Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirus

Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirus

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  1. Keep on listening to Trump about everything is a hoax. Trump doesn't no anything about reality Rand Paul. Why do you guys keep on listening to him? I don't get it. Lol.

  2. 1. He is a doctor. 2. After he was tested he still attended senate meetings, now two or three senators in isolation

  3. Q: How come we're short on medical supplies?
    A: Because we're dependent on other countries for these medical supplies.

    Q: Why are we dependent on other countries for medical supplies?
    A: Because many American corporations have moved overseas.

    Q: Why did these corporations move overseas?
    A: Decades of higher taxes and regulations forced many businesses to leave.

    Q: Why were there higher taxes and regulations?
    A: Because Democrats have passed these laws and regulations through the last half-century.

    Q: Why did they do that?
    A: I don't know why you're asking me? Ask them. I'm just a 10 year old kid in 4th grade.

  4. Hey guys, have you tried to increase the levels of whataboutism and blaming China even more? And so far I only see 50 clips a day explaining to us how it is that our top leader for years, the president, actually has no fault or blame in any of this. I demand 100 clips a day! In fact, that is why the US is doing disastrously in this conflict, because Trump is handling it so well, that's how you know.
    The silver lining in all of this, at least to the rest of the world. Is that the US is such a great teacher of what not to do, and they are always ready with live demos and and a goodwill when it comes to sacrificing American lives.
    And now, after the president has spent 3 months playing with his balls instead of leading, you are all prepared for your greatest live demo ever. A demonstration in what happens when you combine a people with shitty health, a shitty healthcare system, greed and individualism as cultural identity and a global pandemic.

  5. He's a doctor and acted without any conscience towards others, can't say I have much sympathy. Reap what ye sow… (Galatians 3:17)

  6. I like how you spin the narrative, “look how easy it is to get corona virus!” Maybe if he had actually practiced social distancing, but I forgot, he is above us plebs.

  7. That fool Rand Paul is just another Republican goon that hasn't been taking the virus seriously. Let's see how many others he has infected with his selfish behavior.


  9. Please Protect your EYES… Please Protect your MOUTH… Please Protect your NOSE… They are all Vulnerable Openings… Please cover yourselves accordingly… Already, We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES… We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS… We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public… We need FULL FACE MASKS ( face shield) for the Hospitals… We need a REAL WORKING VACCINE for the Virus… We need to protect our Doctors Nurses and First Responders… Let's wake up already TRUMPORONA. !!!

  10. Dam, I thought the young spring breakers were stupid! Rand Paul a effing physician! He was spreading the virus. As Forrest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does."

  11. Racist Traitor Trump knew of the coming Pandemic for months . But he and Fox News and the Republicans called it a Hoax while Americans were Dying – DISGUSTING !!!

  12. Hannity said not too long ago it's all a hoax, so I'm sure Rand will be just fine. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. Let's see… DOCTOR Paul didn't self-isolate while awaiting test results, went to the gym, met with other politicians and didn't bother self-isolate. Why was that not mentioned on this newscast? A little bit of biase, or partisanship, perhaps? I can imagine the boos and jeers (rightfully so) if this was a Democrat!

  14. Physician Rand Paul – realised he had been exposed. Gets a test and while waiting for results – goes to work in the senate and works out in the senate gym.
    If other senators/staff die because of this f–kwit, he should be held accountable. Jailtime.

  15. Fox News left out some details. Rand Paul was at the Senate Gym knowing that he was pending test results. Mitt Romney was there at the gym as well. He was tested because he was at an event with other individuals who were tested positive.


  17. I wonder if he still calls the coronavirus pandemic fake news.
    Republicans need to keep listening to Trµmp, the problem will solve itself.

  18. Poor ole Rand.
    F*****g moron.
    Tested, did not quarantine and was all over the Capitol.
    Vile weird stupid jackazz
    Only positive thing about this fart

  19. His dumbass went to the senate gym and swimming pool while he was awaiting test results. That should help spread it around.
    If I was a senate member…I’d punch that idiot in his bad lung.

