Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News’ Weird Obsession with Her

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News’ Weird Obsession with Her

-Welcome to the show.
-Thank you.
Thank you for having me.
-We are so happy
to have you here.
I have — I think a lot of
people have really enjoyed
watching this new wave of people
come into Congress.
Of course, you’re one of them.
And one of the things
I particularly enjoyed
watching you do is
ask people questions
on Congressional panels.
Now, this is not something
you had experience with.
You famously did not have
any experience in politics
before this job.
Why do you think it is that you
are good at it
and do you think anything you
did that was outside of politics
has been helpful?
-Well, I think
one thing is that —
I was reflecting because —
I was just reflecting today
because exactly a year ago,
I was working in a restaurant.
I was bartending.
And I think that that proximity,
just being a real working person
in the halls of Congress
is actually such a jarring
difference from who has
historically been there,
that it really allows you to cut
through the BS super quickly
and — especially with someone
who had to, you know, close up
a restaurant at night and have
to kick everyone out, like,
you’re really good at just
saying, “Hey. Enough.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
-It strikes me —
you know, oftentimes
you’re given five minutes
to ask questions
and you’re given someone who,
obviously, if given time,
you’d want to ask a lot more of.
It strikes me
some of you go in with a plan.
You strike me
as one of those people.
And this is true of
a lot of other Democrats
as well as many Republicans,
come in with no plan at all.
When you’re sitting there,
are you often taken aback by
how bad they are
at asking questions?
[ Laughter ]
-Well, sometimes, especially
with my Republican colleagues,
they say things and I’m like,
“What does that have to do with
what we’re talking about?”
There’s this one member
who famously,
every single Financial Services
Committee hearing,
he says, “I ask everyone this —
are you a capitalist
or a socialist?”
And the person’s in charge of
national flood
insurance program.
They’re like, “What?”
[ Laughter ]
-And the best thing, too, is
this — you know, last week,
he actually said, “Are you
a capitalist or a socialist?
Yes or no?”
And the woman said, “Yes or no?”
[ Laughter ]
And he says, “Yeah.”
And she goes, “Yes.”
[ Laughter ]
And it was the whole panel —
and he made everyone go down
and everyone said,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
[ Laughter ]
And then I said, “Hey, it’s
great. We have a mixed economy.
It’s possible.”
-Yeah, you don’t know
which one they are.
Which one they were
saying yes to.
One obsession, or I should say,
a group of people
that seem to have an obsession
with you
is our friends over at Fox News.
-Oh, yeah.
-They talk about you a lot.
Are you surprised with the speed
at which they seem to have
shifted all their attention
and programming to you?
-I mean, it’s weird.
Like, why are so many grown men
just obsessed with
this 29-year-old?
I mean, it’s great.
I love the —
[ Laughter and applause ]
-I mean…
-On second thought.
No, but I think
it’s really funny,
and the conspiracy theories
are great.
-Yeah, well today, Mike Huckabee
said that there are —
he did that great thing that
people on Fox News do
which he said,
“Some people are saying
she’s a Manchurian candidate.
I don’t know.”
Which is a super classy thing
to do.
If you don’t know, Mike Huckabee
is a famous bass player.
[ Laughter ]
Are you — Just since
I have you here,
are you a Manchurian candidate?
-I’m not.
-That’s exactly what a
Manchurian candidate would say.
-Yeah, exactly.
[ Laughter ]
-That’s exactly. Caught you.
-Not a Manchurian candidate,
but I do have amazing staff,
and in no part
thanks to the fact
that we pay a living wage
in our office.
We don’t pay any less
than $52,000 a year.
Which means —
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Which means so far two of my
staffers have been able to quit
their second jobs in restaurants
and be fully present at work.
And so, you know, I hope
it’s a lesson to our folks
on the other side of the aisle
that if you pay your staff,
then —
-You’ll be prepared.
-You’ll be prepared.
You won’t be saying yes or no,
capitalism or socialism.
[ Laughter ]
-One thing I’m curious about,
because obviously
a lot of people,
your colleagues
across the aisle,
they also consume
a lot of Fox News.
Do they then get, you know,
bad information about you?
And how has your interaction
with them been so far?
-Yeah, yeah.
Well, it is funny because one of
the side effects of kind of
this Fox News lunacy is that
other actual members of Congress
believe it
and see it uncritically.
And so I was on the floor once,
and this guy came up to me
and he was like,
“Is it true that you got
$10 million from Netflix?”
And I was like, “No.”
[ Laughter ]
It was, like, in the well. Like,
we’re voting on gun reform.
And I’m like,
“What else do you not know?”
[ Laughter ]
This is concerning.
-He said, “Did you make
$10 million or no money,
yes or no?
-Yes. Exactly.

