Platinum blonde hair for men – how to bleach men’s hair – Silver Fox hair

Platinum blonde hair for men – how to bleach men’s hair – Silver Fox hair

– Hi guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar
TV. I’m Emil, and today it’s my honour to present our
house model Micky… and Ulises! The best hairdresser
from Copenhagen.
What are you going to do today?
– Thanks a lot, Emil. Today we’re going to
make a “Silver Fox” hair colouring. Yes! Exactly.
A platinum blond colour.
– It’s very important to start from the back
when adding the hair colour, because the front
and sides dry faster, and they can get more
yellow. So there’s a tip.
– It’s going to happen! Gonna make the Silver
Fox hair colour! Wow!
– Guys, when you get this platinum colour,
it’s very important to use matt products,
because products with shine will make your
hair look more yellow.
– So Micky, what do you think about your new
Silver Fox hairstyle?
– I think it looks super cool, and that Ulises
did a really great job.
– Thanks a lot!
– I’m super excited.
– I’m so happy for this result. I think it’s
the best hair colouring I’ve ever done on
a guy. Very, very nice hair colour.
– I think it looks super cool, and I hope
you like it, Micky.
– I do.
– We’d like you guys to comment in the comment
section down below and let us know what you
think about this hairstyle. And of course
we’ve the “random but awesome comment” competition.
And the winner is… Ulises, would you show
Congratulations! Remember to comment in the
comment section down below, and we’ll pick
a winner of 3 cans of wax.

100 thoughts to “Platinum blonde hair for men – how to bleach men’s hair – Silver Fox hair”

  1. What do you mean by "Bleach color – 40min with 60deg (home color takes longer)" please ??
    I have vol. 30 et vol. 40, but what do you mean by "60deg", which product are you using ?

  2. So, want to do my hair like Pagan Min from Far Cry 4.
    The hairstyle is almost done but I am not sure about dying
    the top of my hair white.I need help.

  3. Hi did a hairdresser used wella illumina 8/1 and 8/69 together ? If so what parts of those and peroxide strength 2.7% or just activator ?

  4. Thats too much chemicals for one head.i think i saw more of his head after the whole process.doesn't treatments like this damage your hair.?

  5. Did I overlook something? Why don’t you name all the products you’re using here so we can order them from you?

  6. Use a Latin model and then I'll respect your art That was already a blank ass natural blonde white boy canvas and you know it lmao common boys lmao

  7. he look way better with his natural hair color. why would anyone wanna put all this toxic chem in there hair to begin with.. no wonder ever1's getting cancer these days but i could care less the less stupid people on the planet the better.. VHEMT

  8. That poor guy. You can tell it burns like hell and will only get worse after today before it gets better. He's trying not to cry.

  9. Looks really good!
    I miss having this colour, even though it eventually ruined my hair, at the time it made my hair so thick.

  10. What hair product brand (wax or jell) that I need to use in order to keep the blonde there , not going yellow?

  11. I had to undergo a full head bleach when i was training back inthe 80's. As i am naturally auburn it took 6 hours to lift under a steamer! My hair was wrecked totally and it damaged my scalp. I have never dared to do it again, jntil i saw this video. How things have changed?

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