Resident Evil 3 Remake Trailer Secrets & Analysis You May Have Missed

Resident Evil 3 Remake Trailer Secrets & Analysis You May Have Missed

3 make Trailer Breakdown The trailer begins by recapping Resident Evil
2 Remake, showing both the characters and areas in Raccoon City , to connect the storylines
together and to possibly reveal some of the repeat areas Jill may be visiting. The original Resident Evil 3 actually takes
place both before AND after Resident Evil 2, so some of the events may be overlapping. This means some of the same areas might show
up again and there is a possibility that RE3 characters will run into RE2 characters along
the way. Some actual gameplay footage released shows
us that RE3 is going to be third person, so what’s the deal with the first person trailer
scene where Jill is running away from Nemesis? Is this a new escape mechanic to the game? Probably not, just a more dramatic cut scene
that may kick off the game with a really intense moment. Later, more brief first person as Jill imagines
herself as a zombie after presumably being infected by Nemesis In the original, when this happens, Jill falls
over and we take over the game as Carlos for a small segment. While he could have his own campaign, it is
more likely that Carlos will be like Ada & Sherry in Resident evil 2 Remake and have only a
small part, perhaps with different weapons or different mechanics. “what’s wrong with Umbrella?” Carlos is hanging with his Umbrella Merc mate
Tyrell, “The STARS office has to be in this direction”, who may end up blowing himself
up, and Jill has found the merc Murphy, “Don’t look at me like that alright I’m not an
infected!’ who Nikolai promptly takes out, just like he did in the original, except when
Carlos has to. We also get a sneak peak of Mikhail and the
cable car slash train. The only character left is Brad and he figures
out what Nemesis is there for. “Right now it’s got a heart on for the
only 2 STARS left in town”. In the original, Brad was killed by Nemesis
and ended up in RE2 as a zombie. In the RE2 remake, Zombie brad was gone…sort
of…and we can see in the trailer that he probably burns up as Nemesis takes down his
chopper while Jill escapes off the top of the parking garage. In terms of enemies, looks like RE2 zombies
combined with more hoards. There even appears to be a Revelations style
dodge mechanic. And our favorite hunters are making an appearance. And best of all, we may get a more in-depth
Nemsis origin story, but one of the biggest questions that remains is how is nemesis actually
going to work? In terms of gear, so far your resident evil
essential equipment, weapons and add ons. We still have tons of questions about possible
new areas, about the return of choose your own adventure and to see what other techniques
or mechanics might be added to the game. We’ll be following all the latest news and
theories on the WheresBarry channel so be sure to subscribe, because we can’t wait
to play 3make! Crimson Army, what did we miss in our trailer
analysis? What do you want to see future videos on. Like, Comment, Subscribe and stay tuned from
now until April for the best RE3 coverage online.

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  1. I believe the one Jill was seen running away from seems to be a Mr. X as his figure really represents the trench coat he's wearing in the Remake of 2 maybe we'll be able to see the police station intact before Nemesis/Mr. X make those big holes seen in the showers

  2. I think the game will have a proper 3rd person & 1st person perspectives based on the trailer. Also, 1st person view will likely have VR support like RE7. My reasoning behind this is on the devs finally might be able to utilize both techs from RE7 & RE2R, combined it together in RE3R. I would not be surprise if we got VR exclusive DLCs.
    I mean I could totally see they would do playable Carlos's side mission to be Horror FPS like Chris Mission DLC in RE7.

  3. Came in to say thanks one more for your knife trick on final G. Ahaha. Looking forward to some more insane plays from you in this game 😁

  4. in the re2 remake opening cinematic that shows the city there’s a scene that shows two subway trains so maybe it is a subway train this time around and not a cable car. just a thought

  5. For the bazillionth time that is not nemesis chasing Jill in the apartment. I believe its a totally different scene when he falls thru the ceiling then thats nemesis but thats mr x chasing her look at the trentch coat

  6. I think the voice of Jill sounds a lot like Patricia Ja Lee who has voiced her in REUC and RE5. Carlos to me sounds like Javier Garcia from Telltale's The Walking Dead!

