Real Reason For Undertaker At WrestleMania! WWE Raw Review! WWE Talent LEAVING?! | WrestleTalk News

Real Reason For Undertaker At WrestleMania! WWE Raw Review! WWE Talent LEAVING?! | WrestleTalk News

The real reason Undertaker is working WrestleMania. Could another WWE talent be winding down their
work for the company? And all the biggest news from last night’s
Raw! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super
Review-News, I’m Oli Davis. And to kick things off, here’s the 17th
February January, 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw… in about 5 minutes! The show opened FROM OUTTA the success of
last week’s Matt Hardy and Randy Orton segment. That was reportedly supposed to be Matt’s
farewell from the company, but it did so well in the ratings, WWE booked Hardy for one last
go in a No Holds Barred match tonight… that they never had any intention of delivering. Instead, Hardy came out in a neck brace saying
he’s not medically cleared to compete after Orton’s ConChairTo last Monday. Randy said he loves Edge like a brother and
walked out, showing how he’s wrestling with his own guilty, complex charac-oh no wait,
he’s hitting a ConChairTo on the steel steps this time. Twice. Randy’s performance is so compelling right
now. Despite being a psychotic heel in every segment,
he still seems partly conflicted by his actions. Unfortunately, WWE showed no such remorse. Advertising a Hardy vs Orton No Holds Barred
match would’ve been a major selling point for people tuning in at home, and actually
buying tickets for the live show. Not delivering it is a carny move, and is
the exact sort of broken promises that chip away at audience trust over time – cutting
your viewership by a third in just five years. The immovable ginger beard took on the Unstoppable
Leg next, as Aleister Black faced arguably his most competitive main roster opponent
so far: Rowan. It took two Black Masses for Aleister to pick
up an actually substantial win for a change. It just sucks for Rowan, who had one of the
best character reinventions in the company last Summer. Charlotte Flair recapped her NXT TakeOver
takeover the previous night, where she accepted Rhea Ripley’s WrestleManiaaar match because
the NXT wrestlers these days are so entitled, with their German suplex no-sells and too
many kick outs. In one of the worst told stories in WWE, Mojojo
Rawley’s henchman of two weeks, Riddick Moss, stole a roll up pin to retain the 24/7
title. The most over thing in this match was John
Cena, because R-Truth did the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and he wasn’t even there. Or was he-
It’s time to play everyone’s favourite game! Where’s the WrestleMania sign? It’s there. Drew McIntyre’s pointing right at it. Paul Heyman interrupted teasing a Brock Lesnar
entrance, but for the first time this year, he actually wasn’t. Instead, Heyman introduced WWE’s newest
backstage producer, MVP, for a glorified squash match. Becky Lynch came down to the ring holding
a brown paper bag – hey, that’s Rowan’s thing – when it actually turned out to be
full of money. But not as much as the male roster members. Take that, Gender Pay Gap, I roasted you,
society! I roasted you!
Lynch said the money is for the fine she’ll get when she beats up Actual Cannibal Shayna
Baszler, when Shayna interrupted on the screen to say she’s going to “tear the s-word
out of” Becky once she’s won Elimination Chamber. Ooo, swearword, and also Baszler framing the
Chamber as home turf due to her cage fighting background is a genius bit of context. Bobby Lashley and Angel Garza vs Rusev and
Humbero Carillo was a really fun match next, with Garza and Carillo lucharing awesomely
together, and Rusev still being mega over with the crowd despite WWE’s best efforts. But, of course, Rusev took another loss. And the absence of Liv Morgan implies WWE’s
so-called sensitive portrayal of LGBTQ+ storylines was actually just a shock titaliation tactic
they never had any plans for. Following Asuka giving Natalya a black eye
in their match two weeks ago, Kairi Sane had a neatly modern style match with her here,
which she won thanks to Asuka interference. Seth Rollins hosted a sermon in the ring in
full cult leader mode. He’s growing out his beard. He’s growing out his man bun. He wears one evil glove and a furry black
jacket. Seth das UBER HEEL! He said it’s now time for Phase II of the
Triple H Cinematic Universe, where those who can’t be rehabilitated will be eradicated
hashtag join Dark Order. The copy and paste babyface interference followed
and Caruso alert! We’re getting a Kevin Owens and the Viking
Raiders vs AOP and Murphy main event. AJ Styles made his return from injury next,
promising he’ll win the Tuwaiq Trophy to then never speak of it again, so prestigious,
calling himself the new Mr WrestleMania, and then teasing a number of legend opponents
for biggest show of the year: including The Undertaker, more on that in Laurie’s news
in a bit. This brought out Ricochet to say he’s earned
his title match against Lesnar, which if he just believes in himself enough, he’ll win. Nobody buys it, so WWE tried to convince you
otherwise with Ricochet… winning a competitive match against the guy who always takes the
pin in OC matches, Karl Anderson. Caruso Alert! Liv Morgan cut a very awkwardly scripted promo
about getting revenge on Ruby Riott, and then put over the Chamber – which WWE actually
did a very good job of building up throughout the show. And then it was time for the latest combination
of Owens and the Viking Raiders vs Murphy and AOP! Again, I’m not complaining – I love this
feud and the matches they put on – but WWE have left themselves massively open to accusations
