Rudy Giuliani’s Odd Ukraine Trip May Widen Legal Exposure | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Rudy Giuliani’s Odd Ukraine Trip May Widen Legal Exposure | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Rudy Giuliani’s Odd Ukraine Trip May Widen Legal Exposure | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. Because he’s going to be arrested…
    is this his twin with eye color changed?

  2. Rudy seems to be paying trump back for testifying in the 1970s to Congress about mob casinos. And he wanted his job.

  3. Having millions his butt call needing a few hundred thousands sounds more like hush money extortion and the two arrestees…. or the amount of a bribe. He doesn’t borrow.

  4. That's the thing about throwing hand grenades…sometimes they get thrown back, blowing up in your face!  Giggling goon Gilligan Giuliani just the dirty dog dutifully fetching that goofy gyrating grenade right back around to his master, delivering the dastardly deal to detonate on its owner in the Oval.  Because Toxic Traitor Trump only hires the best lawyers, with that killer instinct.  Just as Traitor-in-Thief is Russia's dirty dog, Putin being hoisted on his own petard.

  5. It matters not how many walls Republicans erect, how long, or wide, or tall, the sea of truth will not be denied; no edifice impermeable, no insulation against the ocean which surrounds inexorably seeping its way in.  The writing is on the wall, the walls will crack, then crumble, then fall, then be washed away by the winds of political vicissitude.

  6. Public hanging is too good for the Traitor-in-Thief…he'd just brag about the crowd size while cursing Crowd Strike!

  7. Something with the foul air at the height of all this Republican hyper-hypocrisy must have "Triggered" me.  Considering writing a book, making a fortune selling fables to fools.  Few people will purchase, because the target GOP audience doesn't read too well or too much, but the RNC is a sucker every time for ANY story with a nice little Russian twist, so the bulk sales should very quickly propel me to #1 on the booklist!!  It's all about a "drug" deal…

  8. Toxic Traitor Trump and Republicans fighting corruption: arsonists posing as firefighters, using gasoline in their firehoses!

  9. Off-gassing on unsecured cell phones let Russia and other Intel services know more than House Investigators. Those leaders at NATO meeting were probably snickering at more than just Trump bloviating- They get Intel reports, too

  10. And now gaga Giuliani wants to address Congress with all the evidence he has collected from three former Ukrainian prosecutors – all prosecutors fired on corruption charges. Has Giuliani been coherent even once in the last 18 months? If the best defense the WH can muster is this Pee-wee Herman defense, the GOP is in a deep doo-doo state.

  11. Still waiting for one of 45’s inner circle figures to skip out of the country ahead of expected charges… as things are developing, I can’t imagine some one not doing as much, eventually.

  12. Devin Nunes was asked, did he talk to Lev Parnes. Devin Nunes' response was, "we don't know, yet". We don't know if I talked to Lev Parnes? Huh? Lol. The Republikkkans lawyer said at the hearing that America will be saying, huh. Well, we are saying, huh because, you Republikkkans don't know if you spoke to someone on your phone, four times. Lol.

  13. Giuliani profited from the Richo investigation . Haa done trumps dirty laundry and is now being hung out to dry hah ha .

  14. I’m covering my track, is that illegal ? So what, who cares, Rudy, how the mighty have fallen , he learned a lot busting the mafia.

  15. Just when I almost start to respect ari, he does that ridiculously embarrassing, I'm down with the kids bit, rap bollox. PACK IT IN U LOOK RIDICULOUS
    Apart from that good reporting

  16. Rudy just is lonely. He wants the FBI and congressional subcommittee to talk to him. He is just am old man suffering from “Old Timers Disease”.

  17. Why would the GOP want to defend Trump's corruption and behavior?  Why would the GOP want 4 more years of Trump and the Trump Circus ?  I'm now questioning what the GOP is trying to hide from Government oversight and the American people.

