100 thoughts to “Russians hack into Ukraine company that played role in Trump scandal”

  1. Sounds like the Russians might be trying to delete sensitive data owned be there company. Russia covering for the bidens?

  2. These idiots are pushing this b.s. that its the russians making them loose? When people are listening to their politicans policies and saying screw that…you are frickn insane if i want that type of government…the Russians are not …making leftest policies that people of America litterly hate…their arguments only show they dont want any evidence to be found out on them as they have lied and continue to lie the whole time….nobody has exposed hc emails yet…these people are demons pushing this news seriously

  3. Russia investigation into Trump failed to find any wrongdoing, but uncovered Clinton/Uranium deals.
    Ukraine investigation into Trump failed to find any wrongdoing, but reveals that Biden as VP strong armed a Ukrainian company..in fact Biden even brags about doing this.
    When will the people realize that the dems are the corrupt ones and that this is only a dog and pony show to distract people from their crimes.

  4. Your "news" story opens up by telling me what kind of feelings are going to be stirred up inside of me when I hear your "news" story. Incisive "reporting".

  5. Fake news. Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election or Burisma.
    This is being used in hopes to let the crooks off without charges.
    Not working. Russia is not our enemy.
    The Ukraine investigation into Burisma began long before Trump became POTUS.
    Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma and his son.
    Too bad that the msm blames Trump for everything

  6. Whats your source….oh yeah CNN doesn't need a source, Just throw out BS, like the commentator said people dismiss fake news like this and it is so obvious your are both struggling trying to put this out. I'm amazed how quick you flip and endorse as fact something you have denied for so long, my take is this is to cover or discredit anything that might be coming out of Ukraine ahead of what has been found, you have just confirmed it wasn't a conspiracy theory, there was something there all along, CNN has just been in cover mode and don't want anymore egg on their face.

  7. I could gives two flying fucks CNN. I'm tired of all this God damn political fighting stop being a bitch no one gives a shit. Most normal people have a life and do not feel like listening to fucking political propaganda and for once I want to hear news not this stupid shit. You never hear good news these days its always about death or politics and I'm done with it I just want to hear news

  8. Russia didnt hack the dnc and the emails. Seth Rich took the files to Assange and he lost his life for it and now there blaming russia to cover that all up

  9. I would like to thank Russia for trying to root out corruption in our government. Joe Biden has got to go folks, as with CNN

  10. lol WHO FEARS BIDEN… He dont have a chance..He is weak and you fuckers are sick .. Propaganda fake shit.. you bias fucks have to stop.. REAL NEWS .. PLEASE

  11. Russia doesn't need a directive from Trump to hack whoever they want. Russia does whatever they want, whenever they want. They dont ask anyone for permission to do shit, especially Trump. I believe the Russians rather deal with someone sane like Trump instead you clownass Dems who are hellbent on witch hunts. Dems make a mockery of the United States of America

  12. Anyone who did any research and read the intelligence reports on the Russian interference on the 2016 election can only see this as lies and propaganda. This isn't even news, it's not even opinion these two hacks are literally using disinformation to manipulate voter opinion. Continuing the lie about Russian interference in this video is more harmful than what the Russians actually did during the election.

  13. If our CIA and FBI is willing to illegally spy on our own president but not investigating Biden, Kerry and Pelosi's son's nepotistic corrupt quid pro quo abuses then Americans are grateful for the help. Btw… real reporters would tell us about Biden, kerry and Pelosi's sons situations.

  14. Not only did Epstein not kill himself,

    the jail didn't accidentally misplace the only footage of him not killing himself.

  15. You had your chance for witnesses during the impeachment inquiry and refused to give the other side the same courtesy. Jesus you people are literally retarded. 3 of your top 6 candidates won't be able to campaign for the presidency during a senate trial. You've songle handedly re-elected Trump, ol pin cushion Cooper needs Trump to win.

