Rush Limbaugh Rant On Fox News, Sherrod

Rush Limbaugh Rant On Fox News, Sherrod

the limit order limit because many who worked
up on this this is is this stuff was good
for them and i see what he thinks it should
happen this whole customers
right now to talk about surely sharon every
would talk about the n_ double a_c_p_ it and
andrew bright march and this video but i want
to tell you the outset i hate it
by his story at this point is this story
and i want to talk about this because i must
talk about it because i don’t want to talk
about it
it’s a distraction
it’s nothing more than a left playing the
race card the in w_c_b_s_ thrown down the
gauntlet because the big government argument
has failed
they are keeping alive the divisions in this
country and i hate taken debate i hate played
along with the by simply despised the whole
everybody knows what’s going on here
that’s true
this is nothing more than a failed administration
a failed democrat party a failed civil rights
organization trying to stay alive
with trumped up this in trumped up that
this entire thing bores the heck out of me
the story boards made the topic bores me it
angers me that no end
because i have to go after it certainly because
even fox caved on this even chefs neff even
paul shep smith went down there and said that
everybody’s wrong on this id bright mart is
wrong and so forth there’s only a handful
of us they have the guts to put this story
straight if we don’t have her back nobody
we got a budget hours of the conservative
media inside the beltway which would not deal
with this honestly
you had andy mccarthy got mark levin sean
hannity got me got brent bozell and that’s
about it
they’re dealing with this out front in august
and i i i hate the fact that these people
put me in a bad moody
there’s so many great irony is that were the
only ones there with our products
worked with
but it did take the fifth is dead
seawater racial reconciliation it he helped
the white farmer
and away from israel of her for it
what part of you is up front and i
it’s tickets as always the exact opposite
of what he sets
villa was or so brazen enough to keep lying
about utilities that are there
he said
this is the left playing the race card
wildlife there is good for you guys but there
is that the orbit black woman recess
reasonable efforts by various or
they said it doesn’t matter
is worse than what does it have to make sense
and it’s so bad it should have been say glenn
beck bubble glenn beck also says you should
be realized
and then of course is i want to talk about
this story can wonder why right
maybe you don’t want to talk about it because
it makes you guys all seem like
the line weasels that you actually art
it proves it
and how you don’t care about facts and how
you make things up and take things out of
it twist and that you do it for a purpose
of propaganda
and that you guys are the ones that play the
race card over
and over or should i say
and what he thinks it’s over now

99 thoughts to “Rush Limbaugh Rant On Fox News, Sherrod”

  1. @ReDevilJR I'm a conservative – not a republican, a libertarian. True conservatives believe in individual rights. Group rights don't exist. Liberals want to pay back every minority group for some supposed past wrong, so they need a big brutal government to enforce this redistribution, therefore the race card is always on the table, and justice is never blind

  2. Rushbag hates this story. If Shirley Sherrod was white and unjustly fired by this administration he would "love" this story. Buffoon.

  3. so why DID the NAACP play the race card if not to energize their base to salvage a failed administration and Dem Party??

    seems to me that insisting that the tparty purge "racists" is counter productive because a cleansed Tparty would be a bigger threat to the Dems

    most American people see right through this shit and will display their anger come November

  4. @LeLimeLine Breitbart was set up by Obama's dirty tricks goon squad. Breitbart was given the edited tape – he didn't do any editing himself. Obama's goon squad knew he would take the bait, and they had everything ready beforehand. They had a copy of the full unedited tape, they had a line on the white farming couple, they knew Sherrod's story, fit their purposes exactly. They wanted to get back at Breitbart for kicking Acorn in the nuts.

  5. @mortalhellion You are completely wrong, England is the biggest police state on the planet. They are putting cameras inside peoples houses. Of course they have outlawed free speech. You notice they were disarmed long ago. If you do A little study into history you can see The Queen is German, Hitler and is Armies were allied with the King of England Edward VIII. To say England is anything less than A Police State Control grid is A lie. Their government also likes to stage false flag terror.

  6. @barbtube01 In-fucking-deed! Hell I'm from Sweden and Im tierd of his crap, since on a grander scale, decisions made in USA effects us somehow. We even got this news about her.

  7. @10thAngel Unfortunately Rush is an embarrassment to America. He only caters to a fringe undereducated element in our country.

  8. @LeLimeLine Sherrod should apologize to Breitbart for being part of this conspiracy to impune Breitbart's reputation.

