100 thoughts to “Rudy Giuliani responds to accusations made by House impeachment managers”

  1. Just more proof they will make laws to keep themselves in power and keep American in the dark. So many dirty hands in the system, If it were to ever come to light we wouldn't have any politicians left!

  2. Let's see Rudy or Jeannie are not Judges even though they pretend they are. Uncle Fester and Wicked With if fox are all in the loop. 70% of the American people want Trump to testify and the restbofvthecwitnesses to testify!

  3. Rudy, whatever happened to the memo you were going to publish on the "Biden Corruption?"…From my perspective, things are looking horrible for you. Time to come clean before the American people. 🙂

  4. Go after the money. The dems and republicans will sell out this country and the people for power and money. They know that as long as Trump is president they can't do it.

  5. Giuliani lost his marbles! Stop having him on your show. He is a train wreck. He is wacko batshit loco in the head

  6. If there are any people still in jail due to Rudy and his supposed evidence from his days as a prosecutor , I'm guessing they're lawyers have ground to full reviews of their cases

  7. Rudy's Jacked up like always and lying
    again like always!!!
    He does need to know what the truth is anymore hes been lying so long.

  8. Wow! Rudy… you must have learned how to have a conversation from the potus! Can't stop him from speaking over every sentence she asks and cuts here off at every breath she takes! haha "I know the president has dinner with a thousand people or more"! LMAO "I've already released the evidence at least twice" she responds with "Well we haven't seen it" LMAO Keep up with your lies! HAHAHA

  9. The House's job is over. They need to go back to what they do best: getting poor people addicted to assistance money. Their part in all of this is done when they hand over the impeachment.

  10. Another Trump paid entertainment anchor. Judge my _ _ _. Most bias anchor. Close minded Republican interviews a corrupt Trump spokesman. Party is going to be destroyed by these people taking each other down. D. Nunes, Giuliani, and etc…is opening up a orange jumpsuit clothing line. Come get fitted

  11. Rudy and Trump are the only ones that are actually saying the truth and what’s going on with Democrats are just filthy liars it’s disgusting we need more people like Rudy

  12. it is awful when you overspeak.

    Can’t hear what either of you are saying, sounds like a cats choir.
    I wanted to hear what he said

  13. Biden's and the Clintons are the most corrupt families in the country or even world. Look at how many people the Clintons have killed and how much money the Biden's have stolen

  14. She needs to let Rudy talk more he’s saying things that are obviously important and she’s talking over him like a typical woman

  15. Just give the evidence Rudy. Geez… Help the President! Or are you guys guilty as the Democrats are saying?

  16. I never knew that a good economy caused blindness and deafness. What it's comes down to is we are trading morals for $. And their morals have been sold for power a long time ago. But isn't it all one in the same? SAD TIMES…

  17. Anyone else notice Rudy, he didn’t look like he was doing well, his eyes and dry mouth. I really like him and he has a lot of info that’s true. Just hope and pray something doesn’t happen to him. But something wasn’t right! Pray for protection.

  18. 00:05:41
    Question : when was tape made ?
    Question : when was it Rudy met Parnas ?
    Question : Is Rudy not "godfather" of Parnas child ?
    Question : Has this not been planned for years ? Q

  19. I look at the comments here. Why so negative on Giuliani? He says he has info on these people that are crooked. He needs to get the word out there. Fox News is his only outlet. He is known as the consummate prosecutor. Let him be, let him expose the corruption in DC. We have children, and grandchildren who’s lives will be affected down the line after we are gone by the corruption of this government. I believe that President Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Durham and a handful of house reps and senators have resigned themselves to the fact that they are our last hope for the United States and they realize they are putting their lives in danger.

  20. The moment Nadala opens his mind; truth and facts fail to emerge. What a nasty little man this faker is. Why are these democrat rats continue to re-elected. Of yes corruption and the stupid fickle democrat voters who seem to have been born with the crucial missing brain cell.

  21. well, russia has something on this guy. ill give it three months until he is indicted. when you have the most disturbing fox news host basically calling him out for lack of evidence, you know there is something wrong. guy is a pure blood lunatec. trying to sell hid podcast via being a loud mouth.

  22. Why is it that whenever Rudy goes on a rant, the host tries to shut him down and talk over him. Also, why is there always not enough time. It's rediculas that they get someone on like Rudy that they know is verbose and then only give home 3 minutes.

  23. Rudy and Lev need to testify! They ALL NEED TO TESTIFY! Innocent people have nothing to hide! Guilty people try to hide everything!

  24. So Nadler, the extensive Mueller investigation into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election was apparently wrong when it could find no indication of such activity – is that your deluded opinion? A night school attorney like Nadler should be trying to fix parking tickets not running a Congressional Committee. Add Nadler to the list of Dem members of Congress who will be watching from outside the building when the 2021 session begins.

  25. how can anyone listen to this guy and BELIEVE him.. He sounds like the mentally ill guy on the metro rambling about aliens… seriously how tf is he an attorney?!?!?!?

  26. This is the saddest interview..even Pirro doesn't believe him. If he had evidence he should have brought it to Barr…he keeps saying he out it out their but it's being censored…if he'd given it to Fox and it was legit…Fox or Hannity would have had a field day…
    Fox is Trump TV…Rudy's part of the family . Why would he give the interview to OAN..because Fox wouldn't touch it…why not give it to Trump for prime time interview..

  27. So this idiot thinks its his job to just rattle off this crap as if it has been established as credible or truth or proven in a court of law? Ge's basically carrying out Trumps smear campaign with no proof of anything he is saying and no one of any repute vacking up his story. Working for a liar requires lies. More likely he will end up in jail.

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