President Donald Trump Blasts ‘Parasite,’ Brad Pitt At Thursday Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Blasts ‘Parasite,’ Brad Pitt At Thursday Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

28 thoughts to “President Donald Trump Blasts ‘Parasite,’ Brad Pitt At Thursday Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. It was America's choice. Now live with the demon that you've unleashed. He's going to gut this country from inside out. America You hated a black man being in the white house, now because of America's infatuation with hatred and intolerance "As you sow so shall you reap" -Holy Bible.

  2. Haha I was laughing very hard at his 'tippy toppy' comments. All child talk this trump clown. He's just jealous because his view ratings are down. I think the only time this dopey got proper view ratings was when he was under his impeachment trial.

  3. This orange orangutan is a joke for a president. Racist pos as a president, he doesn’t represent America! Korea is and has been an ally to us Americans for a very long time. Brave Americans gave their life to fight for korea and koreans gave their lives for America. But this racist piece of garbage doesn’t know that obviously.

  4. Comes across as a cross between a demented evangelist and an untalented stand-up. This "trump" brings shame to America. His favorite movie is probably HOWARD, THE DUCK. THE THREE STOOGES is too sophisticated for him.

  5. Hey. I saw a race vote you into office. I am an Emancipated Black. I served Desert Storm/Shield. Being defend only for the UNITED STATED OF AMERICA OF COURSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE A-MORAL NEGATIVE DEFEATED DEPRAVED BRAD PITT. I KNOW YOU ARE IN OFFICE NOW FOR KNOWING "I just live!" Such behavior secures the Common and the channel will be extinguished world wide. The KEEP OF A COMMON WILL GO TO ALL OUR KIN, THE HUMAN RACE TO GOD. I AM A CONCERN OF SENATOR DURBIN IN THE POST' STATE OF ILLINOIS. I FOUND THE 2-Paycheck a month employee not keeping to commercial interest and there is not administration for my VET AFFAIRS. The Senator could not get to commercial interest with FP! HE HAD TO GET A BILL IN THE SOUTH FOR INFRASTRUCTURE TO SHELTER. THE NON-GOV WHINING AT HINES VA IS HILL. THEY REFUSED TO ADMINISTRATE UNDER HIS APPROPRIATIONS. CAN I TAKE OVER THE BUILDING PLEASE. The market is to go World for domestic gains. SIR, EVERYONE KNOWING TO BOND THE INDIGENOUS TO THE LAND; WILL VOTE YOU INTO OFFICE AGAIN. SECURE THIS COMMON AND THANK YOU FOR OUR SERVICE.

  6. So he's never watched the movie but feels the need to critique it and gave no other reason why he disliked it other than its a South Korean film…What?

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