President Donald Trump’s Toilet Rant Explained | NBC News NOW

President Donald Trump’s Toilet Rant Explained | NBC News NOW

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  1. experts have said the next world war will be fought over ground water which is disappearing because snowcaps are melting at an alarming rate which is true

  2. Yeah, I run 2 cycles on my washer because so little water is used for the rinse that soap, oils, and scum stays in the clothes. I am probably using more water than if I were to be able to run a single load on an old washer and using more electricity to run the 2nd load. Yet all my neighbors lay down 2,000 or so gallons of water on their lawn.

  3. 부자나라 한국은 전자기식 캐터펄트의 핵항공모함 3척을 원한다 방위비를 더 받고 싶으면 그에 합당한 대가를 치뤄야한다. 우리는 북한과 일본 그리고 중국 및 러시아가 있다. 단순히 보면 적이지만  적이아니다. 대한민국은 미국이 지켜주는 것이 아니라 대한민국 스스로 자주국방하여 지키는 것이다. 가난한 나라 미국은 핵항공모함이 26척이 있는데 부자나라 한국은 1척도 없을 뿐더러 제트엔진하나 만들지 못하고 가난한 나라 미국이 버리는 무기를 사서 쓰고있다. 돈이 너무많아서 중고만쓴다…..가난한 미국이 핵 항공모함유지비용이없어 힘들다하기에 한국이 3척을 운용해서 미국의 국방비를 줄여 줄수도 있다.한국방위비 인상보다 핵항공모함을 3척 한국에 선물해서 국방비 절감하는게 나을듯 보입니다.

  4. Sure it comes out faster then where getting that trickle down economics BS you handed some of your followers some of those too so sick of hearing that from you Republicans it's never worked and never will cuz you're all greeting and wanted to stack the money up even though you only just ended on buildings with to put your name on so you hope to be immortalized

  5. Our president speaks the truth… I have to flush the toilet two times… Hopefully we can start making toilets again in the United States and not in China….

  6. The Libertarians in Congress who want to roll back, repeal, water regulations signed into law by Clinton and Bush in the 1990s are anti-American! 
    The 1990 regulations do not cause the product to be unusable. 
    Trump supporters need a bad guy to blame for their own misery and Trump makes government the bad guy. They live in a 1950's stereotypical world of good and bad guys.
    Government did not cause the defected manufacturing of Boeing Jet airliners grounded worldwide. That was Boeing getting around regulations and a corrupt Trump EPA cutting Boeing slack on the regulations to save money in costs for higher profits.

    Rand Paul never called my house and asked if my toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, trickled water.
    Obviously, the average family consumer of appliances is always left out and never asked to verify if these Libertarian claims in Congress are right or wrong oon the question of environmental regulations. It seems the average person is not good enough to be asked, or good enough as a citizen to have clean water, clear air.

    The manufacturers of appliances want to get around the regulations to sell a cheaper product to Americans. They hate Europe because they cannot get around the EU standards.
    Manufacturers in Britain want to leave the EU for this reason, the do not want government interfering into production. Same here in the States.
    The first point to make about the "toilet rant" is the connection between manufacturers of appliances and the Trump supporter deceived into supporting.
    Unless the Trump rallies are filled and attended by the appliance manufacturers's friends and families, stockholders, the average Trump supporter is giving his/her consent to be sold a cheaper product and be responsible for the destruction of the environment. GE, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag, all profit from the repeal of EPA water standards and the American public are the losers. This is what it means to be a libertarian in Congress today.

  7. The greatest weapon of the 21st Century,,, develop a mind manipulating, psychological  profile gathering and targeting code.The internet / social media offered the ability to target millions of people with hours of imprint sessions using an election as a springboard into their minds… blind to facts and reason, unconditional locality, commonly referred to as Trump's Base.
    20 years ago would you ever thought a billion people on this planet would have a wireless connected touchscreen supercomputer the size of a Pop-Tart stuck to their face, walking into traffic, crashing cars into each other, such great technological advances we have achieved.
      Putin and Steve Bannon had the evil forethought 10 years ago to develop this weapon. Yeah I know,,,mass internet brainwashing technology,,, that's so SI-FI, kind of like landing a booster rocket falling from space, upright on a barge in the ocean or a pad where it blasted off. Now if only I could pry my folks away from Fox News for a minute and not talk about Crooked Hillary,"still reverberating in their heads". At least it's not 100% effective but added to propaganda induced tribalism, political extortion and bribery, effective enough to achieve the unthinkable. Did I hear Putin utter," Checkmate!"
       Learn how Putin & Steve Bannon brainwashed 50 million Americans using the 2016 election as a springboard into their minds in the new book " Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America ".

