PewDiePie’s biggest OOPSIE.  📰 PEW NEWS📰

PewDiePie’s biggest OOPSIE. 📰 PEW NEWS📰

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The game awards did an oopsie
but Pewdiepie made the biggest oopsie OH MY GUSH (GOD)
BIG OOPSIE no recovery
it’s over for pewdieoopsie
poopsie doopsiee DOOPsie
I’m Glouria Bourger AND you watching PEWnews
What did PewDiePie did this time huh?
PewDiePie gives shout out to hateful anti-semetic youtube channel
I KNEW IT. Youtube star PewDiePie promotes channel with anti-semetic content
PewDiePie is shepherding his legions of 14-year-old fans
hej did someone just have the birthday?
happy birthday looks like you are 14 now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Towards neonazi content on youtube. probably something that someone should sheck into!
I AGREE We should check into it
why don’t we just do it…. shall we?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
let’s see what they actually said
oh can’t wait to get this guy
for promoting nazism we finally have them now boys
ER who does the grate video oopsie about death note which i really really enjoy
uh uh did you catch that?
ooooh my good
did you see that?
did you catch that?
did you noticed tha shrepromoting 14-year-old to nazi propaganda
Did you notice the immediate indoctrination of 75 million children into nazis? Did you notice it?
He recomended someone for their anime review
So basically what happened was that pewdipie (ugh that guy)
shouted out 28 channels
not 10 not 15 28 okay because I was
getting so much attention for all this
subscribe to PewDiePie mean that I
thought it would be nice if I gave a
shout out to some smaller channels that
I enjoyed and I thought hey the more the
now apparently one of those 28 likes to
have hidden and not so hidden Nazi
references in his videos and you know
obviously if I’ve noticed that I
wouldn’t have referenced in him in the
shoutout because I said my not because I
have a problem with Nazi reference as
being offensive in themselves but
because I said publicly a year and a
half ago that I was gonna distance
myself from Nazi jokes in that kind of
stuff because I want nothing to do with
it and I don’t really care about it
generally I’ve done that I haven’t
I don’t really have a reason to I don’t
know dip into that again this is stupid
but you know YouTube Sharpedo pipe now
promotes anti-semitic content by what
they’re saying I enjoyed his anime
review the worst thing that I’ve seen
him referenced was from another channel
that he has not the channel I mentioned
and a video that was two years old so
Wow amazing and yes he does have run
Nazi references in them and I see them
now but unless you pay close attention
and unless you are well familiar with
Nazi trivia or whatever you want to call
it these references will go past you the
irony here is that I’m supposed to be
the Nazi but I don’t know any of these
goddamn references I mean again all I
said was I like this guy’s enemy review
anyone with the level-headed brain can
tell that I don’t know this guy more
than this so the verge posted about this
but science and tech news media outlet
they just couldn’t help themself by
getting a few clicks out of this saying
stuff like since shell burg shoutout ER
has amassed an approximate additional
hundred and fifty thousand subscribers
that hundred and fifty more viewers some
of whom may be extremely young turning
into a dramatic and hateful content
that’s right everybody we’re
radicalizing the youth one enemy review
at the time now a simple to click search
fact check will tell you that no the
verge not hundred and fifty thousand new
twelve thousand new subscribers this is
at the end of the video most people
don’t watch that far it’s twenty eight
channels I’m not gonna know every single
thing about them maybe I should have you
know in retrospect I should have just
limited it but I hey I thought hey the
more small channels I can help the
people are saying making the argument
that I should have hired a team to
background check on these channels and I
should have really made sure since I
have so many subscribers it’s my
responsibility to make sure I have
people doing this and check-in that it’s
right but the verge can’t even themself
a big news outlet get simple facts right
in this own story the verge a tech
company can even show you how to build a
computer properly I don’t know if you’ve
seen this video but it’s pretty goddamn
laughable the point of me bringing this
up is the fact that this could have
happened anyway with me having a I don’t
know other people helping me or or not
but I do understand I have a
responsibility especially with mine pass
but I can’t help but seeing this as
outrage for the sake of outrage and
getting clicks and from negative
attention associated with my name which
is just sad that this is still going on
anyone with a level-headed brain can see
what I said in that video and understand
he’s clearly not seeing more of this
guy’s channel maybe I can just tell him
but instead of just the media becomes a
shame campaign to smear none of my name
and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised
honestly but I’m getting so much love
and I’m getting so much support right
now by all you guys of course it’s gonna
be people that want to put me down for
that of course so I guess I shouldn’t be
surprised but this is it this is all you
those have er who does great video
essays about
Death Note which I really really enjoyed
in pathetic the one thing I will say
that I regret about all this it’s the
lightning in the video I mean what the
hell is that what’s wrong with my
goddamn face
so why I’m not using the green screen
today like I’m not messing with that now
I wasn’t planning to do another puny or
so soon but I felt like I needed to
address this especially because so much
out of context its associated all these
headline sorry just one more thing that
I want tied about this which is that I I
removed er from that video and
apparently you can edit video now so he
just won’t appear at all like I said
because if I knew then what I knew now I
wouldn’t have I just wouldn’t have put
them in there I still really want to
shout out smaller channels something’s
gonna keep doing that but I’ll be more
careful in the future maybe I can add
the verge for help that would be great
next news please the Game Awards the
Game Awards more like the cringe awards
came out a few days ago and oh boy some
highlights let’s go through them these
are the games whose stories captivated
us with complex characters surprising
twists and profound philosophical ideas
best narrative
now as always a lot of great moments
from these award shows I’m expecting to
win so hopefully I get up on stage okay
I can only imagine your speech from the
game award goes to