  9. @megagagnon1 You rpost is absolutely insane. Breitbart had a track record of doing this type of thing even before Obama announced he was running for president. Brietbart has been a race baiter since he started as a lackey for Drudge report. He created a "news" bureau in order to trump up paleocon charges against the left. He is hardly a real journalist and only people that are affrimed right wingers take him seriously. He has no credibility as a real journalist.

  10. @rdecredico You're suffering for MSLSD overload. Get off the Madcow, quit the Overbite, and start watching FOX.

  11. Do you know what I do when I dont care about something and dont want to talk about it, Rush? I dont care or talk about it… Is it me? Am I weird? Yeah, its probably just me being weird(!) T_T

  12. @megagagnon1 I used to work for FOX, fool. I also worked for CNN and Knight Ridder newspapers (Miami Herald & Phila Inquirer) I am now independent journalist. You are in over your head here with me. I am not a leftist/statist patzer. You are a right winger, eating, digesting and regurgitating rw talking points. Autonomous thinking is not part of your skill set. I actually know Andrew personally. He is a dangerous and unaccountable person when it comes to actual journalism, a real tool.

  13. @barbtube01 Tell me about it. I just ran into a guy online who is propobly part of that. And it wasn't even a political discussion but he didn't even back down an inch (was about wargaming, you know miniatures?) even though he got his mathemetics and propabilities wrong. Why am I writing this? Cause I've found that it's fucking impossible to discuss something with an American who are on "the other side" of the debate.

    Wtf is this shit?

  14. I despise Rush Limbaugh he sounds like a bitch plus how many times does he have to show himself to be a racist before people just label him as that oh there goes that racist Limbaugh again going on another one of his racist rants if i can just twist Glenn Beck's words a lil bit "This guy has proven himself time and time again as a racist against black people or the black culture??"

  15. The extreme right mindset is similar to the cop who plants evidence; "I know they are guilty, but because the system is deceitfully working against me I can't demonstrate it they was I my feelings tell me this is fact"

    The wackjobs on the right 'know' how corrupt & evil the left HAS to be, so lying about them is really just telling the [larger] truth through different means. At least that is how it is justified in people like Limbaugh's head

  16. There's a big problem with Rush, Beck, and the rest of the other Spin doctors: They have an audience that listen.

  17. "I must talk about it, because I don't want to talk about it' what the…. Yea that makes a lot of since.

  18. What Brightbart pointed out on Hannity, was the laughter and cheering in the room of the NAACP, long before she got to her story of reconciliation. Chris Rock is right, some of the most prejudice people you will meet are old Black Men, who hate whites. Andrew Brightbart posted the video to show the Racisim within the NAACP.

    The only redeeming part of the video is later when she recommends the reconciliation, but the NAACP convention was cheering up until that point.

  19. @Drumvain. Wrong. It is wrong to assume England is a police state. This is a false statement. England, and the UK, has a history of civil policing. (As you may remember that the English police do not carry guns. Tasers are given to some, not all, police officers). What would people prefer: security or freedom? Most would prefer to live in security. However, England has a long way of becoming a police state as which you see in China or North Korea.

  20. @Drumvain. You are correct in one assumption: the elite are robbing. The elite such as Beck, Rush, Levin and other schmucks who may have stocks in insurance companies/pharmacies to make money off of the perpetually ill.

  21. The guy's a little retarded, but I kinda enjoyed this latest Breitbart stunt. He embarrassed Obama, who is clearly a PR whore and an ineffectual douchebag who would impulsively fire someone on their crazy-ass Republican word (because he actually is crazy enough to listen to them at all!), which was the entire point: Obama is not going to change anything. Obama is a PUSSY.

  22. @mortalhellion Any statement I make I can back up with facts. These talking heads and even the few on the left that have either sold out or are just going along to get along. They all have the same thing in common, none of them are part of the elite. They may speak establishment talking points but only when they believe that the system they are selling has their back. Limbaugh said nothing about Bush looting the nation, Now that it is Obama and Goldman Sachs it seems he feels threatened.

  23. @mortalhellion If you want to live under the watchful eye of CCTV and A nanny state that puts drugs in the water, poisons the food & vaccines and Has disarmed the people to the point that they want to take away knives. The people of England live under mind control. Sounds like you would fit right in.Ya know what Ben Franklin had to say
    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. I am not assuming anything. You dont have A clue

  24. @mortalhellion The people that run this nation and the world can not stand America & the freedoms we have. Thats why every globalist agenda goes right to the throat of the First & second amendment. They cant have an armed American Public. They (Private Banks) have just finished looting this nation and the world for all it was worth. TARP was well over 26 trillion months ago. The news says 6 Billion. These same people are pushing cap & trade and A carbon Tax. They also fund disease medicine.

