Rep. Adam Schiff: President Donald Trump Could Be Impeached For Bribery | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Adam Schiff: President Donald Trump Could Be Impeached For Bribery | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Rep. Adam Schiff: President Donald Trump Could Be Impeached For Bribery | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. So sorry, but the bribery charge/speculation has been debunked in its entirety. Here is yet one more frustrated and blubbering Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crat who is frantically grasping at straws and furiously pounding on the walls of his self-imposed rubber room. Now then, tell me another one!

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  3. The question each citizen must ask themselves is whether THEY, individually, feel whether BRIBERY is impeachable or not…which ultimately should NOT matter how YOU feel…because the Constitution states that BRIBERY IS IMPEACHABLE!

  4. Who cares ? Trump won't be impeached. And the Dems knows so perfectly well. Just another left wing smear campaign for 2020. Do you think Americans are that stupid ?

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  7. I saved $4,000 on my taxes last year. And in turn spent it on my family and my home. It's Donald Trumps fault. Impeach him.

  8. The Republicans didn't care about Trump's affair with a porne stair. Then he using campaign money to keep the porne stair from talking about the extra marriage affair she had with Donald J Trump. In the same bed Melania Trump slept in and possibly the same bad Barron Trump was conceived in. The Republicans don't care that Trump is a sick sexual predator who said he like grabbing women privet parts.

    The Republicans don't care about Trump putting together a immigration policy that causes the death of human beings at the southern border . The Republicans don't care about Trump's aids and his campaign officials are in prison right at this moment. So, do anyone think for one moment the Republicans care if Donald J Trump has giving the united states over to Russia, And, committed bribery while people in ukraine are dying as they fight for their country against Russia's aggressives. The Republicans just want to keep receiving your tax dollars and screwing over the american people.

  9. Donald Trump once ordered a pizza and demanded certain toppings be placed on it. And then said if it wasn't what he ordered he wouldn't give the delivery driver a big tip. Quid Pro Que. I think so! Impeach him.

  10. Trumps not getting impeached, you sorry losers! Lmao!!! If you had a good case youd have a good hearing… Democraps are corrupt and in the end this will come out….. A public hanging will due!! Many hanginings!

  11. Donald Trump makes fun of people. And makes some cry. He's not sence-u-tiv. to there little tender baby feelings. Impeach him.

  12. "House Democrats have argued Trump has broken more than one law… and violated the constitution several times over…" yet no impeachment… no nothing… not even a single person is willing to say they directly witnessed anything Trump is accused of happening… not one person… heard it from a staffer who overheard Trump in another room talking to someone who they don't know who it was on the other line… then sat with the president and Ukraine and several other diplomats with not a word of it spoken with any of them before after or since. "Lots of evidence." GTFOH. They've got no legit evidence at all, or they would have given it. I just watched the entire 1st day… it went really really bad… for Democrats… again. Now I don't even think they're going to impeach him which means… as it always has… Trump has to be beaten in an open election on merits… that's it. Tulsi is the one and only person that stands any chance, and the DNC is directing CNN and MSNBC to cast her off… Anyone else currently standing… it's impossible…. plus Barr and Durham are coming. If you don't think the Democrats are in dire straights you're not paying attention because they can't even stack the deck in their favor. Nobody is going to lie to congress for them in open hearings. They fkt up making this public.

  13. Maybe but it will be meaningless. Only people accomplishing anything is the Jewish lawyers getting filthy rich while dividing America up.

  14. I wish we talked about this in law school. Professors have been pointedly ignoring it.

    Also can you next explain the rule against perpetuities? I'm not feeling it

  15. Yes you could go for it the bribery. An i impeach trump. My thinking hear is this.
    You impeach trump, then pencse, gets in for remaining time. While acc pres i have
    almost no dought pence will pardon trump getting him the all clear. Trumpthen
    Will not be able to be charged for any crimes. VOTE TRUMP OUT AN GET AMERICA BACK AGAIN AND THE VALUES FOR WHICH IT STOOD FOR

  16. Trump is nothing more than a Carnival Barker, trying to pull people in to his crooked games…..the more money he can steel out of the pockets of those who dream of may be lucky enough to get a little extra treat, the happier and greedier he is! He has done NOTHING FOR THIS GOVERNMENT???FOR US! He is a criminal!

  17. Clinton did not commit Bribery or Treason so why was he attacked.
    Yet, Trump daily commits all kinds of CORRUPTION & CRIMINAL ACTS & the Law seems to be having a hard time IMPEACHING TRUMP, the LYING TREASONIST CROOK.

  18. If he would show his taxes, you could also probably add tax evasion and Russian money laundering to obstruction of justice, bribery, witness intimidation/tampering …. the list goes on and on. A real traitor.

  19. That was a crystal clear explanation of the seriousness of Trump's bribery, and it should be echoed throughout that courtroom for the world to hear.

  20. Impeach the f**** bloody wanker he's mentally ill he's also insane!

    Donald Trump should already be impeached in the first place.

