That story got a whole lot more interesting in the last hour.
We did it again
This is some next-level stuff here guys
If you are ever to watch a whole video without skipping
I promise now is the time not only did we prank the entire state of Florida
We also put a serious spotlight on a new and very controversial law
Hello, everyone, seven sitting here good squad, and this could quite possibly be
The funniest video we have ever filmed get your snacks and popcorn ready
Because I promise every second of this video is gold and is worth watching
You haven’t seen the first two videos leading up to this one
Definitely be sure to check those out the links in the description or you can just go to our profile
I don’t really know where to start here. So I’m gonna take it from the top and tell this story in chronological order
Excuse me, if I’m looking down I have my computer here
I wrote a script for this videos and that’s the only way I could accurately
Articulate this entire last week a new Florida law is set in place July 1st
Stating that any oceanfront property owner can declare the beach as private property?
We saw this as the perfect opportunity to film a hilarious video. That’s all we plan on doing in the first place
We had no idea
How far I was gonna go?
After releasing that video and posting a few snapchats and Instagram stories that I started getting blown up either people laughing
aesthetically or people who are genuinely
Pissed off at us. This is where it gets interesting the morning after putting up the fence
I went out on the beach to see the city
Then the sea turtle police who called the actual police who came out with the code enforcement demanding
we take it down or get a ticket of
$200 per no trespassing sign so that got me thinking with all this controversy
I feel like the news is gonna want a piece of this. So I emailed them or should I say Mike?
Do you build them?
you guys have all been wondering why I
haven’t posted
much of the footage and why I said I can’t tell you guys what’s going on and why I can’t upload the news stories and
that’s because we prank the news like we really
We really pranked them this time
I had four different news stations coming up to my house multiple times a day over the last three days
Putting anything on social media about pranking them or our real motives behind this would completely ruin the video and ruin the prank
So I had to keep my mouth shut until now
I almost immediately got a response from the news stations when I emailed them three news stations replied asking where this took place
So I send up an address and a phone number a phone number to Mike honcho
roll the clip
On the beach I would like to speak my mind on how this this they shouldn’t be able to do that so
With the news on their way, I needed a plan
That’s where dick savage came in. All right, so when the news gets here, I need you to go out and be an angry neighbor
Under the alias Mike honcho my console. I like my control h o n
CH o CH o honcho Mike you are Mike honcho you do not live here. You hate the fence. You’re very angry
Perfect. Okay, let’s do this and I live here. This is my house and you’re gonna argue with me
About the fence at your house
Absolutely, perfect the story speaks for itself
Got a helicopter shot of my house as two parts of the beach
It’s also generating controversy. At least one homeowner. As you can see has already put on the fence
Blocking people from walking along the sand that cuts across. It’s a laugh about that
Spectrum meanest I say Jordan is live now at 5:00. We
Play out across the state thanks to this new law and tonight beach goers are pushing back against it
We were very rich
Tourists Druce Harvey blasted Indian Rocks Beach president Jack Kennedy for putting up this fence
Every one of these people can shut down the beachhead
An attendee didn’t engage for the RV
But he had plenty to say to us about being the face of this
Controversy to say law was put in place saying if you on beachfront property
You loud make a private company and he’s right that law which went into effect July 1st
Allows homeowners to restrict access to this area between the high time and their property line
There’s the law which some consider bay and open to interpretation allows homeowners to set mountains
We have people go swimming in our swimming pool. We’ve had people walk up into our yard tape floats. Take chairs
Something I want to get off my chest I got an offer to do Playgirl magazine
And I did it I
Did a full spread for Playgirl magazine on it. I
Mean spread man. I pulled my butt apart. You probably didn’t hear about it because I went under the name of Mike honcho
The city screwed up because nobody stopped the state law that’s up now it appears little can be done
Kenny says he’ll probably take down the fence after July 4th, but he’ll still exercise his rights under the new ball
We still are allowed to declare this as private property and we could still play Lee asked people even if we if we choose to
Live Jenny tells us that he did not get a permit before he put up this new fence
Now we checked with the city and we also checked with the city and also one of the federal agencies responsible for environmental
Fences and things of that nature to see whether or not a permit is needed. We have not yet heard back
Another new state bought this one that allows homeowners to
Restrict access to parts of a beach you get the generate controversy in parts of the bay here
