See How Mass Protest Can Impact Impeachment Fights | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

See How Mass Protest Can Impact Impeachment Fights | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “See How Mass Protest Can Impact Impeachment Fights | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. Everything he hides is damaging to him; his taxes, school grades, documents, witnesses.
    If you've done nothing wrong then why withhold that which will exonerate you?
    We already know the answer to that, and so do his supporters.

  2. People aren't going to hit the streets to protest one of the greatest Presidents in American history. You may not like how he does it,but you have to love the results!

  3. Protestors in the USA should learn from HK protestors. Use petrol bombs destroy public property block entry to publuc places and shopping malls.that will attract attention. After all the USA sees nothing wrong in what HK protestors have been doing, so that shpuld also not be wrong in American.

  4. Wouldn't that be wonderful BUT – it is winter. Americans are not as prone to mass protest (pink hats and the Parkland kids aside – where did those folks go after their first and second mass protests? We may binge watch but lack the attention span for repeated protests.

  5. We must learn from other countries and join together with mess protest and get him out of office he's is a unfit president inpeach he.

  6. So… releasing this infomation to the public in itself… doesnt that assist in manipulating the senate trial also?

  7. People's power far more greater than the President and his cronies. This has been evident around the world. So Trump watch out for the people's wrath.

  8. We won't have mass protests. We are to diverse to lazy and it would be inconvenient for us to do it. One day is about all we can do.

  9. Everything that you have tried, are trying and will try to do to defeat and dismiss President DONALD J. TRUMP, will be for the ever greater support of the American people and increasingly for all of you the Dems and the visual press and written, a terrifying defeat like the fall in a hole with a depth from the Moon to the Earth … Do not continue, never triumph … !!!

  10. America is a racist country driven by money, it can no longer be seen as a democracy, the GOP have finally been exposed for what they are, greedy racists who will do anything for power, people and rights no longer count for anything. The price the country will pay will be beyond belief when people finally see reality.

  11. All you trump lovers. Think the same way.oh that's right you don't think. Trump you got the ones whit no brains.

  12. Americans are doing well and they must impeach the president. I think people are getting mad.Firsttime I am seeing they impeaching a president for doing his job.or am I missing something.

  13. For this to work in the US, the US citizenship will had to actually care about crimes commited by their leaders.
    And they dont

  14. AMERICANS! Defend our President from vile SLANDER by Leftists-Socialists-Demo/Rats and FAKE Medias in COUP against America ! TRUMP- 2020 !!!

  15. Those countries are Democracies. The United States is Tyranny. You have to compare the United States with fascist countries not Democratic ones.

    I'm sure sustained mass protests against Trumpty Dumbty (Donald Trump) would result in a 1989 Tiananmen Square-like Massacre.

  16. So, is this report saying that the people of the country should protest to get Trump out of office?? 🇺🇸

  17. Go ahead and have your protest then. If it's anything like the rallies the Democrats have been having lately it won't be very big. They can't even fill a school gymnasium let alone a stadium.

  18. The only problem is the majority of the country is with Trump!

    So as this mob against Trump grows so would a bigger mob for Trump!

  19. South Koreans are disciplined, united, and have high moral standards developed over thousands of years. They take meticulous care of each other and their country.Things are different here in the US where people's personal goals are paramount  and the country is seen as a means to that end.

  20. Wow, that is awesome. I cant wait to see Trump and his family removed and put in prison. When that happens that day should be a national holiday

  21. Pro-impeachment protests will trigger anti-impeachment protests, leading to violence. Be careful what you wish for!

  22. If good people don't stand up what's right when it comes to Donald Duck Trump to send a message to Putin that you don't control America and the Nazi Republican like Turtle face Mitch McConnell these corrupt Republicans need to be voted out of office it needs to be a strong message sent to this corrupt ministration.

  23. Oh, there will be protests over the impeachment all right – just not the protests you libs think. REAL patriots will rise up. Expect it.

  24. As we speak, the RICHpubliKKKons are using "quid pro quo" in their handling of the IMPEACHMENT in the senate! That's the only way they know how to work! How else would 99% of the RICHpubliKKKons vote against IMPEACHMENT: "quid pro quo"!

  25. Weather. If the Senate Trial happens in late spring, demonstrators won't get frostbite. Also, the House impeachment vote was as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Those Senators are going to need some encouraging.

  26. One place you'll never see such protests is mother Russia where they would be killed. Poor Russian people, they fell for a conman who took over, put himself & the retention of his own personal wealth & power before the people, destroyed their budding democracy & bankrupted the middle class. He then taught the playbook to his puppet trump.

  27. If you don't want President Trump, send him to France because the French love your President. The one we have is a corrupt dictator. Stop listening to your media because they are lying to you.

  28. The same thing needs to be done here in the United States. All the people here should podcast for Trump to be removed from office.

  29. President
    Trump is absolutely right. There is corruption in Ukraine and all Ukrainians
    know that Biden’s and other Americans are involved. Democrats you will be
    ashamed that you betray the American people. You can see that Trump is a good
    and very smart President. He has done a lot for the US and the world. And
    democrats  play dirty corrupt games

  30. So get to it all Americans of good faith before Trump drag the whole world into WW3! He is not trusted or liked in Australia and if there were anti-War protests before the last war America dragged us into, you ain't seen nothing yet if Donald Trump wants to drag us into another one!

  31. Lol, you dipshits been preaching the fall of Trump for 3 years. Gonna be preaching it for another 5. Please continue your current course of lies and propaganda because it just makes him stronger. Send out a message on election night 2020 and let us know how you're doing. Lolololol. #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020 #STANDWITHVIRGINIA. #MOLONLABE. #DONTTREADONME

  32. Yes this the only way Democrats can win. We hear you MSNBC….we will take to the streets like wild animals and start spitting at conservatives ( wait a minute, aren't we doing that already)

  33. Trump just kicked a giant hornet’s nest. all for his campaign yet again.
    Trump will get NO world support for this provocation, and keep in
    mind we are essentially BROKE!
     Put this buffoon and his criminal Enterprise behind bars! GROW SOME BALLS

  34. Get a clue Americans. This is what we should ALL be doing who can no longer withstand the chaos, corruption and overall criminality of the DingBat's administration. NOTHING, nothing will be right until he is out of office. As much as the so called "table issues" concern us all none of them will will move forward until we replace the criminals in Congress and the W.H.

  35. The division is already there. At every Trump rally, the focus is to divide and concour. Trumpsters falsely claim that Obama caused the race war , so I say to you "raise your cup and drink the cool aid " Jim Jones followers.

  36. Sounds great .. let us do that here.. let me know and give me time to load my old AK! Thanks,and I’ll see you there.. NY or SF? Kenneth H. Jamison



  38. President Trump has not been found or convicted with any crime so it's "fake news". Election is right around the corner let the people be the the judge not just the Democrats.

  39. The Trump Effect

  40. Doesn’t work that way here. We can protest all we want as long as we pay our taxes, which get redirected for the benefit of wars and corporations.

  41. If Russian reports are correct and this is the personal jet of Herman Gref, the CEO of Russia's biggest bank just flew into Ft. Lauderdale in the dead of night. @t

  42. ….YOUR PURE HATE CHANNEL AT WORK ! …Spreading Hate and Dismay Everywhere!
    Nothing Good Comes From This.. Nothing. …Lies Crafted For Their Profit …
    …We The People are CHEATED From The Truth so They Can Spew Their False Stories..

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