[SPOILERS] Star Trek: Picard’s Episode One Ending Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

[SPOILERS] Star Trek: Picard’s Episode One Ending Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– We’re breaking down Star
Trek: Picard episode one and where it goes from here. It’s been 18 years, 18 long years since the last time we saw Jean Luc Picard in 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis and even longer since Star
Trek: The Next Generation finished it’s television run, but the drought is finally over because the first episode
of Star Trek: Picard premiered this Thursday on CBS All Access and it’s safe to say
that fans are on board. – Engage. – They set their phasers to (beep) Yeah. And while the episode did a good job at reintroducing us to 24th century life two decades after we last saw it, there were a ton on lingering questions that all but the most die hard fans were scratching their heads over trying to figure out what
exactly was going on. So let’s break down the episode and it’s ominous ending right now. – Engage. – Now of course there’s going to be spoilers a plenty for episode
one of Picard in this episode. So if you haven’t seen it yet, crank up som Klingon opera
so you can’t hear my voice, but if you are sticking around help us live long and prosper by giving us a like and subscribing. – Engage. – So what exactly happened here? Well the episode begins
with Picard and Data playing poker in Ten-Forward
on the Enterprise-D. Now obviously we knew something was up since the D is destroyed
in Star Trek Generations and Data sacrificed his life
to save the Enterprise-E during the events of Star Trek Nemesis. Now many fans were worried this was Picard recreating great moments of his life and his friends on the Holodeck, which just sounds like the sadist old man thing to do of all time, but thankfully, turns
out it was just a dream, but it’s a dream where we watch Mars get blown the ever loving
hell up in the background, which is another surprise, because in all the trailers we assumed the planet being blown
up would be Romulus, which Spock confirms
happened in this timeline, in the 2009 Star Trek Kelvin timeline. Picard awakens at his family
vineyard Chateau Picard with his dog Number One,
and his two Romulan friends who survived the destruction of Romulus. They were treated to a
bit of an exposition dump in the form of a hostile
interview on the anniversary of the destruction of the Romulus and we learned that Picard
convinced the Federation to send a rescue fleet
to save the Romulans who actually asked for help. So if they asked for help you
know things were pretty bad. This was basically like space Dunkirk as Picard so aptly mentions, but you also learn there
was another tragedy. Synthetic beings, aka,
androids were helping build the Flotilla at the
Utopia Planitia at Mars and then launched a terrorist attack that killed 90,000 living beings and ignited fires in the atmosphere that are still burning to this day. In this interview we also learn why Picard resigned from/quit Star Fleet since they used the attack as an excuse to not save these desperate Romulans there by breaking their promise and Picard wasn’t willing to sit by and watch so many innocent
lives be lost by inaction. – There were millions of lives at stake. – Romulan lives. – No, lives. – Now to Picard this betrayed
the entire Utopian creed of the Federation and Star Fleet and the fact that the
Federation also used the attack to outlaw synthetic beings, that was just icing on
this deeply crappy cake. While all this is happening we meet a young woman named Dahj. She’s celebrating her
acceptance as a research fellow in the famed Daystrom Institute, the Federation’s premier
research and technology center when all of a sudden masked
assassins kill her boyfriend and attempt to kidnap her. She then activates and hands them their own
asses on a silver platter. It’s honestly awesome. Afterward she has a
vision of Picard’s face and when she sees Jean
Luc’s interview on TV she knows she has to go to him. While Picard doesn’t recognize her they both admit there’s
something going on there so he invites her to stay, but she runs off in
the middle of the night afraid to bring danger to his doorstep. Meanwhile Picard has
another dream with Data doing another one of his
favorite pastimes, painting. When Picard awakens he
sees Data’s painting hanging on his wall
and awakens to the news that Dahj has fled in the night. Picard goes to his personal archives in Star Fleet Headquarters
in San Francisco, Aka, the Convention Center in Anaheim. See you there at Wondercon. It’s a room that’s filled
