Republican Senators May Delay Coronavirus Relief Bill Over ‘Drafting Error’ | Ali Velshi | MSNBC

Republican Senators May Delay Coronavirus Relief Bill Over ‘Drafting Error’ | Ali Velshi | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Republican Senators May Delay Coronavirus Relief Bill Over ‘Drafting Error’ | Ali Velshi | MSNBC”

  1. GOP is idiotic. Anyone that knows unemployment insurance knows this is NOT how continued eligibility works.

    If you QUIT your job, you don't get unemployment insurance.

    If you are suffer reduced hours or shelter in place loss of work, you get unemployment insurance until your employer returns you to work. Again, if you QUIT instead, you do NOT continue on unemployment.

    Stupid people.

  2. considering how much republicans has lied to the american people i think something stinks in the republican party what kind of games are they playing now when peoples lives are at stake

  3. Nothing in the United States is easy not our laws, not our voting, not this stimulus package nothing, everything has to have wording so difficult to understand you have to be a lawyer or judge or law professor to understand any of it just so they can confuse and change the reality of the help individuals and businesses will actually receive. A cure for the virus will come sooner then the aid at this rate.

  4. Misleading and fake. House Democrats delayed the bill by trying to introduce non-related and shady elements into it. The Senate now has to deal with all the nonsense.

  5. Raise your glass and give a cheer to Corporate Socialism!QE once,
    QE twice,
    QE anyway!Corporate Socialism they will tell us is the only way!So bail them out every single day!A great corporation will never pay any tax!
    They get subsidies, deregulation, CEO bonuses to the max!
    The low paid slave workers are their greatest assets true!
    but corporate greed trumps any living wage for me and you!Raise your glass and give a cheer to Corporate Socialism!QE once,
    QE twice,
    QE anyway,Corporate Socialism they will tell us is the only way!So bail them out every single day!The corporations like to brag core values to me and you!
    even though their scandals are always spreading all over the news!
    If the benefits out weigh the fines you know what they will do!
    It's just good business 101 thru and thru!So raise your glass and give a cheer to Corporate Socialism!QE once,
    QE twice,
    QE anyway!Corporate Socialism they will tell us is the only way!So bail them out every single day! (click heals and salute).

  6. How is it that Nancy Pelosi goes on a pork filling extravaganza with regards to the bill and the media covers for her, the GOP says there's an error in the bill, and it's "Republicans 'MAY' delay bill because they're evil!"; or like this dolt whining about the left-wing bogeyman, "the 1%!".The media have lost all freaking credibility. Look at the down-vote ratio on a blatantly left wing news source, yikes MSNBC.

  7. Looking at the lefty comments on here, my god you people are indoctrinated. "The 1%!". "Corrupt villains!" "Greed machine" "tax breaks for the rich!", all while none of you idiots know what it is that they "may" delay it for. Meanwhile Pelosi can try and fill the bill with ridiculous, irrelevant funding for progressive policy fantasies (30 million for the JFK performing arts center?!) that she knows is inappropriate and reckless and it's "Those evil Republicans!"

  8. The Republicans will probably try to use much of that $500 billion slush fund for financing rt-wing election campaigns. Heck, they'll probably STILL try, even with oversight & disclosure.
    If they pull it off, and win the presidency, House, and Senate, then no one will do anything about it later.

  9. In Australia the unemployment benefit has been doubled (to about $1100 per fortnight) for a six month period while this virus is running amok. Casual workers who's hours have been reduced and now earn less than just over $1000 a fortnight get $550 per fortnight assistance. All sides of politics agreed, no one has an issue with it. Now if a little country like this can do it, what is the issue in a place like the USA that we are constantly being told is the greatest economy in the world.

  10. Pelosi is already signaling that she is possibly not gonna sign onto this bill, as though she hasnt screwed the American people enough the past 2 weeks. The bill isnt perfect but we got to get help out to the people ASAP and if the Republicans can bend and give the Democrats some of the things they wanted that have NOTHING to do with Covid19, like the Kennedy Center getting millions, than I dont see why they cant bend a little either. They put it in there that none of the companies can use this money for stock buybacks, which is awesome and they increased unemployment to give 100% of your pay, which is great also. They just need to get it done and I highly doubt this error is gonna delay things all that much, at least nowhere near the delay that Pelosi will cause if she continues to throw a fit because she wants to be the so called savior and demands it be her monstrosity of a bill that gets passed.