  16. The times and CNN are breaking this story, I'm going to wait for a credited news source to verify like the National Enquirer.

  17. U PATHETIC LIARS CNN trying your best to protect the Corrupt Bidens but your LYING PROPAGANDA has Failed TRUTH WINS.U ARE THE TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. And America knows crooked Hilary and the DNC Hacked the 2016 election,STOP BLAMING RUSSIA. BIDENS ARE GUILTY

  18. Did that guy just say that this whole thing wasn't a circus that it was a fair proper trial or something like that

    These guy's must see clown faces when they look in the mirror to shave and stuff

    and think to themselves well the reason I'm seeing clown faces is it's dang Trump and Republicans not me lying all the freaking time

  19. Bob Melendez you Are 100% Plus right, RUSIA are IN, all EE.UU DUTY. BOLTON was sad because he know everything about it, he is a truth PATRIOT.

  20. 🤔 Funny how trump wants to build a wall to secure the border, but invites foreign dictators to interfere in our elections!!! And trumpsters are ok with that! How they trust Putin, knowing damn well Putins agenda is anti america!! Always has been!!!

  21. When ever Americans talk about meddling it pisses me off. The US is the biggest meddler, they are illegally occupying Iraq right now, meddling in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc……

    Shut up about meddling, you don't have a moral high ground.

  22. More fake news. They already have all the evidence on y'all stop making up lies. You are all going to prison including the media owners for playing along with this Russian hoax you have committed treason against America.President Trump is doing great things for all American citizens. You guys are evil socialist that hate America. you are globalist communist. Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt is CIA.

  23. Reading all these comments i fought i was in Fox News, what a turn around. President Trump for another 4 or so years.

  24. This is part of why Biden should not get the democratic nomination. Waste the work Russia and Trump are doing by nominating Andrew Yang or a Bernie Sanders.

  25. Really don't know how this helps Trump. But you people will say anything from trying to keep him from getting re-elected

  26. Mike Bloomberg for President? Yes! He'll deal with Russia in his own unique way, like bringing back Reagan's Star Wars with the International Space Station like a doomsday weapon. Harvesting the power of the Sun can render America's enemies back to the Stone Age.

  27. Sad part CNN may be missing from a journalistic perspective here is that the US / Trump motives here may be to uncover election meddling as well, not just "dirt on the Bidens".

  28. LOL…russians are desperate to keep their poodle trump in The White House!! LOL…LOL…Russia is doomed, no economy, no future, no democracy; a FAILED State in the making!

  29. America at the cross roads. So who to vote for in the 2020 Election? When you pick your Candidate to vote for, it is not only the Candidate America is voting for. It is voting for Continued Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism…So America research your choices. Biden is Capitalism, Bernie is Socialism, and trump is Communism. These are your choices so think deep.

  30. What Trump scandal?🤷🏻‍♂️. There’s the Obama scandal, with uranium1. There’s the Clinton scandal with Ukraine. But no Trump scandal! It’s almost like you’re lying to us!🤔

  31. This is the same shit that happened in America.
    Now russia is in to the Ukraine.
    Putin is stealing a lot of shit.
    We need dump and putin out of America .

  32. Seattle doesn't change much does it. Still spewing lies. It doesn't matter what is going on in the world somehow they will blame president trump.

  33. if you pause at 0:01 you can see his full NPC form. This must be how David Icke felt when he first realized the deepstate was reptilian

  34. If you want to return to the Obama shit show, then you know who to vote for. If you want progress and a return to what America stands for … listen : https://youtu.be/f_jB1BgEUAc

  35. Not sure how putin is gonna pull off another trump election, his buddy Assange is in the slammer!! No more wikileaks, LOL…And China ain’t help either, they want trump out of office! LOL

  36. russia has always lost in the end, it’s part of their history. They had a run in American govt, but as usual they’re too dumb and squandered the opportunity to better themselves. Instead they got dragged into war. LOL..

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