with a ton of awesome, next gen Easter eggs,
like a Picard Day banner, and models of the USS Stargazer
and his captain’s yacht. There he learns that Data painted two versions of this painting and the woman in the painting is actually the spitting image of Dahj. What’s more, the painting
is called Daughter. Now this brings to mind the
Next Gen season three episode, The Offspring in which Data attempts to create an android daughter based on his own neural network who tragically dies by
the end of the episode. Dahj uses hacking skills
she didn’t even realize that she had to track
down Picard once more, who gives her news that
she wasn’t ready for, that she is some how a Cylon. Sorry I mean a flesh and blood synthetic and also probably
Commander Data’s daughter. Of course they’re attacked once more and it’s revealed that
their assailant are Romulan. Now if we’re to wager I guess we’d say they’re
Tal Shiar, the feared and brutal intelligence
agency of the Romulan Empire and though Dahj fights valiantly, she’s ultimately killed by
some weird mix of poison acid and an exploding weapon. Now here death kicks Picard into action and he pays a visit to
the Daystrom Institute and it’s there that he meets Allison Pill as Dr. Agnes Jurati and also what’s left of the Federation’s decimated
android division. He learns that if indeed Dahj was a synth, the technology needed to create her is still 1,000 years off. In this second massive exposition scene we get to other Next Gen deep cuts. Now the first is the android before who is introduced as Data’s
stupider brother in Nemesis and while Data tried to
download himself into B4. Before his death we learned
here it was not successful because before it was
just too damn stupid. This is why I’m an only child. Now the other piece of information is that the former head of
that research department and creator of the synths that
ended up going rogue on Mars, Bruce Maddox, went missing. Now if that name sounds familiar that’s because Bruce
Maddox is first introduced in the season two episode
of Next Generation, Measure of a Man. He wants to study Data
without Data’s consent because he believes androids
are not truly living beings. Data and Picard however,
prove Data’s personhood to Star Fleet and then
Maddox ends the episode as much less of a dick and with a newfound respect for Data. It’s honestly one of the best episodes of the first two seasons and you should absolutely re watch it if you haven’t seen it in a while. In the Nex Gen fourth
season episode, Data’s Day, we know that Maddox continued his android
research with Data’s blessing and according to Dr. Jurati,
he was getting very close to creating Data level
synthetics until the ban on synth development came
down from Star Fleet. This lead to Maddox disappearing, but we also learned that he had a theory that Data’s essence and
memories could be recreated from just one of his
positronic brain neurons. Now this means that if
Dahj was Data’s daughter a piece of him might still be out there that could recreate Data. Now Dr. Jurati also dropped another truth bomb on the audience that Maddox’s androids were
created in pairs as twins, meaning that Data has
another daughter out there. Damn, he was busy. This is also confirmed
at the end of the episode when we see the new Romulan war birds at a Romulan reclamation site where Dahj’s twin, Soji
works as a scientist. What she knows about
her own past in unclear, but she is most certainly in grave danger, especially when the ending reveals that this Romulan reclamation site is a Borg cube that’s being
dismantled by the Romulans to some unknown end. So where do things go from here? Well Picard’s continuing
mission seams twofold. He needs to A, track
down Soji and save her and B, bring back Data’s essence. He also want’s to find Bruce Maddox who definitely knows more about what’s actually going on here and it’s important to
note that in this episode, we haven’t even met most
of the new characters teased in Picard’s trailers and we also haven’t seen cameos
from returning characters like Riker, Troi, Hugh, and Seven of Nine, but we’ll be waiting with baited breath for each new episode of Picard to drop on Thursdays, on CBS All Access, but in the meantime tell me, what did you folks think? Did you enjoy Picard’s premiere? Did you enjoy all of these
mysteries being teased out and who was the better number
one, Riker, or the pit bull? Be honest, let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw, why not give us a like and
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