  25. I say for Rush to keep going with this. Express your whole hatred on…everyone?
    Cause he is the voice of the Republican party. A negative voice for a group will bring dishonor and regret in the future.

  26. @amilkar1964 You've never listened to the show, have you? He has challenging and/or differing opinions call his show often. But I'm sure the only information you've gained about the program is whatever propaganda the leftist media spoonfeeds you. Think for yourself once in a while, would you? Doesn't it burn the hell out of you? Ooh, that Rush Limbaugh! Twenty-two million viewers strong, the most listened-to radio program IN THE COUNTRY! Don't you wish the left got that kind of respect? LMFAO

  27. @woody231979 Those people are just as left as Limbaugh is right. What makes one extreme better than the other?

  28. @LeLimeLine And I suppose those tactics would never be found on the left, would they? They've pioneered blissful ignorance!

  29. @TheYoungTurks Yes, Rush is a gold mine of hilarious absurdity. There's no arguing that. But could you address his listeners, or even people on the fence politically? That's why Rush is so popular,they think he's giving them a voice. I don't know what you'd have to do, but they seem to want to be educated (look at Glenn Beck's chalkboard shtick) and enjoy the "average American" narrative.

  30. @LeLimeLine What you don't get from the left is the full story. Sherrod talked about how much help she thinks she should give this poor white farmer… and the NAACP crowd is cheering before she has a chance to explain herself! Here's a chance for a black woman to get back at that evil white man!, and that's all they needed! Bravo! This is because the NAACP is BY DEFINITION a segregationist, racist group. But the young jerks don't touch on that, do they? Where's the spotlight on NAACP racism?

  31. @woody231979 What PRECISELY have Rush or Beck ever lied about? Prove it. Don't just shout allegations like so many ignorant left wingers. Let's have some facts.

  32. @woody231979 Nixon? Give me a break. How about something relevant? Neither Limbaugh nor Beck run the country, and they can't change your tax rates. By leftists own admission, they're "entertainers." So what difference does it really make what they say? Don't "act stupidly."

  33. @woody231979 Type in "Obama lies." Type in "Pelosi lies." Type in "Matthews lies." While you're at it, look up more news on Mr. Tingles, and how he "forgot Obama was black for an hour or so". You can also look up how many members in Obama's cabinet have failed to pay federal income taxes.The entire Obama administration is a lie factory. Obama called the nationalization of healthcare "deficit neutral." Pelosi said "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it."

  34. @woody231979 No, he didn't say the Sierra club caused the oil spill, per se. He said the environmentalists in partnership with liberal democrats banned on-land domestic exploration and pushed the rigs out to sea with environmental laws. That's true. And the ocean does seep oil naturally.

  35. @LeLimeLine All you get from the left wing media is bias! They tell you what they want you to hear in a shamelessly Obama-tinged tone.If I want to be informed, leftwingnut stations are the last place I'll turn.

  36. @woody231979 Listen, fuckstain, don't twist words to suit your story. Limbaugh never said to leave the oil spill alone and it didn't need cleaned up. He spoke of the volume of oil compared to the total volume of water in the gulf. He tried to minimize the impact. Idiot.

  37. Everyone? He must be talking about the 1% of the population who are angry, stupid old white men who hate anyone who doesn't look like them. Poor baby, they put him in a bad mood? It's all about you, you fat, very rich, idiot.

  38. I wz listening to Rusty yesterday criticizing the 'Obama Regime' & before he went to commercial he said "People ask me 'Rush, Why? Why Rush!?' I've been listening to Rush since '88 but have never asked,'Why Rush?Why!? After commercial he whispered, 'Two Words..Libs Lie!'Oh, fucking God Damn really?Holy shit thanks for the epiphany! I'm so fucking glad that Conservs have never lied! The only liars are left, clintonista femi-nazi, lib, tree-huggers! Thanks for setting us straight as usual Rush.

  39. @SwampThizzle. You are clearly a racist from the words you put in your comments. How about living in the present? Slavery is a thing of the past. There are now interractial marriages. If you don't like it, I would suggest moving somewhere else.
    Must be hard to handle that there are some black people who are tons smater than you are. Putz.

  40. @mortalhellion What's "interractial" marriage? What does "smater" mean? And don't tell me it means rag in Yiddish, schwarze.

  41. @SwampThizzle. It mean a typo, dipshit. Which is exactly what you are. A living typo. If your comeback is to point out the grammar errors, good for you. The greater point is that you are a racist thug.