  21. how about hunters involvement and his dad?bribing ukrane to the tune of a billion dollars that wouldnt get paid unless the fella investigating hunter gets the sack?????????

  22. Way to go, Mr. Trump! Not only have you put your criminality on full display to the entire world, but, as U.S. President, you have also showed the world that you have single-handedly reduced America's status to that of one of the "s**thole" countries even you decried. I guess that make sense since you have made wallowing in s**t your most salient characteristic.

  23. Dem House Leadership got out ahead of itself, not expecting Trump to release the transcript of 'The Phone Call', and now the Leadership is trying to appease the far left Socialists that will take their Leadership positions come the 2021 January Elections when this latest hoax fails.The Dems made their bed, not caring who they allowed to take 2018 District seats.. the AOC squad… now the piper, the real payment will come due… AOC will take Nancy's job Jan 2021.Then we will see disruption not seen in a long, long time…. maybe never before, as the S0r0s 2020 Dems Primary candidates are going to have a huge amount of Jihadist Activism.There is no way the Senate will impeach… the Dems are giving all hope to not be Primaried.

  24. Your trying to impeach Trump for what Biden did come on MSNBC investigate Biden so as how honest you are. Biden's on video bragging about it but

  25.–dj2-CY Can you bigots please explain what this is? I mean…as if breathless 24/7 hammering of Russia Collusion hoax for 3 years you'd think you'd just crawl away and ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS

  26. What if they actually heard what he said in the wrong mannerism. You all know how he jabber jaw. Two what if Biden is guilty of something. He was part of Hillary Clinton’s ordeal right?

  27. Big separation in America

    Election day
    RED caps t RUM p shirts u voted for the devil because u FEAL like Satan u all sold

  28. Listen closely and you can revisit in time. Trump has the military on his side. This is a coup. It is being performed by the Republicans and the military. It is strategical allowed to happen this way. And the end goal is to slaughter the left by exposing the Ukraine as the Career politicians piggy bank. They print trillions, loan billions and are kicked back millions personally. You will come to see Biden, Mcain, Pelosi and McConell as traitors. Because we have the very tip of the iceberg as Biden. But remember, Pelosi had no intention of impeaching Trump until he started the investigation into corruption in Ukraine. The same Ukraine that it will be shown had Pelosi’s son on a board of a gas company. Just like Hunter was. How can their witness be remotely believed when his public tweets states that the Coup against Trump has begun? 2 years ago. For those who failed to do their own research, Biden is on tape bragging about extorting the Ukrainian government. The very same crime they are mirroring on Trump. Watch.

  29. This guy doesn't have a clue what the president is responsible for. As far as the Bidens go, it just doesn't pass the smell test. How can a crack head with no experience in any of the companies' boards on which he sits earn the absurd amount of money he is collecting? It smells like the Clinton Foundation which doles out a pittance to charity and pockets the rest as administrative costs. When will anybody have the courage to investigate these crooks?

  30. The democrats appear not able to get an iron clad case for collusion or quid quo pro so now with MSNBC's help they are now changing the charges by changing the meaning of what is a bribe. The only court that Trump has been found guilty in is the court of public opinion. The democrats and their main stream media stooges say that he is guilty so he is guilty. In that court they do not have to present any evidence, factual or other wise, and their dumb downed sheep followers will storm the streets will proclaim it so. This country is looking more like Moscow 1917 or Berlin 1932.

  31. You dems act like children crying because you didn't get the toy you wanted. The truth is you're afraid of being exposed for actual crimes.

  32. Peepee docier 😲….Obstruction…😲😲Collusion…😲😲😲😲Mueller report…..😲😤Quid pro quo …..😤😤😤😲Bribery …
    You guys are a riot 😲😤☹👌🤣

  33. He’ll just try anything; if he has no case then he’ll throw everything at the wall to see if anything sticks. We don’t believe you, lame duck Congress.

  34. I like the bit where Hillary lost and all the losers of the world cried🤣 can't wait for 2020 to see them Sook up again👌

  35. @Brad Chuck  So again I say…
    Trump will be impeached for extortion against a foreign government for his own political gain❇

    That's for ones who believe no man is above the law be him Democrat or Neo Con.

  36. who cares about being impeached? if he won't be removed and can re-run for president, lowest standards ive seen in a country who claims to be the greatest, greatest embarrassment in history id say, thanks for the laugh's america, home of the dumb and corrupt

  37. America is kind of going to law school and figuring it out together— amazingly said, Ari! So true. Let’s stay alert and awake, and ever vigilant, as we search for the truth.

  38. just prior to a vote to start impeachment hearings, adam schiff donated large sums of money to other candidates just prior to their voting in favor of the impeachment hearing.. we have direct evidence, and an actual paper trail of adam schiff bribing other congressmen for their cooperation.. this needs to be investigated

  39. So if you ask a government to dig into corruption or something not right before they get our tax dollars that is wrong? I’m wondering why Iran received millions of our tax dollars and no bats an eye

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