  7. the fpp beginning of the trailer is similar to the beginning of the re2 remake trailer which was also seen from a first person perspective

  8. I think this game will be allot harder then 2, the Hunters plus nemesis on your ass and there are more zombie herds in the streets verses RPD.

  9. Possibly there may be a few playable cut scenes that are in first person mode like the zombie Jill part could be a dream that Jill has while Carlos goes to the hospital for the vaccine. And we see Jill in her apartment before the chase in the beginning which look very similar to how original RE3 began we just never knew what was going on before she burst out into the ally. Maybe we do have to run in first person for some chase scenes. Just a thought.

  10. That moment in the bathroom, Jill's not infected. She's dreaming or has PTSD syndrom because she's at her place without any weapon. My theory is that this is the beginning of the game and Nemesis is going to attack us before the zombies there then we'll go in the streets and dodge zombieq until we meet Brad.

  11. Please don't suck like Remake2 did too phantom grappling & shadow dodging zombies. shitty rushed story. Ada using that stupid gun, Sherry got over her parents death, cut content .

  12. Barry the game is confirmed to be 3rd person the whole game and Carlos has a fully campaign like Jill.

    Look the developer message again dude.

  13. It would be really cool if RE3 had a bit of a open world feel where you can rescue survivors, complete side missions like finding family members for people or maybe escort missions (big maybe) would help flesh out Raccoon City more and make you more sympathetic to it's fate

  14. But the guy Jurassic Park say now that's one big pile of s*** and Capcom needs to charge charge $100 per game and you will be stupid enough to buy don't not deny it dumbass and all looks like we got some of Alice's versions in it she was the one who made Resident Evil 4 by the way

  15. I hope they still keep the same mutants like the brain suckers and the demon drains As well as bring back the goddam spiders seriously

  16. 1:32 I think they both enter through the door of the RPD where the characters of the 2nd run enters in Resident Evil 2.
    I think those are the stairs of the RPD at the start of 2nd run in Resident Evil 2.

  17. You missed the scene with the man on the static screen smiling. Is the villain from project resistance going to appear in re 3? Or some new bad guy ?

  18. That image of Marvin in the hall with the shotgun…the poster for Brad with the ingame model….I know im most likely wrong here but it's starting to feel like RE2 and RE3 were developed together and RE2 was just a teaser for whats in store. RE3 is going to dwarf RE2 this time round!

  19. I really hope that, when we beat the game, we unlock a FPS view. Would be really scary ! Btw i need to hear you say "Resident Evil Threeeeemake !" Just like you did with RE2 😅

  20. Does Jill look more like Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley?

    It's a trick question. We all know they're the same person.

  21. When Jill is hallucinating she has no gear on and she looks very clean, it's most likely a scene from the very beginning of the game meaning Jill is already infected like the rest of the city through the water supply.

  22. Jill wasn’t running from Nemesis in the 1st Person cutscene, it’s clearly Mr. X. Same coat, same walking animation, and the weak ass “STARS” quote? It’s cut halfway through, definitely added in post production for added hype in the trailer.

  23. I also noticed Brad's voice actor sounds a lot like Chris in RE5. It would be weird if they used the same voice actor. I know most voice actors voice multiple characters, but in this instance it's really odd as they are both part of STARS and know Jill.

  24. One of these Channels has to acknowledge this!!!!! After Jill goes down the fire escape and nemesis comes crashing down you very faintly hear “ssssst…” as in Starrrrrs!!

  25. As a player who only played RE4,6 and the RE2 remake….Carlos looks unrecognizable from the original RE3 game…….(his remake version looks so darn dope&cool!!!!)

  26. No brainer…just follow the original RE3 for the remake with update look. Add a few biggie. I only wish Capcom would have a unlock feature for the original RE3 after completing the remake. Also would have a few touchups and trophies

  27. Who else thinks they'll swap between first person for pursuit sequences [if you choose to run ;)], then back to 3rd person when it's over?