100 thoughts to “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News’ Weird Obsession with Her”

  1. Democrats should use her more she is refreshing, smiles under pressure i mean she is a winner. AOC should be Speaker of the House. I wonder what she'll do with a Gabble in her hand, Strike it down at the right moment I guess.


  3. Republicans' fundamental failure is the inability to empathise with the lower classes. Why? Social responsibility was immediately seen as a non-American value after the Red Scare. Ever since, in order to not be seen as Socialists (which is quite an extreme label that many don't actually know about) they have deviated from the normal political spectrum and made America inherently right-wing. Americans are in a bubble. Socialism is extremely far left. 'Leftist' policies enacted by Democrats are in fact, on a global political spectrum, quite centrist. It's inappropriate to throw words like 'Socialist' around. Do you know what that means? Nothing close to what AOC will enroll if she gains more power. No, Republicans cannot accept social responsibility and this is inherently selfish. With progress comes sacrifice. Everyone deserves to LIVE. You cannot expect other people to suddenly be ok, and the poverty level to diminish, unless you do something about it, whether that be having a little more tax. Let it be known that America has lower tax rates on the rich than most countries. That leads to the lives of the poor looking like something out of a boring dystopia. Yes, perhaps their lives are somewhat better than those in 3rd world countries. But is that it? 'Oh, at least they're not dying' – you know better than to suggest only lack of death makes a person's life worth living. You know better. You live in ignorant bliss, and villify people who wish to change it.

  4. She is a God and these ignorant evil conservatives, the fact that they are allowed to exist and walk among the humans is unbelievable.

  5. Grown men just cant believe your stupidity and wonder who you slept with to get the acting job you cannot even be good at.

    Fox news lunacy? Listen to both sides bc it really makes you think when the obvious is right there. You are in a lie. You are the lie. The left influences the news which is everyones nightmare to be manipulated by news and cnn is going down msnbc is going down. Newspapers are being saved by billionairs, as long as they keep trashing a non politcal puppet as president that might expose their underhanded ways of trying to make america globalists.
    Can you see the lies and are just laughing at the american public with your puppet masters?

    And why didnt you bring food or candy! Did the guards take it from you?

    Obama law wouldnt let me kiss my wife when she was in a detention center.

  6. Its not an obsession. She won't go away and won't kill herself. If she disappeared forever we would never mention her sorry retarded ass ever again.

  7. "A bunch of grown men"?? Haha, Trying to play sex- card here. The fact is that she didn't want to be challenged by conservative women. I guess politicians are supposed to defend their viewpoints rather than just promising free stuff to people in the utopian world.

  8. Ms Ocasio-Cortez what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  9. grown men are not obsessed with her, there obsessed with the anti American attitude, woman are also obsessed with her communist anti American views also! AOC is a legend in her own mind, and soon will be gone!

  10. The Democratic Party is in good hands with young people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Long may she serve, and long may she torment Republicans. LOL.

  11. I dislike this arrogant liar with a big name.Go back to your roots and start a revolution in Mexico.They won't put up with your BS.

  12. We need more people like her in Congress. Republicans hate it when the working class has a voice.

  13. The fact that people actually think she’s bright is sad. I plan on running for politics since it’s an easy get rich type thing. Also any bimbo will vote for me as long as I say “free stuff for everyone”, and make lies about people without facts. This is going to be great I will also make so many promises I will never intend to keep. So people will keep voting for me. Oh wait I almost forgot the world is actually ending in 1 year so vote for me while you can I’ll change your lives never.

  14. On the Green New Deal, she says the US should be using all renewable energy and that means no nuclear.

    Well according to Wikipedia, "Energy use per capita", the US uses 300GJ/yr per capita.
    A standard 250W panel with battery backup makes only 1GJ/yr in the US NE and maybe 1.5GJ/yr in the US SW. A typical home might have 10-20 of these panels on the roof but it represents only 1..2% of all energy use by the occupants. The real energy use is in fossil fuels for transport, industry, heating etc, see below for details.

    So does that that mean 300 panels per person or we use a great deal less energy.
    Try and figure the cost of 300 panels with full daily battery backup and redo this every 20 years. When did batteries and inverters get that reliable. If you go wind, it gets a bit cheaper but not much, it still uses the same land area about 5% of the entire USA surface. Also summer solar production is 5x that of winter production, where is the energy storage? This GND is all based on magical thinking.

    Check out the "Energy Flow Graph" at LLNL to learn more.

    Also the free pdf book by the late Prof David MacKay, "Without the hot air" explains everything about the world of energy.

    An alternate solution would include Molten Salt nuclear reactors, but that's requires learning some basic science.

