President Donald Trump Trails Dem Candidates In Hypothetical Matchups | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Trails Dem Candidates In Hypothetical Matchups | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “President Donald Trump Trails Dem Candidates In Hypothetical Matchups | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. You have too many opinion polls in the US, we get public polls once every few months here in New Zealand. I think they should ban all polls during campaigns except for the actual votes. It would stop politicians tying themselves in knots following the polls and would be much more interesting.

  2. If Joe Biden wins the nomination, the republican will ask questions about Anita Hill. Everyone seems to have forgotten about this brave woman when she was so young and very vulnerable daring to go against a white group of Democrats and republicans bent on voting for Clarence Thomas. Mr. Biden was keen to disregard the plight of a young person who was wronged. I will never forget.

  3. I can't stand to watch morning joe any more because of the way Joe interrupts and then goes of on a tangent telling us what we've just heard…Sorry, but really I don't know how ghost with him can contain themselves.His poor wife.oh, I wonder why a former senator is slotted for interview host anyway?

  4. Read this. Joe and Mika don’t say anything about his one:

  5. you and your MSNBC corporate masters are so desperate to keep sanders from the nomination, you dont care what americans think, or what would be good for our nation.

  6. It is interesting that some of the same people who support Bernie are the same that support Trump. I wonder if Trump's campaign is pushing Bernie for a reason?

  7. omfg. we don't want biden!!! who is voting for him?? where is the support for the women? people need to wake up. white men are not the only ones who can run a damned country. we've had enough of their self-serving bs. we want & need a woman & we woman have every right to a leader who represents us for a change. we need 100 years to only allow women to run for president.

  8. ANY type of chart rigging to NOT show Sanders as the lead. It is so patently obvious and shows who signs your paychecks MSNBC. You give Fox a run for the money in hack jobs!


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  10. Before any of you consider voting for Bloomberg, you might want to take a long look at this photo:

  11. The one thing the elite do that almost no one else do is work together no matter what they don't see anything but the goals. No race and no gender only rich and poor. Every 🐦 bird I've ever seen has two wings, a left wing and a right wing. They are two wings of the same bird 🐦 don't be fooled. These elite are definitely working together.

  12. I guess you forgot that Hillary Clinton won over 3 million more votes. How many Republicans lost the popular vote but won the electoral? So don't say it lays solely on Hillary Clinton. Moreover, you wanted trump to win in 2016 apparently, given how much good press you gave him. I guess this election you want Biden. You're very transparent…

  13. Sanders is the CHANGE we need …. Time to take the rich down a few pegs …. Biden is a corporate Dem and Bloomberg is a Republican light

  14. Indeed, dear avuncular Willie and maternal-paternal Mika and Joe
    "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT" as far as Bloomberg-in-debate does go

    Dear publisher 'presidential debate' MSNBC
    This link that followeth, we send unto thee

  15. Mike is the ONLY one that will say what's on his mind to 45. The rest of you all act like you are afraid to death of 45. He calls you all names and belittle every last one of you all, and what do you ALL do???? NOTHING. Speak your mind Bloomberg.

  16. More FAKE POLLS! The only people that believe the propaganda that comes out of your mouths are low-intellect, uneducated individuals that the democrat party takes advantage of on a routine basis. Thank goodness it's only a low percentage of that group that tunes into MSDNC for their daily brainwashing and manipulation session. President Trump wins in an even LARGER LANDSLIDE this time no matter how much your propaganda polls try to manipulate people into believing your LIES. Why? Because good ALWAYS prevails over bad. What you democrats/liberals are doing to the uneducated is shameful. Thank God for President Trump!

  17. I don't dislike Biden, but do we need someone with all that baggage of the guy's moron son, however undeserved?
    Don't we have somebody who's pretty much scandal free? Oh yeah, Bernie. My choice.

  18. Why focus on such redundant statistics? Just because it paints a candidate in a good light, that isn’t Bernie? Wow, grasping at straws MSNBC. 🤦‍♀️


  20. hate to say it; i feel Biden would fold like a house of cards in a debate with against Trump's bullying and buffoonery.
    "No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid."

  21. I hope every one of them talk about business tonight stop with the bull crap and Scandals and password records obviously after Trump's campaign the presidency scandals means nothing .

  22. Gotta admit the ads and backdrops are a much needed refreshing democratic campaign look modernized and just such a wonderful look for our country

  23. Sorry but this isn’t working guys. These candidates are the most unimpressive people in the world and you all clearly hate Bernie. Trumps already won because the media has learned nothing about real people.

  24. Y’all need to stop. Biden would go down in flames in the swing states the same way Hillary did against Trump. Stop pretending your only hope is about to get sidelined in the primaries. If Joe can‘t hold his own against people like Bernie and Buttigieg and Bloomberg, then he will definitely crumble against the 400lb gorilla Trumplethinskin. Time for a real fighter who won’t wobble in the ring. #feelthebern

  25. Being able to ‘buy’ airtime and therefore have more influence is completely against what young voters will support. It looks like a con.

  26. Corporate media is pushing the Corporate Master Bloom, Corporate poppet Pete or let's change nothing Amy. SANDERS2020 No matter how you turn & twist Bernie is the only person able to save America.

  27. UCMJ is coming.
    Truth SHALL make US free. SETH RICH.
    Who owns dnc – so ros – same as mocking 🦜 media.
    Wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    Enjoy the show!🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  28. Since we know for FACT that old Bernie has a Heart Condition and probably would never last the stress of the Oval office ver long, AND we have no clue who would be his VP no one in their right mind should vote for him simply because you do not know who you will actually be voting for.

  29. msnbc=Nothing but fake news and lies. Poll taken by msnbc and Jill Biden. How can anyone listen to this lying ignorance? Trump 2020!

  30. Can these 2 stop schilling for Biden. Biden can’t win. He’s run for President 3 times and still hasn’t won a primary. He’s the same age as Bloomberg and Trump yet appears and sounds 20 years older.

  31. Perhaps it is unfair the way Bloomberg is getting on the debate stage. But if the other debaters gang up on Mike, that is not exactly fair either; five against one. So being a very stable genius with grape (flavored) unmatched wisdom, I have an idea that will level the playing field. You heard of the "masked singer"? Well how about we put them all in masks and let's see who is the best "masked debater."

    If it sounds like a dumb idea, try saying it out loud. It might make more sense and maybe then you will see my facetious point, in case it got past ya. Especially when you ask yourself what is getting accomplished in these debates.  
    Just sayin' . . . . .

    For me, it is all about Bernie. For those who think "Socialist" is a bad word, exactly what part of Bernie's platform is it that is unAmerican or alien to what our collective goals are? Wall street and the auto industry didn't mind socialism when they got a government bailout, or our good highways and social security . . . and for the naysayers who remain unconvinced, I submit the words of George Bernard Shaw:

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

    (When the wise man points at the moon, the fool stares at his finger)

    Or you could just play it safe and settle for yet another "Masked Debater".

    “Abandon all hoax, ye who enter here.”  ~~  Don T's Inferno

  32. Australia loves TRUMP!!! Good luck America. Hope you ALL vote TRUMP for America AND for the rest of the WORLD!!!!! 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

  33. You are absolutely lost in fantasy. No one can believe you about anything anymore. Your conclusions are laughable. Living in a echo chamber doesn’t mean you can’t face reality.

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