We had pushback from beach goers what it is at least one homeowner as I’ve been bit of offense
Blocking folks walking along the sand that comes across as laughs
My condos on the news twice, yeah, I
Chose head honchos Mike honcho. Tell us a hey
No, no, okay who
Hey, wait, play my back. Like what worked on my conscience
Oh, oh
bad, oh
Dude, oh you haven’t seen Talladega Nights. It might not be as funny to you
But this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life
My dad is on the news arguing as Mike honcho about the fence that I put up at
his house
The news right with the same. This is easily the greatest thing we’ve ever seen
We’re also stoked our pants are growing and a few minutes later
ABC shows up. Yes. Yes. Are you live here? Yeah. Oh
Yes tonight some people they’re not happy in seeing a part of their favorite Beach pinched off
But home owners argue a new state law says this Beach is private property
ABC Action News reporter Wendy Lane explaining why the city of Indian Rocks is saying not so fast
Florida beaches just got a little more crowded for the public and a little less crowded for the people who live on them
Jack tinny has lived on beach his whole life
It seems every morning of the fourth of July is a fight to get Beach space
so we figured because we can we’re gonna fence it off and
You know, we have our own little beach access for the day, but most people do not share Tenney’s enthusiasm
Building can do this the person who owns the building over there all the way down
Not even just this river Beach the entire state of Florida can do this
The first thing here is a building over here all the way down
You probably didn’t hear about it because I went under the name of Mike honcho
That’s what confuses what scares me. The new Florida law went into effect on July 1st
Stating beaches can be private for homeowners up to the high tide line
You see this in it then it comes to real light that someone can actually do this now
Their law says all beaches in the city are public and they’ve given 10 e 24 hours to take down his fence
Let me know the baby’s night
It was still in the parking lot during this whole ordeal because they were planning on doing a live broadcast at 6:00 p.m
My cameraman and J ended up shoving each other sadly it wasn’t caught on camera
But it was enough for the cops to show up again
I explained to one of the cops that it was joke and it was my cameraman
Meanwhile the other officers in the parking lot looking over the footage from ABC to see the altercation
And stuff
That guy is out of his mind he has no right to put a fence up on that beach
Nothing yeah, no big deal
Yeah, yeah, okay cool we’re good thank you sir. Sorry for wasting your time
The cops driving around
So my cameraman is now wanted through Seoul ABC and Bay News 9
Continue to run the story for the rest of the night the next morning
I woke up and the news is it by parking lot?
I walk out on the beach and more than half of our fence is gone. I see some drag marks
I walk down the beach a few blocks and I find pieces of the fence in attraction
Then the news come up and asked me for an interview. They did a brief interview with me when an angry neighbor
Okay in Mike honcho?
intercepted the interview
You know this morning we’ve learned two angry neighbors are ripped down a fence that section off part of a beach front property
Well, that’s you’ve been telling you about
That’s been halfway ripped down. Maybe all the way those babies
He actually was reporter long because she’s there live horseman there right now
And she was there when this all
Happened in Moore and the guy now says that all other says that this was a publicity stunt for some time
But homeowners, are you a new state law says this beach is private property
ABC Action News reporter Lauren. Rosella is live to explain why this is saying not so fast. Good morning
So, we now know that that homeowner has until 10:00 a.m
To take that fence down and if you can stop and take a look at your screen
This is what that fence looked like yesterday and had tempers flaring
jacked any has lived on his whole life and says he didn’t know that putting the fence up would be such a problem but most
people don’t share his enthusiasm
The new Florida law went into effect on July 1st stating that beaches can be private
Not even just the beach the entire state of, Florida
That’s what confusing it’s what scares me but the city of says that their city ordinance that was in effect before the state law
overrides it and their law says that all beaches in the city are public and they gave at any
24 hours to take down his fence now back out here live coming up ahead in our next half hour
We’re gonna hear from that homeowner and exactly why he thought it was okay and not a problem
To put up that fence in the first place
Learned angry neighbors have ripped down the controversial fence that sectioned off a part of private beach front as the nows
Lauren, Rosella shows us this follows a new law that allows homeowners to kick people off of their Beach property
Youtuber Jack Tenny is hauling pieces of trash out of his car this morning
The last bit of what’s left of his temporary fence that caused an uproar
Most of my fence was gone
When I woke up this morning teddie putting up this temporary
Beachfront fence following a new law that just took effect seeding beaches can be private for homeowners up to the high tide line
I found it all bent up in the trash can tempers boiling over this morning with our cameras rolling?
