Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY

59 thoughts to “Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY”

  1. Please people can we move on to Andrew and see if the Queen will ✋ that 🐖 child molester son of hers to the authorities. That is the only news am interested in.

  2. here we go.. meghan markle is warming up.. her quest to become the next princess diana starts right now.. #oppurtunist#social climber#gold digger

  3. Harry and Meghan need to have their own "Happy Independence Day" celebrations on March 31st. Seems like it was a real "battle" to get away from the toxicity at the Palace.. They will be successful no matter what name they use. I wish them luck.

  4. They should just head of the Canada full time. No one in the UK wants them here. Megan just want more money and everyone is starting to see it now…..


  5. They left the RF. It’s normal they lose their titles. Next step, should be the media stopping to follow them. And then, we can all forget about those 2

  6. All these restrictions on an Innocent Family who wanted peace, from a Racist Press but then on the flip side, you have Andrew who is avoiding the FBI, has all his titles, uses Royal and HRH , has Private businesses, 50 bedroom home and travels internationally representing the Queen, the Hypocrisy of it all is pretty blatant.

  7. They left the royal family and moved to another country so they should get no money,, no royal name, and no bodyguards unless they foot that bill. The media should leave them alone and let them be just an ordinary couple making their own way in the world.

  8. Will they are at it they should drop Sussex too… they will no longer associated with the UK, they should not be associated with the British county.

  9. Just looking at her messy hair weave and that ugly broken nose and freckles skin makes me sick. I do hope Harry is smart enough to get rid of her soon. She will ruin his life so better sooner than later.

  10. Liz has no right to the word royal. It is just a word. She doesn't own it. H&M can call themselves whatever they want. How many businesses, foods, cruise ships (lol) use the word royal. Give me a break!

  11. You might want to do some research and be original in your reporting before spouting the same garbage as everyone else. Lead the pack instead of being a lemming. You are contributing to the same Bull as the british press and family. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Doesn't matter if they use the name 'royal'…Harry always will be by birth and Megan for being his wife. They are more popular than ever despite the rest of it.

  12. Just leave harry and Meghan alone they have made their stand and let them get on with it I think the queen has more things to sort out mainly her son the lier she would be better suited in getting him to tell the truth if and it's a big if he has nothing to hide speak to the FBI the thing is over the time the queen and the royal family have hidden lots of secrets they think they are untouchable

  13. Amazing the press uses Meghan and Harry to avoid talking about the Queen's son, Andrew who is actually accused of committing a crime in the U.S. When will the Queen stop shielding her son from talking with the FBI?

  14. It’s appropriate. Separate & feel the consequences.

    I’m not a Royal supporter despite my parents are British.

    Don’t come to my country as ‘Independents’ & take our ‘#funds’ for your #security !

    #Canada #VancouverIsland #BC

  15. why is the RF making meghan and archie's death threats classified? that's a big reason harry is leaving and he said so 2x. yet not RF refuses to declassify , like it's national security?

  16. when Meghan came over to the United kingdom she had to understand the royals had their rules she had no right to go in there and change them a good wife would stand behind her husband and good times and bad and not try to change him she knew that she was not allowed to have any political view whatsoever she broke that she insulted an old Queen who is on her way out and had no respect for the queen or the Queens way of life or the Royal family's way of life she has disrupted everything sheet or two brothers apart it was obvious they never had trouble before she came in and now after she is there and has been nothing but trouble as far as I'm concerned any brand that she wants to sell under her name I will never by including the shoes that just showed up the shoes mean nothing to me and they mean even lessnow that I know she's trying to sell them online I will never buy anything affiliated with Harry or Meghan ever

  17. The fact that they actually trademarked the brand "Sussex Royal" demonstrates a clear desire to commercialize the royal family connection, and no doubt seems incredibly crass to many Brits. If Meghan had more character her focus would be on what is good for the Royal Family, not what is good for Meghan.

  18. Harry should never be allowed to return home after he realizes he made the mistake he made his bed. Let him lay in it he has no right to come back to Britain and pick up where he left on he's a laughingstock and nobody will ever take him seriously really take him back into the bosom of Britain I don't think so let him stay where he's at with her actually let them both stay away if the queen allows them to come back then I am done with the Royal House of Windsor

  19. harry didn't make any decision, at all. he can't think for himself. that's pretty obvious. he's weak. he got what he paid for.

  20. It's ironic, isn't it, that the Lefties absolutely love Harry and Meghan who are claiming for themselves the most elitist privilege there is: "being of royal blood".

  21. i would like to ask one question of the people who are so vicious towards megan and harry, "what did they ever do to u" "judge not" so that u may not be judged"good nite sweet prince, may angels bear thee to thy resting place"love to all.

  22. Working outside “The Firm”. Harry and Meghan’s statement notes that there is precedent for other members of the Royal Family working outside the institution without being subject to a “review period” like they are (poor, poor Harry and Meghan). Yes, there is precedent. For Her Majesty’s descendants, Peter, Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie all work outside “The Firm”. Here’s the thing: they all have ACTUAL JOBS. Peter (Event Manager), Zara (Equestrian), Beatrice (AI Executive), Eugenie (Gallery Director). The others also DO NOT USE ROYAL TITLES when working. Peter and Zara never had titles, and the two Princesses go by “Beatrice York” and “Eugenie York” respectively. Harry and Meghan are not planning on having jobs. They are proposing that their “work” will to be paid to be royal. Becoming “brand ambassadors”, “public speakers”, and attaching their royal status to money-making projects around the globe. Trading off your royal status IS NOT A JOB. It is the prostitution of the institution of the Monarchy for personal gain. If you want to work outside “The Firm”, get an actual JOB and do not use your royal titles. Get it?

  23. Reading all the horrible comments on all of these sites & I am STUNNED. They are a young couple, very much in love, & both adore their child. I've seen so many racist comments about the Duchess and oh my!! She's DIVORCED!! Yep, just like Prince Harry Father was!! We love them and welcome them HOME with love! I hope they have another child and NEVER step foot in the UK again.

  24. So, Harry & Meghan are banned from identifying themselves with the British Royal family because they want to add more meaning to their lives instead of just following the Queen's rules and receiving public funds.
    Something is very wrong.

  25. I hate to say it, as much as I dislike Samantha Markle, it appears as if she was right about her half sister.
    It's sad that Harry, once the shining beacon of the Royal family is now a punch-line since she entered his life.
    Meghan played us all.

  26. Where is this couples child? They always seem to be totally fine leaving him wherever. I’d expected more from both of them.

  27. Probably flying a private jet to the sustainable conference all on the British tax payers dime. Looks like I won't be supporting or purchasing anything Jon Bon Jovi does anymore.

  28. Instead of helping the poor they want to make millions from speeches , Netflix, and movie deals . Shows you the rumors were true about her being a social climber. I’m glad they are paying back the renovation money that’s the least they can do

  29. Meghan, your brand is" "Meghan Markle", no more royal, no royal blood in you. Shame on you, so rude, how come, it's not American. Truly American never do bad things to UK including Royal.

  30. Having one British royal family is wrong! Different families should be allowed to play the role to make these fair. A vote should be held, and the winners become King, queen or both, for an agreed period, their children will be called princess and princesses e.g. every four years. The winners get to live in the castles and have all the benefits and perform royal duties during their tenure. After leaving the office, the winners retain names like Duke/Duchess and their kids Sir/Lady

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