Rey Mysterio and son blast Brock Lesnar with double 619: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)

Rey Mysterio and son blast Brock Lesnar with double 619: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)

100 thoughts to “Rey Mysterio and son blast Brock Lesnar with double 619: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)”

  1. Rey's Frog Splash Always Gets Me Tearing Me Up Man, If Eddie Only Knew That Move Will Be Forever Be In Are Thoughts, RIP Eddie Love Ya Holmes!

  2. The fact that all 3 of these men were really close to eddie made it more exciting, its like this is for him plus i know ppl hate brock vut i always been a fan & i think its underrated how he always sells his opponents move even when Dominick did a low blow he made it look lethal lmao

  3. This is what makes wrestling look bad ! In order too make Mysterio perform his stupid signature move – his opponent has to just place himself on the rope – and just wait for it too happen. Over and over again – match after match. And his son ? He doesn't have the physique for this ~ so somebody should legally hurt him for entering the ring ! Then again – only in wrestling would this happen. I realize it's scripted !

    The fans of course cheer for their hero too use the pipe – and boo for the 'heel' if HE does. Like they did in the older days, when hero Hogan did bite his opponent or hit his opponent with a chair ~ and start crying when it happened to Hogan.

  4. Made up “wrestling” is one of the only things in American culture I don’t get it, to actually like wwe you gotta lie to yourself

  5. If Brock Lesnar is good fighter then why he is not challange to vitaly minakov…why he is challenging only his half weight person…

  6. Tbh if I was Dominick an got beat up on tv on that moment when they an knocking him to the ground I would've kept smacking him with the chair so many times till that chair broke, it's like it requires all your strength to throw 1 punch

  7. No way rey was going to win.
    Vkm brainless booking strikes again.
    Not a clue.. Give him the belt have a great moment.
    Destroy him on raw get belt back retireing rey in the process

  8. ray was better in Lucha Underground. WWE always sticks to that same old boring storylines. IDK what the writers get paid for. 3 hrs show with tons of commercials and least time of wrestling. Had a lot of high hopes for Nakamura, but they buthchered his push too. All hats and no cattle.

  9. Normally I get excited seeing superstar kick out of finishers but here Rey should've won. It could've been a perfect storytelling but they ruined it by having Lesnar kick out.

  10. 💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 😄😄😄😄💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 Dios muestra su amor para con nosotros, enviando a su Hijo Jesucristo, muerto y resucitado de entre los muertos para darnos vida eterna.

    También se comprometió a sanar su cuerpo.

     (mira hacia arriba y pregúntale)

  11. That was pretty smooth 619 was good and sold well frog splash needs some work on distance gaiging but all and all didnt hurt himself or brock good job

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