Real Life Barbie Is BANNED From Getting More Surgery – Pixee Fox

Real Life Barbie Is BANNED From Getting More Surgery – Pixee Fox

My name is Pixee Fox and I am known all over the world that they live on cartoon I’m transforming
myself my body
Into basically my own cartoon character pixee fox’ probably has had the most dramatic body transformation that I’ve ever
seen currently she has had over 200 cosmetic procedures and her goal is to look like a cartoon character
she’s definitely achieved that how’s it going everybody my name is Leroy Kenton and welcome to another episode of
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I mentioned she’s had a ton of
surgeries she’s on procedures like for boob jobs she’s at a brow lift she’s at a cheekbone
reduction a complete face reconstruction as well as an eyelash
transplant butt lifts among many other surgeries now the surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul
Nassif they both refused to operate on her anymore because they say that she has body
dysmorphia and is a plastic surgery addict now for those of you who are not
exactly clear on what body dysmorphia is it’s a mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more
perceived defects or flaws in your appearance a flaw that to others is either minor or not
Observable but you may feel so ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social
situations it’s always like that with surgery they can just be doing a house how to go in and do one thing
And then you want to change this you didn’t have to team stud and it’s hard to do one thing and that stops
Pixee fox’ who’s currently 28 years old she appeared on the latest season of the show botched and she was trying to convince the surgeons
to lower her hairline please send in pixie
Hello there hello miss pixie but dr. Dubrow and dr
Nassif weren’t having any of it they’re like listen there’s nothing wrong with your hairline it can stay exactly
Where it is we ain’t touching it so after they shut her down
completely they were like pleading with her to stop getting plastic surgeries just stop it period
No, more fixie you gonna kill yourself
Dr. Dubrow had said this in his own words I cannot believe how many operations pixie has had in the last year I have never
seen anything like this in my entire career
now pixie loves how she looks and she loves how her looks make her feel she said that she looks more like a
pixie and like a fantasy creature than a human being this woman means business she will look like a cartoon character
she’s already had six ribs removed one of the most dangerous
Procedures she had was when she had to travel to India to change her eye color now this is extremely dangerous and it’s not
performed in Europe or the United States
Because it’s a high-risk procedure and you can go blind she even traveled to South Korea to have her face realigned
Now here’s what pixie had to say when talking about how she wants her face to look I wanted to do the v/line and the
bone surgery to achieve a more symmetric jawline and look more like a
superhero the jaw surgery will make my face look smaller which will make my eyes bigger I’m creating my own
cartoon figure I’m gonna be my own superhero
character that is being turned into a book series and hopefully films all the other surgeries have been easy in comparison
Since they’re performed more frequently this one required a lot of research
so regardless of whether or not surgeons want to ban her or a lot of her
procedures that she wants to get her completely banned in the United States and Europe pixie will find a way it’s like she won’t
stop I mean some of these procedures
yeah like I mentioned she can go blind she even risks being paralyzed
permanently it’s a shock that she’s even still able to move the way she does
I am proud over what I have achieved I think it’s amazing I have new face new
body it’s a lot that’s all I have for you in this episode I want to hear all your thoughts and comments below in the
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description and I’ll see you real soon in another episode
yeah more unbelievable stories coming at you real fast on to the next episode my name is Leroy Kenton boom

35 thoughts to “Real Life Barbie Is BANNED From Getting More Surgery – Pixee Fox”

  1. As someone who follows her Instagram
    When this happened which was about a year ago
    in her lived stream she told that she was messing with them knowing they would never do it

    The jaw surgery was one of most difficult surgery she had to deal with it took her months just to feel her jaw

    Watch her video with guy tang on his YouTube she talks about it
    How those people where awaful to her after

    She such a nice lady there nothing wrong with what she does

  2. Its not hateful to question why this person is a model. Society has standards of the “ideal” and if someone is the opposite of that people will point it out. Disagreeing is not “hate.”
    Even she questions if she has body dysmorphia. Because of that any doctor who would choose to take her money to make her boobs, lips or butt bigger is showing a lack of judgement. I would never choose any doctor who helped patients destroy themselves like that. It’s a shame that the world has become so pc that pointing out that a woman is destroying her health and looks is “hate.” She looks ridiculous. She needs a psychologist NOT a surgeon.

  3. It's sad that she did that she looks so beautiful before she did all that plastic surgery now she look like I blow up doll or something… smh 0:18

  4. Barbie my ass, she looks more like a silicone life size sex doll to me…. She got on all the makeup and frilly outfit with the same dead look in her eyes the way they do.

  5. You are better known for looking like a demented fool for risking disfigurement and for being so insecure that you mutilate your own body..
    You were so pretty before.. Now you just look grotesque..

  6. She had complications last year on a surgery, and since then she is gone from social media. Does anybody know what happened to her? I read she has memory loss

  7. More recently she's had some sort of complication with a surgery and is staying with family. She says she's happy and will be okay. She's also very healthy which makes recovery a lot easier for her than some people but I think because of that she's over estimating how much her body can take. As someone who's actually a fan of her's, obviously I'm worried.

  8. totally unrelated comment but its killing me, does anyone know what children's movie character is pictured at the frame 2:30??? with the orange hair color?? looks so familiar I just can't put my finger on it…

  9. I thought she looked sexy, the nose was a tad pinched when she was on Botched, but at 1:26 she looks weird now. Definitely not pretty anymore and has crossed the path to botched!

  10. She said on ig lasi week that someone made something really bas to her…or something really bad happenes to her and she is all borring an depression in sweden

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