100 thoughts to “Santa Clarita student’s sobering comment on shooting: I wasn’t surprised it happened”


  2. Why is it kids are doing this these days where this never happened that I can remember when I was in school ? We didn’t need armed security etc… we just had fire drills . What has changed in the minds of kids today?

  3. Sadly gun control in America won't happen until a Senators child is killed in a school shooting. Only then will the politicians act!

  4. It will be 20-30 years down the road when these children grow up and pass legislation to stop the madness. The adults of today were raised in a gun loving culture and to care more about their freedom own a gun than a life (and somehow legitimize their rights with paranoia and fear of a world without guns)

  5. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
    You'd better run, better run, out run my gun
    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
    You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

  6. As much as I support the 2nd amendment the nra’s position where it comes to gun control becomes an insane jumble of excuses,blame defecting and simply and conveniently choseing when to feel responsible for firearms.

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  8. These girls are really boring. Looks like cnn brought them in just to push CNN gun control views. The 2nd amendment saves lives.

  9. The MAJORITY of this country, Democrat and Republican alike, want some kind of greater gun control! MOSCOW MITCH is an enemy of the people! He's responsible for all this bloodshed!

  10. The reason that kid started shooting people is because of female rejection. Incels have a point. Women are hypercritical nowadays. Even someone who is a good catch like myself is no good unless they're perfect. Fucking women.

  11. if it's the guns fault then how come these shootings grow more common everyday and during the the 70 80s 90s this wasnt happening! there is another factor we refuse to face. normal people with sane mentality dont shoot random people. i love my fellow man, dont you?

  12. What’s interesting is that California has the strictest gun laws in the country and this still happened. A sad reality of life is that in this particular instance, there is NO LAW that could’ve stopped this from happening. Zero!

  13. Just yesterday my son school call me saying that a student said they were going to shoot their school this world is messed up

  14. And all of this is about $. The arms manufacturing is a big business here. California has very strict gun control laws and yet this continues to happen. We need a cohesive national policy. Kids should feel safe in school and should not have to be going through this. Unfortunately, it is not a priority for the adults in the senate and the WH that kids keep getting killed. So, it is going to fall upon them, the young people to fix this problem. Very sad, indeed.

  15. From overseas. It is appalling that children have to arm themselves in school. Why are American parents not rising up in anger at their government’s uncaring attitude to the danger of their young.

  16. Americans what’s wrong with you???? Republicans can’t care about family values if they don’t care that children getting shot. They don’t care about policemen getting shot, they don’t care about black people getting shot. They care about money and money alone.

  17. I feel bad for them but this isn’t a gun control issue. Kids just aren’t happy anymore. They don’t go outside they just stay on the internet. They have issues and never get to talk about it. They feel alone. This is a side effect. On top of that kids are impressionable. They already seen kids shoot up schools so they know they can do it to. The schools need to step up security with metal detectors. I know that won’t stop a gun from getting inside in all cases but it is a start. Don’t take guns people need guns. If someone is crazy enough to shot up a school then imagine what else they wouldn’t mind shooting up.

  18. yeah only two kids killed at school, doesn't register, any other country in the world and there would be a national day of mourning

  19. I’m numb to this right now which is scary. This shit should terrify me but I’ve become numb to all these mass shootings and no gun reform passing because of it

  20. So many kids today have to experience such horrible situations like this. Kids should be free to do kid things and grow up in relative safety. Not arming themselves with scissors and chairs!

    A lot of baby boomers that went to school in the late 50s and early 60s remember the atomic bomb drills we had. Its where we were told to hide under our desks. That was a scary time for us but nothing like what is happening today.

  21. The motive is to get us distracted away from what's going on with all the politics in this country right nowit will keep happening until you bring to Justice those who are avoiding and believe they are above the justice system in above the law it's time

  22. When we were young president Kennedy started getting kids to exercise, why can't we teach our young people how to defend themseleves, and survive, while getting exercise? Is telling them to use scissors and a chair, the only thing they can do? With Kennedy, we got under the desks because the Russians were always wanting to kill us. Remember the Russians? They're back.