if the whole world tell me now just to
be clear this was a meme from Tarek JK
and I’m not familiar if they are a Nazi
or not I haven’t done a background check
just want that to be clear yeah that’s a
good shelf in my friend did you just say
shelf shelf e CC it’s a gas station
thing oh no no no that wasn’t a good one
we didn’t get a good one my eyes were
shame on Django manchego but the most
talked about from the game awards 2018
was when sonic fox that the furry one
the esports of the Year award okay
and the game award goes to sonic Fox
everybody big honor I’m sure you guys
heard the story of when I won the ideas
finale no one of my closest friends so I
gotta marry his that had cancer and
after I won before I even like did the
match I told him whether I win or lose
I’m gonna be donating at least like 10k
of the prize winning to his father for
his stage three cancer they hope it
works out for him
and he really really oh my god there’s
silence he’s right for that now this
goes on for way too long and the
teleprompter even said please wrap it up
the goons back at home game guys also
may know or may not know I’m also super
gay I mean
but the thing that most people are
talking about is the end of the speech
that goes like that yes I gotta say is
that I’m gay black a fairy pretty much
everything I’m a publican hates I kind
of like how he’s so unapologetic to who
he is and obviously I’m pretty sure he
doesn’t have to say that he’s black gay
and a furry for people to make that
assessment themselves but this last
comment is what really it made people
very angry here’s some comments from the
video that I watched from IGN saying
that everything of Republican hates
really was that even necessary for a
video game award pretty much everything
a Republican hates okay he’s complaining
about hate but he is writing it now I
don’t know but I do know that people
were pretty upset about this and I don’t
know I see this guy and how he presents
himself he’s he’s 20 years old he’s
clearly not the brightest and being this
kind of open personality in a
professional East Ward gaming circuit
you’re you’re bound to get a ton of hate
it’s just how it is and I can only guess
this but it seems like he kind of have
to develop some sort of enemy to cope
with that but also it’s a jokester who
really cares I don’t know all I know is
you disappointed Reggie man this show
was about bringing people together as an
industry we are most powerful when we
come together united by our common love
for the art form of games what are you
guys things as always passing on the
question to you guys more comments the
better next news battlefield battlefield
5 everybody we have a new update we’ve
been following the development and story
of battlefield 5 ever since their
trailer got released which became the
most disliked trailer of battlefields
history’s franchise it got hundred and
twelve thousand dislikes hey company’s
getting more distant with their
consumers where have we heard that
before now I talked about this before so
I’ll just quickly summarize but
basically they released this trailer
that’s supposed to depict world war two
but it instead just seemed like a gender
study class and take on it where you
have a British female amputee going
hello and it’s just overall Queens
worthy and to be clear no one cares that
there’s a strong female character at the
front of battlefield what is it
battlefield 5 they happen in games all
the time no one cares no one pays
attention to this stuff but when you’re
depicting history in World War two it
kind of seems like you’re changing
history for the sake of your gender or
social progressive ideas and I can
understand why people have a problem
with that and it’s kind of like the
sonic Fox thing where it’s politics into
something that doesn’t have to have
politics into it if you wanted to
tribute pay a tribute to female soldier
you could have honestly just picked
Russian snipers who kill literally
hundreds of Nazis but instead they make
this weird fiction that just feels off
it feels weird it feels forced on top of
that the EA director himself said to the
criticism about this that people are
just ignorant
there was actually amputees in the war
which yes but that’s not how people see
the war and remember the war it’s always
a great way to acknowledge criticism by
just calling
consumers ignorant and I said I was
gonna follow up if anything else
happened with the battlefield 5 and now
it did that’s right they had their
launch party for battlefield 5 called
ever hashtag everyone’s battlefield
that’s right everybody it’s everyone’s
battlefield just as long as you agree
with them and they had some text in
there I don’t know why but they
basically said white men white men white
men I guess it says females ruin
Femi Nazis are trying to rewrite history
gender feel fine that’s great I mean
it’s kind of silly I get it
they’ve probably been dealing with a lot
a lot of why am I so empathetic lately
shut up Felix this is terrible how could
they this was for their launch party I
get that they were trying to reduce
tension with all the criticism that
they’re getting but also this kind of
sends a message to your consumer that if
you have any criticism for this game
you’re just a hateful troll you’re just
an evil hater how could you you know I’m
trying to give just level-headed
criticism to this thing but you know
it’s all grouped in that’s one thing
it’s also kind of saying that whatever
the consumers are saying doesn’t matter
we’re gonna push forward on these ideas
we just don’t care which is a
interesting move to say the least
considering how the game is performing
as well it’s hard to say for sure
whether this is doing well or not but it
doesn’t look positive and it’s another
example of companies and consumers
growing more and more apart you know we
had the the YouTube rewind now as well
quickly becoming the most disliked video
on all of YouTube because there’s such a
distance between the site itself and how
they want to be perceived and how the
consumers think of that or or what they
think in general I guess I don’t know
what the end result of this sort of
thing happening is but I do know for a
fact that it’s just giving more power to
independent creators like myself so hey
EA I’ll take it
now to end this if you want to support
pew news I would HIGHLY appreciate it
represent comm /pd PI I’m literally
getting a bunch of reach out because I
gave this guy a shout out to my all my
sponsors to make them stop some
answering me so keep doing that a great
way to support a channel and pew news
check out represent that Comstock
PewDiePie that’s it for me for now hope
you guys enjoyed bye-bye
really my head my hair was like that the
whole time are you kidding me

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