President Donald Trump Fails To Help KY Governor Win | The Last Word | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Fails To Help KY Governor Win | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “President Donald Trump Fails To Help KY Governor Win | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Memo: Ode to a Failed President. (with thanks to A.A. Milne).

    Despicable Donald dictating denials derived from derisible lies, but each of his dunces their duty duck-shove, refusing to open their eyes!

  2. Blue wave still rolling, cresting to a tsunami in 2020. Trump, Moscow Mitch and all the GOP enablers will be swept away.

  3. Cuando los demócratas ganen la presidenciales. Llenará usa. D emigrantes y China y Rusia le hará pedasos jaaaaaaa
    China hará lo q quiera con el comercio electrónico

  4. You kids get SO excited when you have a little victory. It's kinda cute.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!! You can shove your lies of quid pro cuo.

  5. Maybe I is just me .But I would like to see Trump..Mitch…and Lindsey ..Hanging from a tree on the White House lawn They are all traitors to the people of this democracy.

  6. If I were a trump supporter I'd be so insulted at how stupid GOP thinks they are. They assume all trumpists are scared of "socialism" they're supposed to be so dumb they think socialism is communism. So they say Socialism over & over….do trump voters not see how Republicans are setting them up to eliminate the "socialism" program? SOCIAL SECURITY. Medicare, social security & free college ARE all socialist programs, as are food stamps. Maybe these programs DO need some tweeking. I'm tired of seeing people who have intentionally eaten themselves into disability, sitting at home getting SS benefits (most of the trump voters) while the educated, hard workers have to pay FOR them AND explain to them that their easy lives are BECAUSE of our socialist programs.First the GOP gets the trumpisist to shout we hate socialism at rallies, next they have an excuse to cut our social security & we'll all have the trump supporters to thank for it.

  7. Wait until they get a load of a bunch of Democrats sucking every taxable penny out of them and then building a casino to get the rest.

  8. I am from ky and President Trump is a great president but I wouldn't vote for Bevin but beshear is just as bad it's like being between a rock and hard place

  9. But President Trump is a different story wait till 2020.If we can keep the dumos from registering people that ain't around no more(God rest their souls).Pres. Trump is doing a great job and I will vote for him in 2020,but I am not going to cry and whine like dumocrats if my guy losez and the impeachment that's trying too go on will fail,because you impeach him you need to seriously look at Hillary and Barack(get over it Christians after attacks in (I think 🇦🇺 at a Jewish synagogue.The best thing about Obuma is when he left office,his supposedly wife said "at least we had hope"hope that I got a raise on my check that Obuma failed to do for 8 yrs fffed him

  10. I bet none of those voters have read the long lists of historical results in under 3 yrs at White House sites. Job, economy, unemployment, Stock market stats.

  11. Trump didn't fail at anything..more fake news! 5 out of 6 won. Fake news media just can't get over it that Trump won. Hey media! Y'all got it wrong right thing is you guys are freaking idiots. I guess you think socialism is the thing we Americans want.

  12. So you think that going from 20 points down to almost even and the Election is not official yet. Remember when you went off the rails before and had to recall your calling a race. Humm untill the State has called the election there is no winner

  13. Trump is going to be a failed president a disappointment to the republicans a known lying joke to the world maybe a criminal history may show him to be shameless predator

  14. Trump and Republican party need to pay there campaign bills are piling up 9 million is owed all over this country they expect tax payers to pay for .jerks

  15. I hope Republicans now start to realize Trump is a bad baggage to the party. Not only Trump's behaviors go against the party's principles and core belief, they also hurt the party at the voting booth. It is time to "Dump Trump, get Pence."

  16. Wow now i see how people are all jazzed up by war, by separation which is an illusion looks like Kentucky is awake

  17. can Neera sound anymore condescending? Her "I'm-Too-Good-for-the-world" vocal tone and general demeanor is at odds with the real values of a REAL Democratic party…which of course no longer exists.