  23. It’s not students who are murdering others. It’s boys… It’s always BOYS. Never girls. Remember that. Public health crisis.

  24. Age of gun ownership should be lowered to 15 and guns should be freely available for protection against criminals with NO restrictions 🔫

  25. The real problem with today’s world is the new “symbol” of masculinity for all men is guns, guns this and guns that. Nowadays men see guns as sign that broadcasts their manliness, and hardness. These people shooting up schools and killing others want to solve their problems with a gun because it’s manly, and to them, it shows everyone around them that they are real men, right? NO. Today’s society is so blind and numb to the truth, everyday, and I mean everyday, I see or hear a new trend (songs, dances, etc) promoting the use of guns for violence against others because it’s sign of being “hard” or being manly. America needs to bring back the real traits of masculinity, which are honor, integrity, leading, and looking out for those who are downtrodden. If all men would just go back to real, and true masculinity there would be no need for gun control, because there would be self control .

  26. Amerians life do not mean anything to Gun – Republican Mafia..
    Dumb Americans vote for them..you do not deserve any better..you became Nation of Cowards

  27. Don’t bully people so they kill others it’s that easy, these are all premeditated attacks from kids on ssri and anti depressants.

    Or we should treat people on pills like criminals.

  28. Stricker Gun laws will not solve this issue. The problem was the parents that give easy access to the gun.
    Remember that criminals don't care about gun laws.

  29. Why couldn't that darn shooter read the sign? "No guns allowed"… I mean wow! You THINK criminals would follow gun control laws…….oh wait…..!

  30. If I ever have kids, I'm homeschooling them…. too much bullying, rejection, and isolation going on in public schools, even private schools sometimes…. the state and administration does NOTHING…. teachers can't do anything……. principal does nothing……….and it usually is from bad kids bullying non toxic kids…. when they push the kid too far, they become a school shooter or stab them or something.

  31. I hate that horrible and evil people live on this planet. Why can’t we all just live in peace? Why do we need guns? Seriously. We don’t need guns. Humans are disgusting.

  32. Why American reporters keep acting like it's an unusual situation. This type of shit happens in United States every other week.

  33. I graduated high school only a few years ago. No one my age would be shocked by a shooting at their school. It’s something you think about almost daily as an American student.

  34. What happened California? I thought all your strict gun control laws would put an end to school shootings? Smfh f'ing subjective idiots.

  35. Interesting this happened in one of the states with the strictest gun laws… 😕 terrible it happened, just sick of everyone going “more gun reform” when nothing is going to stop criminals…. they will find a way.

  36. Im a high schooler from santa clarita (in the district that got shot) I knew gracie and she follows me on instagram and I don’t think gun control is the solution, and it never will be the solution.

    America has something the UK doesn’t have, and thats a black market, We have high gang activity than other countries and guns are “illegally” sold everyday also known as “ghost guns” they are usually imported from Mexico illegally (which is why we need closed borders) and when these guns are imported felons and other people who shouldn’t have guns get ahold of them, the shooter had a ghost gun and we cant say just because gun control in the UK “works” doesn’t mean it would work for America because our society is completely different with gangs and a market with illegal guns in high demand, Cocaine, Heroin, and Crack are all illegal, but criminals still get ahold of them, I don’t see a difference with a gun.

    The solution is serval things, one main thing would be discipline, our country has been too much giving and parents spoil their kids too much making kids think they are “entitled” to something, We also need to stop bullying and principals and teachers need to actually do something when someone is bullied, we need schools to be supportive especially to people going through something hard, and finally we need better security, I go to hart high school and legit anyone can walk into the school, we need a high fence with only two ways in, from the back and front, with two security guards at each entrance, we need metal detectors when students walk in, banks use to get robbed all the time, did we ban guns because of it? no because back then our country had common sense, what we did was add better security, are bank robbery’s more frequent now? no because of the better security that was added.

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