58 thoughts to “Selena Gomez – Rare (Official Music Video)”

  1. Rare is out now. After 4 years of highs and lows and everything in between, I’m so happy to share it with the world. I hope you take this record that means so much to me and make it your own, that the songs resonate with you beyond the music. Love you guys. Like crazy.

  2. ok but jokes aside. why is she still singing about him?? like yeah ik shes an artist wants to express herself but shes been singing about him since 2015?? what's with that in most of her songs shes just shading him and point a finger at him as the bad guy?? like he moved on with his life has a wife now and she STILL has the AUDACITY to sing about him and their broken love. "I'm hard to find cuz I'm rare" like ok sis he dont have he has a WIFE for God's sake. I'm not lying this is better then his song yummy but everyone is now comparing them with comments like:
    "LiKe If SeLeNa Is BeTtEr ThEn JuStIn" etc. there are plenty of things a singer can sing off/about. Like why doesn't she sing about being in a better place now then before without having him included??

  3. "It feel like u dont care, why dont you recognize im so rare" this lyrics stuck in my head,
    Glad to see you again,,

  4. Don’t mention or compare her toxic ex here or his music it’s none of our business what he’s doing .. Just here listen her beautiful music and leave respectfully .. peace

  5. I like that she’s owning up to herself and feeling better, but I’m just a little bit meh about all her new music being mostly about her ex, like yeah you’re an artist and you make songs about your life experiences, but you can write songs about how you’re feeling better about yourself and all that without “subtly” mentioning your ex in almost every single one of them. You didn’t work out, what a shame, move on, he’s married now. You’re more than an ex of yours. Hopefully this new music means she’s gonna forget about him and the bad things once and for all because she really has to, she has to freaking move on

  6. Song is a bop but can we talk about the music video?! So beautiful, colourful just…mesmerising. I'm not even a fan just clicked out of curiosity but I fell in in love love with the aesthetic of everything combined. The song, the video, her soft voice and her beauty.

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