  15. When she said "I was on the floor once… " I was hoping next would come ".. wearing only a g string and a black lacy bra ready for a wet shaft"

  16. ok I will try not to be divisive are you really sure x Do you believe in free speechx x Hillary Rotten Cliton is a Peodophlie x TRUMP is draining the Swamp x Look at her bleach bitting her e-mails x I want Trump as my leader Theresa May is a Fecking wimp x She stops free speech Tommy Robinson is fighting for our freedom , Feck you euro x

  17. It is amazing to me how ignorant people are when faced with an obvious globalist plant who has no sense, does not understand the Constitution and how and why is was founded, makes outlandish statements about our border patrol and then blatantly touts her message on Hollywoods' (pedos and sex offenders)platform knowing full well she is the "rich elite" she continues to defile, and then in closed doors collects money from her blinded, brainwashed, mental degenerates who sit in their parents' basements collecting all the free services our government dishes out meanwhile doing nothing but spuing out hatred and vomit about our country and our president. I'd say you better brush up on your history as you are being deceived.

  18. AOCs plan
    Step 1: get elected to Congress with zero experience
    Step 2: immediately go in and lecture, yell at and wave your finger at everyone in Congress not on your side
    Step 3: propose radical and dangerous far left policies
    Step 4: When the criticism starts, pretend people are weird and obsessed with her for publicly criticizing her retarted ideas

    The people who voted for this nitwit should be embarrassed

  19. Well Ol Donkey Face has got the right color on. Get it, Right Color. 😂 she tries to talk like she’s been in Congress for many years. At this point it was like 2 months. She’s done in 2020.

  20. So, like last night I was, um, you know, watching late night television, ok? And, like they played a repeat of this episode. And I was like, "what?", really! Then I like, realized it was a repeat, but you know, like watched it anyway. I was like "That's cool, I'm still like, up, after you know, like moving around some furniture and like doing other things in the evening." So, like I watched the show and AOC looked kind of pretty, and I was all like "Like, I like her!" Now, it's like today – and this is how I like, talk now, you know?

  21. A Dem wearing red! She even said she couldn't wait to flip the seats red in the Democratic favor. She's such an idiot she thinks that you get an aggravated and can sign bills as a congressperson.. I think she needs to go back to school she's really really not that smart

  22. Cortez is a lying sack of SH!T. and a thief ILLEGAL fundraising and a bartenders intelligence. Thats dangerous. Get rid of oil???? What a dangerous idiot!!

  23. well um like i think a congress women who has never seen and is terrified by a garbage disposal might interest fox news
    ,after all even eskimos in the most northern villages in alaska know what a garbage disposal is.. she loves the attention she needs the attention if she did not get it she would probably die …

  24. She lies and makes up stories just to stay in the news. Her pointed nose continues to grow longer and longer.

  25. Oh please. She’s obsessed with herself. People are talking about her because she says a lot of dumb things on social media all day.

  26. But Fox News has higher ratings than any liberal news outlet 😂. AOC is a socialist who will ruin this country. Just look at the Green New Deal. Trump will win and you liberals will keep crying. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Fox news knows that if she is presented as the voice of the left then the whole party will forced to move to the left and that will never win a general election.

  28. Change your last name Seth you do not deserve the name Meyer kissing her ass like that you aught to be ashamed of your self you are a suck up pos.

  29. Yet every fuckin' magazine has her on the front page dancing of throwing her fist in the air. But Fox is obsessed with her? 🤦‍♂️

  30. Wake up ! Those questions she asks , are written down by other people ! If she was legitimate she would debate a Consevative woman ! A black Conservative women offered her$ 100.000 to debate hed and she denied !

  31. Are you kidding me? Just a year before this she was a bartender? Maybe I will talk my garbage man into running for president.

  32. It’s like she thinks she’s the only person in politics to ever have a regular job. She is however the only one to go from a regular job straight to politics. The woman is a moron

  33. I wonder why Fox News talks about her so much it’s not like they’re the news and are reporting on a big name in congress

  34. Border crisis is not real because AOC said so and didn't help vote to sign a check to help the border condition.

  35. Ocasio is doing great work; better than most of her colleagues because she was a bartender worker; she knows what takes to make a living and succeed; while this other guys working in Congress, have had it kind of easy all thru their lives. It looks like it is a great idea to choose warehouse, construction, lawn mowing, and restaurant workers for Congress; they have more empathy for the working class people.
    Even if you don't belong to a working class, you can't wrong choosing people like OAC for Congress; all those other Congress guys spend to much time polishing their nails, and shoes and at the barber shop just to look like a Congress person.

  36. Interesting how these uneducated liberal idiots even think it’s worth their time to have her on their show.

    Wake up call: she is a complete f’ing idiot. Zero IQ.
    Wait for the election fools.

  37. Is this a talk show or laugh show? This guy is always laughing with every response.. How do you take this serious?

  38. Such an annoying woman. I can’t believe how oblivious she is to how dumb she is. The “grown men” are obsessed with her because she’s an idiot little girl who’s popular right now, in Congress, and lying constantly it either woefully uninformed. Such an embarrassment.