  20. Now I want to try to say this that it hits home for ME maybe U to. When someone like him is against anything that can help the poor he doesn’t believe in socialism or HC for those who least can afford, he has ALL the $ as ALL of them like him, here but now Paul U maybe At your weakest maybe die and the very thing you deprive the poor who were and are struggling with illness but bc of U and others they’ll die! Not bc they have the Virus but bc idiots like U playing God over those with less, now it may not matter whether U have $ or not and go ahead enjoy the socialism of HC Paul you deserve it.

  21. When he’s choking on his flem, we can all laugh. But in the end, he doesn’t want to see anyone get their $1200 checks.

  22. Notice how it’s mostly republicans catching this virus.. either the dems are using as weapon or the dems are hiding like little bitches..

  23. The first successful covid19 testing in the US was done by Dr. Chu's lab near Seattle. Though they found the first cases in the US, Trump's CDC shut them down with red tape.
    Testing adequate to tracking the virus stopped with Dr Chu. Trump lost the initiative for a targeted response in America.

  24. Rand Paul is now vigorously defending his decision to not self-quarantine while he awaited results of his COVID-19 test. Does he think being a medical doctor and US Senator somehow gives him a right to expose others to his infection? What possible justification could he expect someone he infected to accept for recklessly disregarding their safety? At the very least he must be censured by the Senate and loose his medical license and credentials. Rand Paul does not deserve the honor of being referred to as “Doctor”.

  25. If Rand truly believed in libertarianism and free markets, he should opt out of the government healthcare and pay out of pocket expenses himself.

  26. Dina bisset: you idiot. What you refer to as Corona virus is a genus category. Covid19 is completely different from any type experienced before. If you get it, try drinking a bottle of lysol and see if it kills it.

  27. Rand, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Now go lick Mitch, Trump, Tomato, Barr, Mulvaney, Ross, DeVoss, Jr., Ivanka, Kushner…

  28. So they left out the part where he went to the Senate gym to workout, swim and how he went about his normal life while waiting on the results! That's Fox for you.

  29. He took a risk alot of us have to im making my wife stay home while i hunt for essentials for us and my neighbors next door. Hindsight says keep 6 monthes a non perishables but hindsight is 20/20

  30. Think about the last couple of years for Rand Paul. He was shot at by a crazy leftist at the Congressional baseball game, he was attacked by a neighbor while mowing his lawn leading to broken ribs and a punctured lung, and now he’s the first Senator with the corona virus. And I feel like I’m missing something. “The intelligence community has six ways from Sunday to get back at you”. I’m not saying… just saying

  31. Rand is feeling Randy,,,, Rand the Man do us all a favor and stay home as if your health of others depended on it . Your Endangering your life and others. Your a Senator that's no way to Represent the Office, Congress your Constituents,. Are you human or just feeling Invincible or just simply some one that doesn't follow rules and guidelines when it comes to others. We've seen your outlandish behavior and lack of discipline already once remember, second time around I see. You should face Expulsion for Dereliction of Duty . Maybe you feel like you got nothing to lose.

  32. Here in a nutshell is exactly what’s wrong with our government and elected officials,the haves are excluded from the rules of everyone else and above us in every respect,it’s criminal

  33. His father, Dr. Ron Paul, just said yesterday that his son Is NOT INFECTED, that this is just to get back at Rand for currently speaking out against the Coronavirus Propaganda.

  34. Did anyone expect him to do anything different, he an idiot always has been, now we need sissy graham to get it next, and then Donnie Trump, go corona get them

  35. VoIP or video conference… I'd like to see elected representatives say their vote, no little piece of paper that says this or that.
    Then you can question them on it or call them out on it. Accountability for all.

  36. Be a hero, Rand, and cough on Nancy Pelosi. I would say kiss her on the lips, but that's too much to ask of anyone.

  37. Don't worry Paul, as Fox News and Trump have said, it's all a liberal hoax, fake news…

    It'll all be over any day now

  38. This was like watching 'dumb and dumber'. These two were just spewing anything they could just for 'copy'. Whose looking after these two youngsters? Just stupid and useless

  39. Hope not only him but all scavengers from Faux and all Trump supporters DIE from the same Pestilence

  40. Dumbest politician in America.. not that we didn’t already know that, but now he potentially responsible for killing people.. he hangs with nothing but older people.. his disregard for human life is shocking and should be criminal. I’m done trashing the guy who flew from New York to Florida, this is the dumbest move so far..

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