  42. @acesonfire Not as awesome as the amazing abyss that is your empty head. I'm willing to bet that Rush wouldn't love you. But he loves himself.

  43. @mortalhellion Hating blacks means I am a human, not a "racist." Why do blacks think that hating them, and them alone, is the definition of racism? An example of a racist thug would be a black targeting whites for assault, robbery, rape, and murder. Which happens all the time. So you can't even call me a racist thug. But I can still call you INFERIOR.

  44. @SwampThizzle. I very much doubt it. If you think you can reason your way around racism, you're wrong. I'll correct myself,. Racism is a stark hatred that few have. Example would be Hitler hating the Jewis. That's racism. What you have is plenty ignorance. You are filled with shallow ignorance. The FBI publish a crimes statistics stating 62% of crimes were commited by whites (or Hispanics), and 28% is commited by blacks. That's a large chasm between numbers.

  45. @SwampThizzle. Think again. More whites are put in jail than blacks for cimes commited. Yes, I can still call you stupid.

  46. @mortalhellion The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

    p.s. it was a joke, i could care less about the insipid slanders of politics. Quit being so damn cynical.

  47. @acesonfire. it's very hard to tell considering you can't hear the person's voice if he lays a comment online. Now why don't you fuck off to the Great White North? (Excuse me… I was joking! Not really…)

  48. @TheOptimistPrime

    I wish they would leave. I have some suggestions. Somali where everyone gets a gun and there is no government. That should be very appealing to the wingnuts. Or Iran where they have just what the doctor ordered for religious wackjobs: Godly Government!

  49. Why the heck did you cut the audio before Rush actually talks about it? Nothing he said is really damning, since all he said is he wants to set the story straight. Hello, that's taking him out of context. It's what Brietbart did!

  50. @calimar28, Wasn't born in the U.S(check), liberal hellbent on destroying this nation(check) ignorant comment on race(check) and last but not least SOCIALIST!!!, is this all you guys got? it's getting really tired, if your going to defy logic, reason and commom sense, can you at least be creative?

  51. Sugar is the driving force behind elevated levels of the so-called bad cholesterol, as well. Cancer is a disease of deficiency as is thirst & starvation. W/o water we die, no amt. of praying can change that fact of course as the Lord provides, thru His bounty, those things we need to survive. Indeed, Scripture stresses the importance of consuming seeds: "Give us this day our daily bread," was written at a time when bread contained whole, raw seeds–seeds abounding in cancer-killing Amygdalin.

  52. @rastadiva101 I am not defending anyone, just pointing out that the theYoungTurks did the same thing Brietbart did here, by editing Rush out completely. And even the edit says nothing damning. Think about it, don't be enslaved to ideology. And please stop talking like a five-year-old.

  53. @nnelsonr1 Finally, the voice of reason is screaming out. This entity is not poor, he doesn't give a rats ass about the poor. Idiots like him prey on fear and hatred. He cares no more about poor whites than he does minorities. Don't we remember when "Windbag Rush" got caught with a few pills? And paid his way out of it. If that had been a poor white or minority, we'd been thrown UNDER the jail.

  54. @staticenz So you admit, your opinion is of no substance. After all, you did post on a politically motivated video.

    btw, your attempt at mockery sucks, boy.

  55. A sleazeball bigot from Palm Beach vents hate on a sleazeball GOP spin master network in NYC that allows such hate to be voiced – this is America under the cons today guyz…………..

  56. Rush is a great american. As far as the stupid commmist itdoit that you are, be low me americanfellow,get a life and also get educated. You have no idea what you are saying! ! It is people like you That are destroying America! So Tell me how's that hope and change working out for you?

  57. Totally cause I see gays, women, lesbians and bisexuals everyday being cussed at for asking for equal rights rofl….get a life if they were being cussed at for asking for equal rights you don't think msnbc would be slapping that all over their headlines…oh sorry they aren't cause it isn't happening as wide spread as you promote.

  58. Chick-fila….because a man of christian faith pronounced what he believes and follows something that is clearly stated in the bible the book of "his" god you call it slanderous rofl. West Boro Baptists is a crazed group of individuals both sides agree on that so your trying to use them as a reference point for all Christians just like im sure there are crazy Hindus and Buddhist in the world should we judge them all by one group? gg you lose.

  59. oh I forgot to mention did i ever state I like Rush Limbaugh you just assume typical I actually thing he is by far to radical though somethings he says i agree with like most people can agree and disagree with many things. He is similar to Sean Hannity far to right for my taste but, go on assuming it helps your cause.

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