  18. Ari, —-> Giuliani met withAndriy Derkach, a lawmaker from a political party opposing President Zelensky to talk about setting up an inter-=parliamentary group on corruption. Evidently, this investigative body would be in opposition to the NADU, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, and would include Devon Nunes, Mick Mulvaney, and Lindsey Graham. Reportedly, Giuliani has not met with anyone from Zelensky's Administration.

    …" Ukranian lawmaker, Andriy Derkach, also said that he and a lawmaker from Zelenskiy’s party had invited several senior figures in Washington to help form the interparliamentary group on corruption. These included Republican Representative Devin Nunes, White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

    Giuliani’s trip coincided with an apparently unconnected visit to Kiev by Philip Reeker, the acting U.S. assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. Reeker has testified in the impeachment inquiry and discussed the “irregular” role that Giuliani and others close to Trump played in U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

    Reeker met the new Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka for what the U.S. embassy said was a discussion about reforms. Ryaboshapka’s office is closely watched in the context of the impeachment inquiry because it would make a decision on whether or not to launch an investigation into the Biden family in connection to Burisma, as Trump wants.

    Ryaboshapka has previously said he had no evidence of wrongdoing on Hunter Biden’s part…."
    It was not immediately clear whether Giuliani would meet any officials in Zelenskiy’s administration on his visit. Zelenskiy’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

      Ukraine lawmaker met Giuliani to discuss misuse of U.S. taxpayer money in Ukraine

  19. Rudy Guiliani back in Ukraine to discuss business:

    "Don't let nobody outta' here!😠
    Mother ——-!😡
    Think you can steal my s— and sell it?!!😠
    Look at this s—-!!!😠
    Think you can steal my s—??!😡
    I TRUSTED you, man!!!!😵

    Bag this s—–up!!!!!😠
    I thought you was a straight shooter!!😵

    I am, Rudy!! I am!!!😥
    You the one sittin' in here wit all the s—!😥

    Think you can steal my s—–??!!!😡

    Now see, Rudy, this is a picture of me back in 'Frisco….😥

    HOW DO I KNOW THAT'S YOU, you mother——??!!!😡
    You tried take…steal my f— s—-!!!😡

    Wheah you get this s—–, man??😎
    Ummah ask you one mo f— time!😠

  20. Ghouliani is just another traitor, like ALL of the rest of the RethugliKKKlan. He needs to be treated as a traitor…

  21. I'm sorry, I missed the part where Rudy Gulliani represents us abroad or locally. He's not a government official or public servant. The people haven't commissioned him to handle or even discuss affairs on our behalf.

  22. The democrats think that Giuliano is corrupt! He's investigating democrat corruption! Not everyone is not saying why they know democrats stole as much as 7 billion dollars of our taxpayer foreign aid!

  23. Someone PLEASE tell Ari how ridiculous he sounds when he tries to be hip. And lose the annoying retro 8-bit dissolve, it's cute the first thousand times.

  24. Guiliani is the Trump Mafia "cleaner". He goes in to bleach the clean up area, get rid of the bodies, shred the documents and bribe the witnesses.

  25. Rudy doesn’t work for the government. I see a lot of doctored papers coming. Republicans will do anything for Trump.

  26. I think Giuliani is trying to get his story right with the people he's talked to. He knows he's being surveillanced so he's going to tryand say things while being surveillanced that will make it seem that everything he's doing is legit and in Good nature important to that when he goes to trial

  27. As congress is impeaching for "solicitation of foreign interference", Rudy is ACTIVELY doing JUST THAT……..I mean, talk about arrogance…….

  28. They are showing the world what is now obvious to most of us; the President is above the law. He can do as he pleases with zero fear of tangible reprisal. The banana republic is here it's just that a large portion of the country, especially the media, hasn't caught on yet.

  29. I honestly like this news show but I really don’t like how this reporter keeps bringing song lyrics into the report. It’s annoying.

  30. JFC, Ari, please stop your idiotic "street culture" references in your newscast. It doesn't give you more credibility.

  31. I know this is completely beside the point, but doesn't Manafort look better with natural hair? It was such a bad color job I thought he was wearing a toupee, lol. Just saying, Reagan hair is so 1980s.