This angry neighbor admitting to tearing it down
Fence is completely removed now. Thanks to that neighbor
We talked to the homeowner and he says that this was all part of a publicity stunt
To draw attention to what he calls a bad law
I went and looked at all the city dumpsters trying to find the fence behind the City Hall
I figured maybe angry said you were turning it down until Wildman Merritt sent me a text of this picture reading
We took the liberty of removing some trash we found on the beach last night the beach belongs to everyone and no one putting up
Fences creates issues with our local wildlife and of course the locals don’t worry
I’ll make sure this gets disposed of properly so it doesn’t end up in our goal. Hashtag keep the beaches public
How noble and brave of them somewhat I never know immediately follows up with a comment
So originally I thought the guy that did this was being asked but if you watch the entire video be posted to YouTube he did
This to make a point about how stupid the laws they plan to clean it up themselves. This is
$250 worth of someone else’s belongings that you technically stole
And I comment can I have my fence back
I did this as a publicity stunt to raise awareness on the inche issue
Please return it or I will contact the police he posted that they stole our fence on Facebook
We spoke to the cops and asked their opinion on it. Of course
Someone came in stolen and they posted it out on face
What should we do they obviously not
It’s a page says keep peaches peaches
Public and they didn’t understand what we’re doing so they came last night and they said they explained it all they took all the stuff
There’s only 20 people on the page. Is there a way for you to like instant message?
Yeah, you can try and say listen, you know, we’re on your side
We’re try this what we’re trying to do, you know, we spent three hundred bucks on this stuff. Can we please get it back?
cause we’re trying to do a protest from working on your side and maybe
Alright because we’re not trying to get him in trouble. We just we’re going to throw it all away. Oh, thank you guys
Thank you
So to the person who stole the fence, we know who you are
We won’t put you on blast as long as you give us the fence the post and the signs back or pay me
$200 that I now can’t receive from Home Depot because I was going to take that stuff back also woke up that morning
To some of the rudest emails that I have ever gotten in my life
Let me read you one
That is by far the worst thing you can do the beach you grew up on lost respect for you
And you do not deserve to live in my old house
I thought you were showing someone else’s property and being a dick when it was you the whole time
I’m the dick. I mean I was in a giant dick costume
But why do I have to explain these things to people with it now at this point we’re basically waiting around for two news stories
That we got word. We’re going on air at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m
When I look outside my window and I see yet another news team
Just roll the clue how they young guys
More news. All right
Thank you. Jack. I guess it’s not a story anymore. Oh, yeah, it’s growing story
Why is that just cuz the publicity that’s surrounding it took the thing down, right? No, I got ripped down. Yeah, I got
Oh, really? Yeah, it people came in the middle of the night last night and ripped it down
Yeah, it’s down now though
You can’t be serious at this point
They’re legends, oh my god, they’re legends after that
You know you texted Marik’s eggs, so that angry neighbor was Jack’s dad
uh-huh glasses match and he’s wearing the same glasses is our interview a few years back because we have been interviewed by channel 10 before
Marik replied with this picture saying no, I’m pretty sure that’s Mike honcho
events in America this picture
and said
I know it’s his dad which to me is the funniest thing that I’ve ever seen that’s triggered texts made by night
All this is going on and I’m still wearing it star-lord shakes
Yes, every time I’ve ever been on the news except for once. I was wearing a Star Wars shirt. Yeah, Oh
God all right. I have to interrupt my what’s the news here maybe?
