Rep. Van Drew: Both articles of impeachment are very weak

Rep. Van Drew: Both articles of impeachment are very weak

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  1. Most folks in the country want the guy out for reasons that seem to fulfill the requirements of impeachment. They want him out for a multitude of other reasons as well but they'll take that up in November if necessary. All you really need to know Van Drew…is that most of America are not in approval of our president.

  2. Russia is a country. Russia is a territory. To those who think Russian people are enemies, PROVE IT. THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

  3. In a few years, we might have Kanye in the oval O. Because he supports Trump, that doesnt make KANYE a bad person. I would take him over any POLITICALLY CORRECT SAME OLD ROUTINE POLITICIAN. IM SURE I WOULD.

  4. He makes alot of good points but I'm a little concerned about that empty billboard above his eyebrows. That's prime real estate son.

  5. Republican Judge, Republican Jury, Republican Senate majority. The acquittal papers are already signed,It took maybe 20 minutes? Bit more if you include lunch. They just have to go through the motions to appear to be earning their salaries.And yell at each other a bit to prove how amazing they all are.

  6. Years back before the improvement of laws, people were allowed to just drop their kid off at a Nut House
    although they were perfectly normal. Must kinda be the same feeling that Mr. Van Drew had felt..
    Welcome Home Jeff..

  7. Maria Bartiramo got flew with Donald Jr meeting on live television. No doubt Maria was working business news campaigning. So for the rest of the show she flews in a companies company. They got so many millennaires to feed.

  8. That Jeff Van Drew is a caring individual is reflected in his decision to distance himself from the antics of the destructive Left. I feel a sense of honor to have such a fine and wise person represent the powerful movement of patriotic conservatives.

  9. Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair, and you say Trump's extortion of a foreign power to get an election edge on Biden, that's weak????😶😶🙄🧐

  10. What bothers me is Trump's connections with Russia, business and political. This whole issue with Busima, Biden and Marie Yovanovitch all favours Russian interests.

  11. Weak, ony in scum low life Republican eyes..
    If Trump shot a person and it is on video .
    The evidence would be called weak by these same scum Repiblicans .

  12. The removal of a POTUS through impeachment, should not be an argument. Crime+Evidence =goodbye. This is a political hit.

  13. Thx to presidential candidate for showing his taxes…HE IS A REAL BILLIONAIRE. YES BLOOMBERG IS A REAL BILLIONAIRE ACCORDING TO HIS TAXES.

  14. Please do something to save the face of United States of America. This impeachment trial is getting out of hand. Why do the House of Congress want to control the Senate? Why are they demanding for witnesses in the Senate? Why are the democrats wanting to prolong this impeachment trial? Will USA focus on important issues? Am confused. Please rescue USA.

  15. I'm not worried about the articles of impeachment. I'm worried about the swamp rats within the GOP who have never stopped trying to derail this presidency.

  16. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi no indictments laughing out loud and how many people from the Trump Administration are in prison or going to prison? Can you do simple math you f**** ignorant bastards

    Russia if you’re listening please help
    China should investigate Biden
    I want you to do us a favor

  18. What else can Republicans say ?
    There are no defenses prepared , just blocking on procedures .
    So it’s the irrelevant talking points and party line and that’s it .
    No witnesses ? Weak , weak , weak .

  19. This flip flopper is weird, something is up with this dude. Guarantee he had to flip because they have dirt on him.

  20. Republicans are making the trial as difficult as they can. Do they work for Trump or do they represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Dems and 71% of republicans want a fair trial, why do they ignore their own supporters? Why would we want a sham trial? Does the republican senate want to keep the American people from the truth?
    maybe she's embarrassed

  21. FOX scraping the bottom of the barrel. This clown was being turned out by the dem party, he was challenged by gop. he lost all support of his district so he is a complete loser. go ahead and tout this clown FOX.

  22. This Van Drew fellow must have a hell of a personality. He certainly didn't get elected on his good looks. Poor guy his head looks like an elongated egg. With those ears situated down low he looks a bit like one of the cone heads they used to have on Saturday Night Live.

  23. Both articles are very weak…thanks Captain Obvious. When are there going to be criminal charges for Adam Shift for Brains and Bela Lugosi's sister for trying to overturn an election?

  24. I really don't know if everyone on this page realizes this or not but the "Articles of Impeachment" that Nancy Pelosi has finally handed over AND relinquished to the US Senate, does NOT contain ANY alleged crimes NOR indictments.
    Again, NO crimes, like Perjury or Bribery or Treason, as examples, are found anywhere in the Impeachment Documents.
    This is the FIRST TIME in US history that a President is being Impeached with NO alleged crimes cited or having been
    committed. The President's attorneys could actually ask for a Dismissal, based on those grounds. But, I believe our
    President will instruct his attorneys to use another approach.

  25. Someone lift Jeff’s ears up 3 inches,we hea at you tube has certain biological rules for ears and shtt,ears that low are not acceptable here,might be ok in congress,if head is lifted forward,and a deep hat is worn,

  26. **STOP Booker NOW..And MAXINE WATERS Bias demanded IMPEACH 45's ..all seen Both of their Videos..THey both Need to be taken out and REMOVED IMMEDIATELY ***We the people saw Booker who was totally Bias,against the PRESIDENT slandering President TRUMP TO THE MAX in EL Paso ***This video can be seen on Booker's Video in EL PASO* *We the people seriously OBJECT To BOOKERS Dems manger's credibility BOOKER HAS NONE, **by allowing Booker to continue in this sensitive case, as a Chosen MANAGER is corrupt ,a total outrage* *If Booker Remains this case, it will be flawed deemed as total* *conflict of interest will occur Democrats Pelosi Schiff Nadler would have been totally aware of this FACT*
    *Which is a corrupt disgrace totally SLY and underhanded. By the leading managers of this case..Once again Unfair Unjust to everyone and unfair to the SENATES, Action MUST BE A PRIORITY REQUESTED and needs to be ADDRESSED ASAP ThankQ*

  27. The DP is trying to sway independant voters away from voting for President Trump and they don't care if they get impeachment right in the Senate or not.

    The DP’s main tactic with the non-impeachment, is to undermine the basic rights of Americans to decide for themselves to re-elect the President, or not.

    The DP is trying to derail the November elections, and they have been trying to do that non-stop by every conceivable lowest possible means at the cost of the United States, even before the President was elected in 2016, and since.

    Every single low down strategy has failed …

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