  18. Turn down the sound and watch the faces of the people behind DT has He whines.
    He had to put out there THE WORLD'S GREATEST DEFEAT is that a premonition ?
    He BULLIES every Republican that disagrees with Him and then he destroyed their lives . Are THEY THAT STUPID ?

  19. This is going to happen to the entire GOP when Trump leaves. The people who are supporting the GOP now are only doing it because of Trump. They are the Apprentice people, they are not conservatives. Pence or any other GOP is not going to just automatically get them. The special elections ( Roy Moore, PA etc), the mid-terms and now this weeks elections all show most GOP getting 10-20pts lower than what Trump got in 2016. Will moderates like Kasich and suburban ever go back to a party that is dominated by people who turned their back on the constitution to support Trump? I really believe the GOP will be a minority party for a decade after Trump leaves and everything will shift majorly to the right as AOC and others pick up more power within the party. I mean we already went from tame Obamacare to full on support of M4A in a few years.

  20. Seeing him get booed at the world series gives me hope people finally catching up why he is dumbest and most corrupt president ever live in history..

  21. Wow, Ms. Tanden really threw me with her high pitched voice – maybe it was her mic but she seemed really shrill….

    Could get annoying but still, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it 😉

  22. trump, being the narcissistic megalomaniac he is, would never believe that he should stay away. He wholeheartedly believes his is the king, a god, and that his mere presence would mean any candidate he backed would win. Even when this doesn't happen, he will say it's because he didn't back the loser. Not realizing he is the biggest loser of all.

  23. Now that sotero's FBI/DOJ/CIA /MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald.

  24. Trump can say the Democrats committed poll fraud and terrorized Trump supporters from voting. And guess what? His base will believe him.

  25. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. The country didn't want him then, and we certainly don't want him in 2020! Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  26. Aloha All: This source is a big part of the communist/fascist propaganda 90% combine which will turn every American into a serf, or rather bolster the slave status we endure due to a cancerous diabolical deep state government! BEWARE THIS PROPAGANDA IS OPPOSITE OF "news"! Mark RN retired who recommends , do no harm & help all who need & ask for compassion

  27. Listen. People. There. Is. A. Saying. U. Can. Have. All. The. Money. Buy. Anything. Take. From. People. Like. Myself. And. So. Many. Others. But. The. Rich. Still. Have. To. Beg. For. Help. '. Read. Psalms. 23'rd.

  28. Republicans won 5 out 6 of the top positions in Kentucky…….Didn't another state have a Republican win same night…….? These news people only report half of the news.

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  30. This sickening. This constant attack on a duly elected president should be decided at the polls in 2020. At this rate Civil War will be among us if this coup is successful.


  32. RUSSIA owes DUMBOLD for the land he gave them. He can live there maybe they wouldn't Extradite him to pay for his Crimes in the U.S

  33. He is a fool. All those Senators need to STOP deflecting from the truth. 45 is going down. And will take everyone down around him…it’s really true. A crazy person doesn’t know there crazy…

  34. So I saw the T-shirts "Read The Transcript" in the back ground…paused the video and downloaded and read it. I can not for the life if me understand how an American President can bad mouth His own citizens and Allies. Then to allow a foreign entity to make treats on one of Your Ambassador.

  35. CIA been keeping a man has been keeping an eye on this man since he got into office then he goes and gives his family top clearance of secret documents really have no business to that no wonder they were watching him like a hawk and finally got caught wonder when they're going to catch his daughter and two sons and son-in-law I guess some diamonds are waiting to be passed out how gullible are these people that still believe in this man it's incredible they believe that all this stuff never happened it's all Make-Believe

  36. Read on the internet with a lot of farmers and a lot of federal workers didn't vote for him and they're not going to vote for him anymore cuz they're heard he put all the farmers through and the federal workers when he shut down the government there's some lot of them are still recuperating some of them lost their cars there Apartments what did Donald Trump lose votes

  37. Not so fast the election is being contested due to massive voter fraud having been uncovered and now the election is contested.

  38. Arizona flipped one seat in the senate to Democratic, at this rate Mark Kelly outraised McSally by a ton. At this point, Arizona is going to have 2 democratic moderate senators. Woot!

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