another news station
Come on guys, come on
Well, okay, I’m back sorry about that something it’s a nice lady getting me a necklace. She said she loves what we’re doing
This is my favorite news piece today. I personally would like to thank Channel 10 News for this story. It is awesome
So dope
I’m glad that they understand why we do what we do and that we just like to have fun and that our
intentions are pure a
wave of controversy
Beachgoers are furious after homeowner fenced off part of the beach
I’m God only Nellie and I’m Katie McCall a new state law could allow someone to kick you off of private beachfront property
So we set night sides Grady Trimble to the front lines of a beachfront battle and what he found surprised every single one of us
Apparently angry neighbor complaining about the fence jacked any put up in front of his beachfront home
He says he and his buds just want a good place to watch the fireworks on the beach
It’s like a fight to get beach space on the fourth people come early and start putting tents up in chairs and they posted this
Video to YouTube saying they have a right to this area. Thanks to a new state law
Once the state law was passed the city had passed its own ordinance saying all of this Beach is public
It can’t block off the beach code enforcement paid Tenny a visit and the city told us that we would be charged about
$200 per sign if we didn’t take it down within 24 hours. Teni never had to take down
He says an irritated beach goer did it for him in the middle of the night?
But Tenny says they totally missed his point
He put up the fence as a prank and a protest a Florida’s new law for his more than 3 million YouTube subscribers
We try to use it to spread awareness on issues like this like this law done law being passed the pranked
He didn’t bother this fan from Indiana who recognized Kenny from other videos right? When I saw it. I knew it was a joke
It’s not
Obviously, I weren’t serious but it’s just what he does. It’s what he does
Oh, and by the way that angry neighbor we caught on camera
You know what? That’s Tenney’s dad who’s also in on the joke?
It turns out they’re on the same side as the people who think the beach should be open to everyone
In Indian Rocks Beach Grady Trimble 10 News and I am with Alex Miranda
You looked into this youtuber. What did you find out about this guy? Yeah, Catalina. Most of his videos are jokes on YouTube
They’re pranks
But a few of those videos are actually about topics that are close to his heart
If you scroll through that YouTube page, you’ll come across this video
Say a prayer hurricane Irma heads straight for Florida City was forced to evacuate
And he spent time making sure his followers were safe now in another video Jack calls out another youtuber
Accusing him of being a bully in order to get popular
6,000 people commented on that video many of them saying thank you. Now. Teddy says he’s gonna be going to Hawaii next weekend
He’ll be surfing and also shooting some more those videos as you see the end. They got a statement from the governor
From the governor’s office tonight
They say this law does not ban or privatize any beach in Florida if the local government
Wants to expand the poly Beach area. This bill simply outlines the legal process to accomplish that
Thanks to Mike honcho in the juice squad
This dumb law has been on the news over a dozen times if I’m the bad guy here
So be it tons of people are seeing this story and will do something about it
I literally called the news myself to get them to come so that this law
Could get more exposure because nobody agrees with this law whatsoever
Please explain to me
How what I’m doing is going to help the law in any way if anything it’s taken way way less seriously after this
It’s that much more exposure on it
And this is exactly what will outreach people this is what the news needed to make it a top story
So mission accomplished we were trying to stir the pot
Trying to cause controversy and give them a story that will headline what you did. It was the top story on several news stations
I would like to wrap this up by stating that this private beach law is the least
Our worries over the last five plus years
Our Florida government has been dumping Lake Okeechobee water into our oceans killing entire ecosystems yet
Everyone feels the need to be outraged about these Beach laws instead. Listen, everyone
the news will not report on the dumping of polluted Okeechobee water due to big sugar companies and they agreed so this story is
Completely reliant on word of mouth and on you guys the people the news will not report on this
So just spread the word we will be posting
Much more information on our Facebook page Jude squad links in the description
If you guys want to follow that I urge you all to please share this video if you enjoyed it drop a big thumbs up
And of course subscribe so you can join us on our newly found
Privately owned beach, who knows this might even not be the end of it
We’ll probably end up posting another video about it because they’re apparently we’re news helicopters outside of my house doing circles earlier. So I
Guys, I don’t I don’t know
Okay, I don’t know. Wow. This has been one of the funniest weeks of my entire life
Share this video to help a child in need
Subscribe and likes that you can join us on our private beach
I just have to tell you guys that I did a spread for Playgirl magazine
and I mean
full spread
It was weird I I mean you probably didn’t hear about it cuz I went under the name of Mike honcho
But I just wanted you to know that if you could hear me he got into your brain somehow
That I spread my buttcheeks is my consciousness


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