW game that has a little bit of gore? At least on the spider or storm troopers, it's a light saber not a butter knife smh.

  3. I hope there's a realistic difficulty to where you 1 hit kill the enemies with your lightsaber and the enemies deal higher damage to you

  4. the guys at central games said that the skills list is small so they don't want to let the game play at 10 o'clock before the premiere, to see a few power developments. So my guess is it's going to be a repetitive game with few variations of skill and initial powers and the only way to get more will be buying dlc

  5. Seriously hope this game turns out to actually be good and not another EA cash grab. We star wars fans need something actually good for once TTvTT

  6. Good developer but Shitty Publisher I am having trusting Issuies with Soo called EA. That makes me miss Lucasarts. My favourites were Rouge Squadron Trilogy

  7. "Vic Mackey kills cops! He… he deals drugs! He beats suspects! You know what he did yesterday? He… he screwed my ex-wife with the sole purpose of making this investigation seem like a personal vendetta. He may have assassinated a gang leader. And that's just all in one day. I wonder what he's going to do today. I wonder what he's going to do tomorrow. This guy… this guy is just pissing… he's pissing all over us. He's pissing on you. What does it taste like? Chief, what does it taste like, 'cause you know what, it tastes like piss to me."

  8. The devs better add dismemberment before the game releases, or at least add it in an update. Edit: other than that, it looks pretty damn great :D, it's just a shame that I don't have an Xbox one. But, my 360 is still a blast to play on, as is my PC (which also most likely won't be able to run this game).

  9. I was really considering to by this game but after i saw that its a locking mechanism in the game i lost interest in it and that is because locking mechanism isen giving you the dynamic game play. you are not fighting 1 vs 10 you are fighting 1 v 1, 10 times. 🙁

  10. Looks shit why is the Jedi killing animals? and why do the AI stand and wait in line, what age is this game targeting, all the wonder and magic he has spent his life training for lost by not being able to be one with the force.

  11. 1 hour until release. I just want a quality, bug free PC release please EA… Hopefully the combat's challenging too.

  12. I really want this to be good but I know EA. Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem. Man. EA fucks up alot.

  13. He has magic hair that no water can dampen. Looks horrifically like that garbage Uncharted 4. Bash your keys long and hard enough and you get there.

  14. Imagine a Star Wars game with KOTOR’s morality system, RPG elements and story with TFU’s combat. Maybe even X Wing Pilot’s aerial combat.

  15. This game looks like a successor to The Force Unleashed with little original innovation. I have seen no evidence which says otherwise.

  16. This looks awesome. Graphically excellent, great combat and atmosphere, but DANG does it make me want a Force Unleashed III

  17. lolz why would you sit a home by your self playing this one player story mode game when you can have even more fun playing co-op and multi player story modes in other games… ? 2019 yo. This game looks like the same regurgitated star wars games we stopped playing a long time ago, defs not worth the $70 for dl. It's obvious this game is not for gamers its for young children that are the new star wars Disney audience target market.

  18. Wierd. In this demo, this mission shows force pull, double jump, and lightsaber throw on full display. Now that I'm playing the game, however, those abilities aren't in my grasp now that I'm in this mission. Why?

  19. I know these games look super sweet and all, and I’m sure they’re frickin’ awesome, but I think I’m going to wait for the PlayStation 5 next year. 😊

  20. Thank you EA for publishing this great action adventure-game.
    I know, Respawn has developed it, but try to learn from them.
    You see, when you develop on quality – instead of quantity – people feel the passion behind it, and that is something much more valuable in the long run.
    People gonna admire you for it, instead of deciding not to buy your next game.
    The player-base, that made you grow to what you are today, did so to encourage you to keep on innovating, but as you experienced, turn your back on them in favor for a cash-grab with easely manipulated casual-gamers is always gonna result in a severe backlash.
    Those trendy casual-gamers are not reliable, and when they are bored with the latest trend, they ditch jou, and in the meantime, jou lost soma people that made jou grow.
    Chance policies, and i guarantee you you have the chance to grow as one of most desired game-developers.
    You have the capital to become one of the best, next to CD Project Red and some few others.
    Rethink policies, and thx for this awesome game.
    There are probably lots of people that bought Jedi Fallen Order to show you which direction to take, and of course, because its a food game.
    Props this time EA, for trying to get rid of your bad imago.
    Only be customer-friendly, and it will pay of in the long run. (observe Respawn)
    Thx for publishing something great since a long time ago.

    Electronic Arts, please take note, and if jou don 't, i hope you can draw this conclusion by yourself.

  21. Fix the goddam boss mechanics fucking stupid get hit 3 times an die smack any boss 17 times an there at half health fix your shit

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