So Much News, So Little Time – Rudy Giuliani’s Collusion Comments & Michael Cohen | The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time – Rudy Giuliani’s Collusion Comments & Michael Cohen | The Daily Show

Look, guys,
I’m not gonna lie,
there is just
too much news today.
How much news is there?
What’s that?
Well, there’s so much news
that we don’t have enough time
for it.
Luckily, not enough time is just
enough time for our segment
Ain’t Nobody Got Time
for That.
(cheers and applause)
It’s the big question
about the Trump campaign
and Russia.
But one place where there’s
definitely no collusion
is between Rudy Giuliani’s brain
and his mouth.
In a new interview,
the president’s personal
attorney, Rudy Giuliani,
says he cannot say if Trump
campaign officials colluded
with Russia during
the 2016 campaign.
False reporting is saying
that there has been
no suggestion of any kind
of collusion
between the campaign
and any Russians.
Well, you just misstated
my position.
I never said
there was no collusion
between the campaign or between
people in the campaign.
-Yes, you have. -I have
no idea if– I have not.
-You… -I said the president
of the United States.
Wait. Wait.
Hold on. Hold on.
Did Giuliani just admit
that there was collusion?
-I-I think he did.
-(audience reacting)
And look at their faces.
Like, neither of them can
believe what just happened.
Like, like, Cuomo looks like
a valedictorian caveman,
and Giuliani looks like
if Gollum realized
he just left his wallet
in an Uber.
He’s just like,
“My precious.”
So after months of saying
there’s no collusion,
now Giuliani is saying
there might be collusion,
not by Trump,
but by Trump’s campaign.
And I’ll be honest,
I don’t know why Trump
keeps letting Giuliani go on TV
to represent him.
Like, ’cause it feels like
every time he goes on,
he just causes more trouble,
unless that’s the point.
Maybe the master plan is to keep
creating so many new scandals
that Robert Mueller can never
finish his investigation.
Yeah, every time Mueller’s like,
“Well, I’m just about ready
to wrap this thing up,”
Giuliani’s like,
“I hope no one finds out
that Vladimir Putin
is secretly Trump’s father.”
Then Mueller’s like,
“Ah, two more years.
Two more years.”
Now, look, we could spend
all day playing you clips
of Trump denying that there was
any collusion whatsoever,
but we don’t have the time
to enjoy busting Trump.
Because another one
of his minions
has been busted
for some other shady shit.
Breaking news on these two
bombshell reports.
President Trump, uh, first,
his former fixer
and personal attorney,
Michael Cohen,
just admitted to paying
to manipulate polling data
before the 2016
presidential election.
Now, according to
The Wall Street Journal,
Cohen paid using a Walmart bag
full of cash.
That could break campaign
finance laws.
And Cohen says he did this
at the direction
and for the sole benefit of the
president of the United States.
A Walmart bag full of cash?
This is such a strange story.
And it’s crazy
that Michael Cohen
was rigging polls for Trump
while Trump
was out there complaining
that the polls were rigged.
You realize this is proof again
that whenever Trump accuses
anyone of doing something wrong,
he’s actually just talking
about himself.
He’s like, (mimics Trump):
“The polls are rigged, folks.
“And, also,
Hillary’s very disappointed
that her sons look
like pervy vampires.”
(normal voice): And, now, look,
on a normal day,
on a normal day, we would spend
forever on the idiots
that worked for the Trump
campaign, but there’s no time,
because it turns out that we
all may be the real idiots.
You know that,
the-the ten-year challenge?
Yeah? You know
that thing online? Yes.
Well, it turns out that tech
companies could now use this
to enhance their facial
recognition technology.
Yeah. We’ve basically helped
the robots track us.
And you might think memes like
the ten-year challenge
and the Twinning app
are cute and fun,
but it turns out there’s
a real sinister side to them.
And, please, trust me, I know.
The twinning… You’re familiar
with this whole
twinning thing, right?
You put your face on there,
and then it finds
-a celebrity that you look
most like. -Oh, yes.
-So, they did us, too,
apparently. -They did us?
They did us.
And it kind of ranks it
-Oh, I’m nervous.
-Okay. -Chuckster… Chuckster’s
up first here on PopSugar.
-79% say you look like
Charles Barkley. -That’s funny.
-Trevor Noah. -No, you don’t
look like Trevor. -No, no.
-Ernie. Marco Rubio.
-Marco Rubio.
You look, like, more Marco Rubio
than yourself.
-Trevor Noah?
-We both look like Trevor Noah.
Okay, what?
This is just ridic… I know
I’m half black, half white,
but this is ridiculous.
This is…
Like, according to this app,
I’m the love child
of Charles Barkley
and that white dude’s bow tie.
I don’t even understand
what this is.
Do you understand what a
disaster this is for me, right?
You realize that robots think
that I look like everyone.
That means in the future,
I will get arrested
for everyone else’s crimes.
And it also means that I can
never date a robot, all right?
Yeah, ’cause I’ll be like,
“I can’t believe
you cheated on me
with Charles Barkley.”
And the robot will be like,
“I was 59% sure
it was you, baby.
“To make it up to you,
you can put it
in my other socket tonight.”
Oh, and speaking
of look-alikes–
the USB port–
and speaking of look-alikes,
it turns out Canadian
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
he might want to ask his dad
if he ever made a secret trip
to Afghanistan.
Canada’s prime minister
Justin Trudeau has a look-alike,
and it took a talent show
halfway around the world
to find him.
Just so you know, Trudeau,
he’s the one on the left.
On the right is Abdul Maftoon.
He’s a wedding singer
in Afghanistan.
And, uh, here he is in action.
(singing in foreign language)
Okay, this-this is…
this is just weird.
All right, on the one hand,
I’m 50% certain that
that is not Justin Trudeau.
But, on the other hand,
after he took that trip to India
and basically became Indian,
you can never be sure anymore.
And you know what?
We can actually find out
for sure if it’s him.
All we have to do
is put the Afghan singer
into the face match app,
and we see if there’s a match…
Oh, goddamn it, man! Come on!
Now, look, I’m not gonna lie,
it would be great
to mess around
with who looks like who
and talk more about the problems
technology is creating,
but we don’t have the time
because it turns out
that Big Tech
is also solving them.
Microsoft is pledging
some big money
to tackle homelessness
in Seattle.
Microsoft announced
a $500 million commitment
to preserve
existing affordable housing
and spur construction
of new units.
$25 million of that will go
toward philanthropic grants
to address homelessness
in the area.
Yes, it turns out
the mega corporation
that brought us Windows
has now decided to add doors
and roofs, as well.
-(cheering and applause)
But seriously,
kudos to Microsoft
for stepping up to help people
struggling with housing.
Right, at the same time,
you also know
that the system is broken
when corporations
have to step in
and do the government’s job,
you know?
Like, corporations
are basically like,
“Uh, we’re winning too hard.”
You know what this is like?
It’s like in Monopoly, right?
I do this
when I’ll be crushing so hard
that I just start
giving people money.
I’ll just be like,
“Ah, here, $200 for everyone.
$200, $200, $200.”
Yeah, ’cause it’s not fun
if everyone around me’s in jail.

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