  11. The poor are getting to much money. We need these wage slaves to make so little from government help that going back to their poverty line jobs is a no brainer.

  12. this network told you sadam did 911&you president was a Russian asset last 3yrs..
    ~DNC =30 million to JFK performing arts center…carbon trading for Pelosi &Schumer's Solyndra type climate scam group's..renewable jetfuel

  13. God forbid someone out of work might be given the pro-rated equivalent of $30,000 per year. These Republicans are shameless. Vote Blue.

  14. You had to know that the Republicans would hold up the bill for some reason or another as they try to find some wiggle room to get their lobbyists what they want.

  15. Trump is going to get more Americans killed because of all his lies and misinformation Trump is a lying traitor

  16. Demonrats have been shoving pork into this bill, absolutely disgusting this should be a strait line bill for nothing but dealing with the crisis. Demonrats put money in for planed abortionhood and even raises for the Senate. Unacceptable, I can no longer in good conscious vote for Demonrats ever again.

  17. Two trillion dollars aught to be easy to split up. If you want people to go back to work, cure the virus. I think you shouldn't bail out any big industries. Just suspend loan payments, and give people enough to eat and buy medicine. Pay the electric company enough to keep our power on.

  18. This bill would have passed long ago if the Dems didn’t try so slip in a bunch of BS that does nothing to help the people in this time of need.

  19. Of course it's "complicated", it has to be so the elite can rort it. Just look at who is benefitting from "Opportunity Zones",………..Kushner et al.

    rort: a fraudulent or dishonest act or practice. Aust/NZ.

  20. So don’t provide incentive for the employee to leave the employer, but don’t provide incentive for the employer to keep the employee. That sounds about right.

  21. Peanuts for the people and Corporate Socialism…….and…WE THE PEOPLE WILL PAY EVERY PENNY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!

  22. The GOP were so eager to jam this bill through so fast, but now they are "OOhhh we messed up." They're either incompetent or something else is going on behind the scene.

  23. These Republican senators just do not want to pass the bill and I doubt the Orange Blimp will sign it. If less tax payers money is spent on the public it means more can be grafted and skimmed off the top by Trump and his cohorts

  24. Look this is just plain Economics 101. Unemployment benefits should never exceed your gross pay. Isn't that a universally accepted fact? What happened to Americans that never wanted to go on unemployment in the first place and would rather work or start their own business?

  25. Canadians in need will receive $2000/month for up to 4months. WITHIN 10 days after applying. Also had problems with the drafting But resolved in 1 day

  26. Dems have been blocking it for days Bernie is still saying he’s going to block house dems will prob hold it up even longer but now we can blame republicans for a few hours yay

  27. Our unemployment benefits have increased each week due to extra power usage over Autumn period while we are on lockdown. Everyone keep healthy to fight what could be lurking around the corner.

  28. Gotta keep the slaves poor or they may not want to come back to work, give them just enough to buy a loaf of bread. Giving them too much money would be a mistake. These Republicans are sick.

  29. The 2nd amendment was written to over take a corrupt government!! I'd say we are there now!! Not for the NRA or greedy 1% people need to rise up as they did in the revolution against England!!

  30. AH its the petty cruelty of ARBEIT MACHT FREI again. Im getting MIGHTY tired of these bstrds who treat work as a way to keep us preoccupied and harried. NOW we got a national crisis, and the republicans are CONTINUING with their JUST WORLD bean counting for the poorest while MAKIN IT RAIN for their RICH BUDDIES> GDAMthesepeople.