  32. Rudy is trying to cover his tracks because something else is going on probably worse than what he's already investigated for

  33. Rudolph's off X-mas shopping grabbing last minute audio phone call tapes by the infamous Ukraine oligarch gov, White House administration for insurance.

  34. trump is throwing a hail mary pass that giuliani probably sold to trump
    I actually am waiting and I will ready a nice demitasse of espresso as giuliani delivers his information for his client, this may well push trump over the cliff

  35. trump still looking for Biden dirt …on tax dollars But if Biden did something Trump doesn’t get a pass on extortion, bribery, witness intimidation, election interference and human rights violations. 8 kids dead in his care etc…

  36. The sheer, arrogantly brazen impudence of Rudi Giuliani’s meets with pro-Russia actors in the Ukraine (Andriy Derkach, Oleksandr Dubinsky, Yuri Lutsenko), and touting his contacts with Shokin (the “Diamonds Scandal”? Two of “his” prosecutors the “Prosecutor General” never prosecuted?), and Firtash (the crooked Extradition Candidate, and Naftogaz bigwig, for Bribery and Corruption. Oh, and Manafort’s good buddy!) It truly surpasses belief! Remember: Joe diGenova and Vicki Toensing, both long-time conspiracy nuts, both Trumpie / Giuliani friends, are Firtash’ NYC “lawyers”!

    And what’s it all about? Remember Vlad Putin’s other sidekick Manafort was workin’ with, Konstantin Kilimnik? The guy all the “confidential” campaign-polling data was being passed to, throughout ‘16, and through the direct server connection between Trump Tower and AlfaBank Moscow? That self-same Kilimnik has been touting his ridiculous fiction: “It’s not us, it’s the Ukrainians!”
    With diGenova’s and Toensing’s VERY active help, through alt-right “outlets”, and since 2016!

    Let us remind ourselves that this goes back much further. Trumpie hired Manafort. Why? Because the crook had “earned” tens of millions (Russians are STILL suing Paul Manafort for over twenty millions of “loans” he never payed back)! And for what? For running campaigns for Putin-Stooge Viktor Yanukovich, until that traitorous thug fled back to Moscow!

  37. Trump says Rudi has bin fighting crime for 50 years if hes such a good crime fighter why hasn't he put donald duck behind bars yet rudi has turned himself into an embarrassment for the American ppl excluding the repubican party that are hooked on drinking donald ducks koolaid pathetic

  38. Fiona Hill is a Foreign investigator. She has been to Somalia and South Africa and Egypt and Aotearoa and Australia and Ukraine

  39. There's nothing wrong with Giuliani. Where has Putin been lately? If "all roads lead to Russia", I don't think that Putin would invest that kind of time and $$$ and rely 100% on tRump. What's the back-up plan?

  40. Don't fell for that. It's by design. Whatever information he brings (preferably lies) will be played by right-wing media.

  41. More than likely, Giuliani is in Ukraine telling the Ukrainians "If Donald Trump goes down, I'm not going down with him."

  42. As soon as Trump got off with Barr lying about the Mueller Report he makes this call. His family making deals, pulling out of Syria. What else is going to happen if he is not removed and what if he is reelected? The problem going on is the juvenile short term thinking by the Republicans. They know they can't control him and they he is toxic. But I guess Moscow Mitch only goal is more judges. So Trump taking down the party will not matter because judges will block all progressive laws and keep the further separation of classes as the middle class declines


  44. Maybe Rudy's buying Ukrainian property to turn into an AIR B&B, so Trump has an affordable place to live after he gets kicked out of the Oval Office.

  45. you know what i’ve noticed about you liberals is that you sure do like to use … in every statement you make. like anyone else notice this or … oh my bad i think i’ve been infected oh no… quick someone… help… please i need help i’ve been infected…

  46. Alright its time to lock Ruddy up. Hes interfering with a investigation and committing obstruction of justice. And if Rudy and Trump had any evidence against Biden they would have already released it. Its just a diversion tactic, Look over here while I do this over there.

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