  28. I really want that at some point Jill has some sort of interaction with the re2 debut characters, especially leon that essentially knows everyone on the lore but her.which seems odd.
    Jill has always been on her own and aside from Chris she hasnt interacted that much with somebody else that isnt a one off like Carlos or Barry or sheva.

  29. I hope Brad gets the Nemesis fate, but either way it goes I'd still love the game and for some of the ones that's in my generation have to get over 99 and accept the current.

  30. I hope next time Capcom will remake Dino Crisis I’m sure that would be Awesome. Who’s with me thumb up!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  31. Like I said in the comments, I want a crossover. Have Jill meet Leon and Claire, so she won't be alone. Carlos was unreliable in the original game, as he always ran off to do his own thing. When he wasn't hitting on Jill, of course.

    I'll be interested to see Kendo in R3make, since the canon was already altered. Emma is now dead, and Robert already encountered some survivors. So how will he behave in R3make, when he was grieving his wife and daughter, both of whom he had to dispatch? His sanity has to be on a knife's edge. That can be an interesting, and dangerous, dynamic.

    And what of Dario, "novelist extraordinaire?" Is he expanded on? Or is he like he was in the original, and simply locks himself in that chest?

    We saw in REmake 2 the powder combining system is back, so it should be in R3make. I wonder what ammo we can make now? She has the Grenade Launcher in REmake, so we should at least see its return. She has the Shotgun. What else? Her sidearm looks like a Glock, rather than the Samurai Edge. Interesting.

  32. the only thing that will reuin RE3 remake is the voice of Nemesis saying ( staaaaars ) if not came great as we remember from the great RE3 .
    i hope they bring the same old voice of Nemesis to this new version of RE3 remake .

  33. The helicopter in the RE3 Remake trailer was the chopper that got shot down in RE 2 Remake 🙂 Check the numbers on the chopper tail… they match.

  34. Am I the only one that sees the chimeras?! You know, the insect crawler that hugged and decapitated you? Remember those a-holes?

  35. Great video, but I'm pretty sure Brad's death is gonna be really gruesome. I think that helicopter crash is the one that crashes by the clock tower

  36. At the first person part of the trailer, there is a person running that can be seen down the streets at the segment where Jill was on the outside staircases.

    The glimpse to the person shows that it climbed up to something, and is also wearing an outfit similar to Ada’s in RE2 remake. The outfit has Ada’s trench coat color

  37. Nemesis doesn't need an "origin story". It's more important that it provides an effective, interesting gameplay mechanic. This ain't Shakespeare

  38. Marvin, the mercs, and anyone else shud get a expanded part,…

    Also if Capcom may include Ada in a dlc of how she escapes …

    And if Sergi may be added somehow to the re lore, and wesker. ..

    But I know this is a lot…lol

  39. A true proper RE2make and RE3make should have:

    1) 2020 4K UHD Pre-rendered backgrounds
    2) 4K UHD 3D Character Models
    3) Fixed Camera Angles
    4) Tank Controls
    5) Original Door Opening/Closing Sequences (OG Loading screens)
    6) Survival Horror

    New OTS shooter action horror RE2imagined and RE3imagined has none of
    the key ingredients above. New RE3imagined game will never be as good as a true faithful REmake like the first REmake.

  40. A true proper RE2make and RE3make should have:

    1) 2020 4K UHD Pre-rendered backgrounds
    2) 4K UHD 3D Character Models
    3) Fixed Camera Angles
    4) Tank Controls
    5) Original Door Opening/Closing Sequences (OG Loading screens)
    6) Survival Horror

    New OTS shooter action horror RE2imagined and RE3imagined has none of
    the key ingredients above. New RE3imagined game will never be as good as a true faithful REmake like the first REmake.

  41. I’m so excited for the game but also so disappointed in Jills new looks… she just looks like an exact copy of Claire with no jacket and a new face… smh Capcom

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