  31. I'd honestly be surprised if we minimum wage earners see anything before we lose everything anyway at this point.😔 I will remember this in November, no doubt about it. 🤦‍♀️

  32. In case you wanted to know where what your tax money is paying for… In this bill is 25 Million Dollars that will go to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts…

  33. Democrats want 75 MILLION dollars to go to NPR, that's why they're stalling. Don't blame republicans blame democrats for adding bs to the bill

  34. More lies from the fake anti American fake MSM…Democrats are 100% to blame ,they wanted to give their buddy's the Kennedys 35 million, 100 million to planned murderhood, $ for windmills and other climate change bull crap a non-reality problem…Democrats and the fake MSM truly are the enemy of America…

  35. Just remember all of this in a few Months … when Bernie mentions M4A… and they all scream how will we pay for it…

  36. With that in mind lets have a good look at the business welfare component of this legislation and remove any benifit for companies registered in onshore counyriesand don't pay thier ful share of ta, you just make them exempt

  37. Trump called S Korea President for help 🙏🙏🙏.
    To date 03/26/20, (World no.3),
    USA: 68,203 infected coronavirus. 1,027 death.
    "Stay save"🌺

  38. Can we stop for s second and think that this "free money" is not free, it will cause dollars to lost the value, and eventually create inflation.

  39. This republicans are so ridiculous. First rush rush it now wait…no I don’t like it more money for the rich please then we are okay.

  40. Yes I also saw nbc edit George Zimmerman’s 911 cal in such a way to make him sound racist and start a riot. Don’t believe what you see on msnbc.

  41. Poor people getting more money….??!!I'd rather give it to my pal who couldn't run his business properly!!

  42. No person should be paid more to not work. You are crazy!! There is not an unlimited supply of money. Im on disability and wont get more than my normal payment. You people are not reasonable at all.. Something for nothing!!!! Let the hate mail begin from you freaks

  43. Wow…Seriously complaining that your government handout is to small and then quoting Kennedy, "ask not what your country can DO FOR YOU, but what YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY" Priceless!!!

  44. WOW!!! What a lie! Democrats went on vacation while Republicans stayed to pass the bill. Democrats shot down the bill unless it earmarked amendments to push their agendas such as student loan forgiveness, environmental clauses, and 15 dollar minimum wages. Read the bill.

  45. Their definition of "drafting error" is that its too helpful to the poor. This effects ONLY the lowest wage jobs. And as trumpublicans, they cant have that…

  46. No, Republican senators are trying to stall the bill bc of unemployment insurance benefits. Lindsay Graham believes it's too much $

    Don't believe it then check on whatever news platform u watch.

  47. TRUMP is NOT telling the truth! Testimony fr NY this AM on news. ALL ER Covid patients, Refrig.Semi's back of hospital, filling w/dead bodies. Overnight death toll USA went fr 715 to over 1000+. Nurses wear garbage bags, no gowns avail, re-wearing paper masks, out of respirators, help was too late, people, inexcusable! DO NOT GO ANYWHERE!

  48. BERNIE – BERNIE – BERNIE – The only one who cares? Workers not CEOs:

  49. It should be corrected by shutting up and going to work this is a plan to stretch this out until we give up just mail the checks morons working people are suffering while the politicians decide how to screw it up worse ARTICLE 25

  50. Yeah Ben Sasse, you don’t want benefits to help working people, but you sure are willing to line the pockets of your donors. Maybe you should read you book.

  51. Republicans are not going to allow people to get any of this money Watch an looting breaking into homes cars an store s is going to start happening watch an then we will have civil unrest. The National guards will be needed for real it's coming watch.

  52. God forbid that the poor may get a couple more hundred dollars. Meanwhile, the big corporations get $500 billion.

  53. Dems are trying to squeeze in the green New Deal package, raises for Congress and abortion money.. The Dems have NO morals or soul to try to push their agenda on an emergency situation! Sick!

    Yes, sounded like pubs worried about regular Joe getting paid more than if he worked but who cares? It's only for a brief moment! Both sides need to remember they work for US not themselves and their constituents.

  54. He's willing to starve a few million so they can eventually grasp more for themselves..He's Lying..he's protecting the corps..load of muddled waffle…these men would walk over your dead body for a Dollar…

  55. GOP : corporate bailout no problem.
    Tax breaks for the weathly sure why not.
    Unemployment benefits for the working class, laid off during a global pandemic. Wait just one minute your getting a few dollars more than I'm comfortable with.

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