  39. It's funny watching a purta rican woman still mad at a white guy for beating their man up.facts babe.we win that's life or better yet geopolitics

  40. “Is it true that you gut 10m dollars from netflix?” Well at least they asked. That’s all the right has is lies.

  41. I can't wait like… til like… she leaves Congress 🤣 Ohhh Emm Geee!! She is like so funny! But Oh my God AOC, you pay your workers 52k & you say that's enough to quit a 2nd job. But like WHYYYY are you demanding a raise ontop of your 174k a year! You're like Disgusting! Ha Ha Ha.

  42. No sweetheart, those grown men are not obsessed with a 29y/o, they are extremely concerned with the radical and sometimes ignorant, not stupid, but ignorant statements you make. You are in a position of power and with power comes responsibility. The fact that you call yourself a Progressive Democrat is just a way to mask the promotion of Socialism, which basically makes you a dangerous person. No one should denounce you based upon the fact that you're energetic, full of ideas and you seem to want a better life for everyone. Those are all excellent qualities. But it's how you want to obtain some of your ideas is where you become scrutinized by "those men". First off, Socialism will destroy this country. Period. It will sound wonderful to people and there are those that will endorse it but if any of those people stopped to do the math, stopped and looked at what History can tell us and stopped for a moment and used some common sense, they'd realize that one, your Green New Deal is a great idea, but only on paper. Unfortunately it's just a fantasy. And two, I can't stress this enough, talk of Socialism is dangerous talk. It WILL eventually collapse upon itself and turn the USA into a third world country. Where Socialism fails, Communism is usually next to follow.
    Whoopie Goldberg gave you some good advice, I suggest you pay heed. It will ensure a long political career for you.
    Now I hate a few certain members of the Democratic Party. In my opinion, they are spending too much time and money focused on ways to get rid of a President that was elected by the people. That's not their job, that's not what they are paid to do and the only thing they've accomplished by spewing their hatred is politically divided the people in this country. Some Democrats clearly belong behind bars while one in particular should be forced to retire. Alzheimer's has no business in Congress.
    Everyone in this country, that's here legally anyways, is entitled to their own opinion. That's good because sometimes we learn something from someone else's thoughts and ideas. But members of Congress should keep their opinions focused on what's politically good for the people of this country, NOT their personal feelings about who they don't like! I never knew we were supposed to go to work and not only be likeable by everyone, but also make friends with all our co-workers! The whole reason for slandering the President to begin with was because they didn't like him. Boo hoo, neither do I. And I'm sure he doesn't like me either. But I voted for him because he had the right ideas in mind, how he presented and spoke of them in the beginning of his term was nothing short of crass, rude, sexist and inappropriate. At times even I was embarrassed.. However, I quickly got over it and moved on because I don't pay taxes for him to warm my heart, I expect him to lead this country in the right direction and so far, so good. (I think someone has since pulled him aside and been coaching him on how to speak.) You may not like him, but his intentions are to better this nation. That's what ALL of them on Capitol Hill are there for yet most seem to have forgotten that. When you have a bunch of "Lawmakers" not only forget the law but break it as well and deliver a supposed victim of rape just in time to try and halt a Supreme Court nominee that was placed there by the President and commense to rip his character to shreds in the public eye
    1) …outside a courtroom
    2) …by a supposed victim that couldn't remember s damn thing but her own name
    3) …with testimony from another woman that was later found to be false
    4)…and the good ol' Lawmakers jumping on the chance to make their name known by stating "I believe her", just to gather fame in the eyes of the deluded Sheeple that bought into the stunt!
    They would risk putting a man's wife and children in the way of bodily harm, seek to destroy a man's reputation and any cost necessary all because they don't like the President? Meanwhile their stunt caused people to riot, protest and hate one another. Ya, just the.kind of leaders I want. Not!
    Back to AOC. Her energy is refreshing.and clearly needed, more politicians should show the enthusiasm she does, especially those old farts on the Republican side that are supposedly obsessed with her. I just think she should slow down and do a little bit more homework before she announces another idea of hers. She's got the potential to do great things for this country, I believe she just needs to be little more realistic and introduce change in smaller steps. No one really likes radical change. And definitely dismiss all thought of Socialism. It WILL fail in the end. It's design is flawed. Don't believe me? Do some research.
    All of the above are just my opinions. Whoever reads this may feel differently and that's fine. The world would be a very boring and dull place if we all agreed with one another. I'm neither perfect nor the smartest person in the world, I don't have a " It's my way or the highway" attitude on politics. Good can come from either side and both sides are needed to balance the scales. I'm just sick and tired of the lies, the slander, the attacks on a man that the people elected. It's not only dirty politics, but it's childish behavior.
    Thank you for reading my rant, have a great day.

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