  8. The president is right. People are screaming we are running out of fresh water but let rain water run off into the ocean. No the water pressure is not right and you can't spin it. What we will always see though is even though the worst drought the folks with money will have a green manicured lawn.

  9. trump has likely only ever seen a commercial kitchen dishwasher, which works faster, using a lot of steam, he would have seen those when he was hassling his hotel chefs to cook him cheeseburgers and deep fried mars bars in the early hours before tweeting.

  10. My dishwasher works just fine, providing I wash, rinse, and dry the dishes by hand first. Then for extra sanitation and storage I can load them in the dishwasher and run them through just the drying cycle. Otherwise it's just an expensive cubby under my counter top.

  11. This person is wrong. My toilets are all dysfunctional , have to be flushed 2 or three times or you have to hold down the lever to let extra water flush. The dishwasher is garbage. Need two cycles every time. I went to Restore and bought old toilets and put them back in. They don't mention that all the sewer pipes are getting clogged because there is not enough water flushing the system. From "With enough low flow toilets in one area, this can actually wreak havoc on the community sewer system. Without enough water to push the waste through the sewer system, the sewage can get backed up, causing horrific odors. San Francisco for example recently had a problem with this issue – the strong smell of sewage due to low flow toilets not providing enough water".

  12. Would you like to fill the bathtub before the water gets cold … do you have mold inside a wall … do your lights sometimes flicker for no apparent reason … are the upstairs floor boards starting to get bowed in spots … do you often find it takes forever to get the soap out of your hair in the shower … what's constantly holding the water pressure back …

  13. When less water use in a toilet was first desired I can remember when people simply used to place a couple of bricks in the tank …

  14. You people complaining that you are not getting enough water. Did you check your hose filter to see if it's plugged? And, most appliances that use water have a timer on them. If you turn your dishwasher on a timed valve opens lets say for two minutes, then it turns off. If enough water didn't get in, in that time, then you don't have enough water for it to work well. And some dishwashers, and washing machines also have a filter just before the pump. So if you have to do what moron Trump is talking about you might try checking your filters, or change your shower head. You also might consider changing the hoses on appliances because they can collapse internally. You are supposed to change your washing machine hose every two years, but nobody does that!

  15. He is an absolute weak minded totally inept ninkompoop! Poop being the important part of that word. GD he is dangerously stupid. Oh and HAPPY TUESDAY.

  16. "Ten times, right? Ten times. Bong, bah. Not me, of course not me."

    Of course ten times, of course, for everyone else, at least. Of course not you, no never you.

    You have the best toilet time, the best. No one else has ever won bigger at the toilet than our president.

    You don't even need one flush, it goes exactly where you want it on its own. It's all about extreme vetting of what you take in and loyalty with everything you push out.

  17. Don’t forget this news NBC (Nothing But Crap)

  18. I agree with Trump, we need to do away with all these stupid regulations that regulate how much water a toilet can use. Those old toilets that I grew up with, would flush much better and you just had to flush them once. These new fangled toilet's tanks are so small that they don't hold enough water to flush the crap down. You end up using more water because you have to sometimes flush them 3 times to get the crap down, and then when they stop up, you have a mess on your hands.

  19. So this is trumb bashing not news! Ugh, no one likes the guy but there is more to life then orange man bad syndrome. Get a life people, this is not news.

  20. Dripping out like the cerebral fluid leaking out of your what should be grey matter, is now brown. By the way Trump, dishwashers are operated by men also. Oh I know, heel spurrs.

  21. Trump you no the water starts dripping out very dripping out yeah when you turn the Fossett on what the #*?! Are you kidding me 😂

  22. This talking point appears to have been lifted from the aptly named cartoon series "King of the Hill", May 2000 season 4 Episode 22. If so, then King Trump at last has a more credible source than Fox News.

  23. Yeah he's keeping America great all right that's why there are more drug users in the United States than all countries of the world combined together. Lmfffaaaaoooo

  24. Dummycrats use the toilet for everything from bathing to doing the dishes or just peeing and pooping, dummycrats use the toilet for everything.

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