75 thoughts to ““Read The Transcript” Is Trump’s Latest Rallying Cry”

  1. It surprises me that so many in the Republican Party who didn't take Trump seriously and really thought of him as an outsider joke–which was most of the leading and senior politicians for us in office pretty much at the start of 2015–haven't figured out the ONE narrative and plan of action that would in the long run save them and the country–pointing that out. They might have been in a tough spot before, but NOW they CAN actually reset without owning that whole shite show, by NOT fighting impeachment. Hillary Clinton sold us out to the Chinese to slick sick perv Willy's way into office, came up with the brilliant strategy that we should answer the first WTC attack by treating terrorism like a simple crime (because ambitious women who start out as Democrat liberal lawyers understand so much about law enforcement), and was no fit president for the US. Trump was a big Clinton donor and Democrat back in those days, and although that conspiracy theory about the Clintons murdering Epstein was ridiculous, there's a reason he had the 2 sicko sex pervs in his pictures and contacts hanging with him. So, how about we start a new era of bipartisan cooperation and doing what is best for America by impeaching the Democrat-turned-lately-a "Republican"! Yeah, there needs to be leadership mea culpa on the last 2 years, by which I mean those GOP politicians not just tolerating Trump publicly for a bit while they changed our primary rules after he got elected, but drinking the Kool-aid of crazy and letting him turn DC into Donstown just so that they could earn some street cred with the nutsy pyscho base that got him nominated, as if they believed him winning when he seemingly shouldn't have had a prayer meant he was really one of God's chosen, instead of just another Jim Jones with a cretinous daughter pretending to be one of the chosen. They can impeach AND remove him with the cover of those Christian Kurds he betrayed and that transcript as why the Senate got out of the way on removing him, have ALL sane voters with reasonable IQs agree the Clinton years (presidential and secretary of state ones), Trump years, and blue party/state vs. red games have only destroyed national security AND strength, and let "values issues" be a private matter rather than legally-mandated one by left or right. The Democrats will sink the economy again if they get huge control margins, and they do suck on national security, which was the Republican strength until we put Trump in office. We need a centrist majority with a little fringe, not a political free-for-all–in every meaning of that phrase! If the head of the IRA and man with oversight of the call on the killing of royal family member and man essentially in the role of father-in-law to Queen Elizabeth can use that event as a catalyst to end their current bit of outright war and CENTURIES of oppression and atrocities, end up shaking hands and agreeing to make certain topics "reserved matters" so that they can work on peace for everyone, I think we should be able to get over the sectarian warfare between Republicans and Democrats that really only took off after the 1992 loss of the first Bush–especially since he wasn't even the one down for it!

  2. it is truly shocking how many people at that Trump rally are wearing 'read the transcript' T-shirts. You mean the one where Trump segued directly from American aid being held up to saying “I would like you to do us a favor, though”?

  3. holy shit, check out the fake people behind him during 2:30 to 2:41 haha, pony tail boy pretend kisses the black chick on the head? Wtf? All those people were most likely paid off to stand behind him for "diversifying"

  4. Look how f***ing insecure Orange Toad is. Each out he spouts out his nonsense, he twists his fat neck round waiting for approval cheers.

  5. Biden admits on tape committing a crime and we will impeach Trump for mentioning Biden's crimes! Colbert is such a phony spreading hate and lies for money.

  6. The dweeb outted the dog who is smarter than he is. That information is classified and Trump told the world. He doesn't like dogs and took that opportunity to endanger that dog's life.

  7. If you read the transcript and understand English at a high school reading level, then you'd know there really isn't anything impeachable about the exchange. You suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, get help before your hurt yourselves and others.

  8. Chris Hedges predicted Colbert over a decade ago. It wasn't flattering. Colbert also is a sign of societal decline. Colbert doesn't think up his script, he has writers doing that job. Steven has connections. Colbert is bought and paid for, he can't be trusted either.

  9. Read the transcript is his way of distracting from the inquiry because he thinks, like himself, it'd take us some four years to read the stuff by which timed have run another term in office.

  10. 🎶 “… In the Gallows, ga-a-allows, In the ga-a-a-a-llows… If this were 200 years ago- You’d be in the Gallows now-ow…”🎶🐍🤢🤡🍑

  11. Bevin lost and Trump helped him lose, haha. Those READ THE TRANSCRIPT t-shirts really pissed people off. We can read just fine, you condescending son of a bitch. We read that transcript weeks ago, and it says that you are guilty as hell. – Appalachia

  12. At 2:40 the guy who looks like a nazy It on the right of Trump gives a kiss to a black girl… What's the story there?? Why is she pro-Trump? And why isn't she running away from him as fast as possible? I need a Netflix series about it

  13. Será o grito de Ipiranga? Read constatações…contraditórias.Por favor dêem como compensação ao Mr Trump pontos cardeais Norte-Sul-Este e Oeste …para ele não se perder, uma vez que ele anda perdido com o Quid Pro Quo!

  14. Belittle his statements there if you need – But Gun confiscation was straight said aloud by Robert Beto. Trump can rot as well as the Democrats. He's just as bad as Beto.

  15. At 2:26–2:27 I have a bit of confusion.

    What exactly does "redoctrinate your children" mean, and why didn't Stephen and his writers catch it?

  16. 0:25 – laughed so hard. Just so fun to watch this genius writing at work. Von Horsefondler is what I'm calling my next pet.

  17. Everyone is talking.. But the reelection clock is ticking.. tick tock tick tock.. I don't think he'll be impeached 😒 And what do you think? Please comment

  18. Trump's manner of expressing himself is undignified. He is a grown man in a position of responsibility not a teenage boy

  19. I watch every single minute of the late show with Stephen Colbert,why? Well because ,I don't know, I could run into my favorite late-night host doing my favorite impression of trump singing a parody of my favorite song

  20. I get that Stephen is supposed to be making jokes, but that speech wasn't funny. That was literally what Hitler sounded like when he made his speeches. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people throw around the "like Hitler" analogy, but this was actually terrifying, he's going to cause a civil war with speeches like that.

  21. Funny he talks about control. Stop gay marriage. Stop a woman’s choice on abortion. Stop allowing transvestites into the armed forces.
    He did not mention and of that. Seems both sides want control.
    What we need – less division and more progress in our paid employees. Trumples might think he is god but he is just an employee.

  22. My t-shirt says “Release the Transcript”, you know the actual July 25th word for word transcript that was moved to a classified server by a White House lawyer, not the carefully edited summary Trump calls the “transcript”.

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