of repetitiveness. This time, KO had Murphy beat with a Stunner,
but Seth caused the DQ for the save – furthering the storyline that Buddy can’t win without
Rollins’ help. Seth was about to crucify Owens, but the Street
Profits ran down for an excellent babyface save, with a huge shoulder tackle from Dawkins
on Murphy, and an enormous Frog Splash from Ford. Unfortunately, those very same babyfaces didn’t
care when Matt Hardy was murdered at the start of the show, as Bryan Alvarez so eloquently
put it: WHERE WERE ALL YOU BABYFACES WHEN POOR MATT HARDY WAS BEING KILLED TO DEATH? That was this week’s Raw in about 5 minutes. Do you think the main event scene is getting
repetitive? Let me know in the comments because I’ll
be replying FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! And click the i above my head to let me know
what you thought of the show, where you can choose from Rawsome, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor, and
Rawful. While this was an enjoyable episode, it’s
nowhere near the quality of the last few weeks. And not putting on Orton vs Hardy left a bad
taste in my mouth. This week’s Raw is AvRAWge. Who’s got two thumbs up and likes to thumbs
up? You do! You, the viewer. So not only have a thumbs up party to help
the performance of the video, but also get yourself a Dance Chopper t-shirt! Then he’ll do the thumbs up dance for me
forever. Ha… ha… Dance Chopper… Dance
You’ve gotta stop telling Chopper to Dance. He’s a strong independent Chopper. But he loves to dance. Choppers love to dance. Yeah, but you’re making it weird. I’m not making it weird, don’t be ridiculous. Dance Chopper. Have fun with the news! Thanks Oli. Time for the news now. And you may remember the news from last week
that one of the matches slated for WrestleMania Thirty Sea Dog would see the Undertaker take
on AJ Styles. Now are reporting that the
Undertaker requested to work with AJ at Mania because he feels Styles is the “modern day
Shawn MIchaels”. High praise indeed, depending on which era
of Michaels we’re talking about, hopefully early noughties humble Shawn and not Montreal
Screwjob ego monster Michaels. It seems like WWE are leaning into this comparison
too as AJ’s promo on last night’s Raw saw him referred to as the new Mr WrestleMania
and name drop the Undertaker, plus a bunch of other legends he could hang in the ring
with. Obviously, AJ vs The Undertaker is an absolute
dream match and if it can reach the heady heights of Michaels/Taker from Mania 25, preferably
without the bit where the Undertaker attempts to dive into the centre of the earth, that
would be aces. are also saying though that
AJ won’t be the last ride for Undertaker, because when does that man actually retire? WWE could be lining up something big for him
at Survivor Series this year, the 30th Anniversary of his debut in the company. That feels like a fitting time to bow out
if you ask me. Speaking of bowing out. Job loss segway. WWE is might currently be witnessing a bit
of an exodus from its, for want of a better term “talking department”. After NXT, WWE Now host and beautiful angel
Cathy Kelly announced that she would be stepping away from the company following TakeOver Portland,
another member of WWE’s hosting staff also seems like he might be on the way out. Former Raw colour commentator Vic Joseph revealed
on Instagram that he will be working with NBA TV for the second half of the season. This isn’t hard confirmation that Joseph
is done with WWE, or even how big his role within the NBA coverage will be as his own
posts says he will be a “small part” of NBATV. So there’s definitely the chance that WWE
duties and NBA could co-inside, depending on what sort of contract Vic has with WWE
and how exclusive it is. WrestlingInc confirmed that Joseph is still
part of WWE, but he was last seen on live television on January 20th before the Raw
commentary team got switched to Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler – which was
Vince McMahon big leaguing Paul Heyman. Joseph has not really had the time to bed
in on a specific brand, as commentary teams seem to get shuffled around him quite often,
and usually he ends up replaced by Tom Phillips as has been the case on Raw, 205 Live and
NXT UK. So that leaves us wondering, even if there
is space for Joseph to do both NBA and WWE, where would he fit in on a commentary team? As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, maybe
working with the NBA will be a more fulfilling experience. Speaking of seeking more fulfilling experiences,
that is what Shelton Benjamin has not done. The star revealed on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing
Glory podcast that he has signed a new multi-year deal with WWE, though a specific length wasn’t
given. As Shelton is 44 right now, and that WWE have
been signing most people to five year deals right now, this could mean that Benjamin retires
with the company. Though you would be forgiven for thinking
he was already retired as he has barely been featured on WWE TV in the last year, though
he did get dumped out of the Rumble by Brock Lesnar after thinking he was genuinely friends
with The Beast. Frankly Shelton has not really been billed
as a big time player since his Tag Title run with Chad Gable. The only person to come off worse since then
is Gable! —– Thank you for watching, if you liked the video
why not give us a thumbs up, subscribe and leave a comment down below because all of
that good stuff helps our channel grow. Click the video over there for more wrestling
news, reviews and whathaveyous. I’ve been El Fakidor and that was lucha.

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