Peter Navarro defends tariff delay as ‘strong and flexible’ move

Peter Navarro defends tariff delay as ‘strong and flexible’ move

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  1. Peter Navarro defends tariff delay as 'strong and flexible' move
    Bull** 'Big Bird' choaked, and China knows they have him on the ropes…
    What did someone get a bit of 'WD40' for the 'rust belt' or something…

  2. Imports of fentanyl is a smokescreen, opioid crisis is driven by greedy doctors and Big
    Pharma over prescribing in order to pay for their yachts and private planes!

  3. Navarro is out of his hatred of China and do not do things smart. Yes the Chinese Communist is an evil regime; but we need to have a plan so that to end the trade war well.


  5. : trump administration can't tell everything's being done behind the story????????????
    ; I trust what trump is doing he stuck in finger in the Chinese leaders eye???????????
    ; every day china slips backwards 10 DAYS CHINESE LEADER MAY GET KICKED OUT OF OFFICE.??????????????????????????

  6. And when the price of these stocks go down to the right low price, the market will soar upwards again. …the sky is not falling.

  7. Delay tariffs for ever. Stop punishing businesses and consumers with higher prices on goods. Besides, the economy can't take it because it stands on a very weak foundation of corrupt monetary policies (central banks, currency inflation, fractional-reserve lending), credit bubbles to include the federal debt, unfunded liabilities, and the government's virtual takeover of industries like healthcare, insurance, banking, finance, etc. We need a separation of economy and state so people are free to grow their careers and entrepreneurs can create new, efficient production methods and businesses that will grow the economy and bring prices down, without being punished through onerous regulations, taxation, and inflation.

  8. People with loads of MONEY are doing TERRIFIC
    Buy LOW, make great MONEY
    The SAVERS are the ONES WHO are NOT doing WELL
    SINCE the attack on interest
    TIME to address, people on their 60s HAVE BIG DEBT

  9. This news reader is very rude.. so abrupt with his questions. It's like he is trying to trip up Mr Navarro.
    Not sure what they want Trump to do. Just lay back in his executive chair. Give romantic speeches like Obama and Biden as China just goes full steam ahead. Dammed if he does dammed if he doesn't . As people like this will then say, it was all Trumps fault by not going hard on China 🙁

  10. It sounds like some commentators want the recession to come to hurt Trump. The 7 deadly sins of china are apparently what these commentators support. The trade war is to effectively fight again Chinese unfair trade tactics. The world is already potentially starting a recession. A small one. But its good that america has not been hit hard by it so far. Trump is also trying to stop the world economy from damaging us to much from whats going on outside america.

  11. Who's in a better position to stall, Trump who will be gone in 2020 or 2024 or Xi who's leader for life? Trump said he would run this like he ran his businesses.
    This is going to be a bumpy ride.

  12. Will somebody tell Navarro and other dumbasses in administration usa 600yrs old, china 1000's of years old. They traded, have done business with the rest of the world forever. They do not have to do anything with the usa… get a grip. Huawei is somehow #3 in cell phone sales behind samsung and apple, WITHOUT usa access.. imagine if they weren't banned.. There's more than the usa and russia, south america now has usa farmers business for years to come. Just handed to them.. Now acting like usa citizens paying 10%-25% or more for products is somehow good. Clown show..

  13. Trump tried to negotiate with intelligent Chinese leaders like they were his subcontractors. Trump threw tariffs all over the world and he has no allies and the Chinese know it. Xi Jinping is not going anywhere Trump is walking on economic glass. Trump threw out the Paris Agreement, TPP, the Six Nation Iran agreement, and his NAFTA deal is on life support. Trump has no global allies, we need a real President.

  14. Peter, way to go, put these Puppets and those who eat lunch with these Puppets, making an extra Buck to pull Information, not to help America, bust to create more strife!
    Trust the POTUS!

  15. Come on, please don't delay the tariff, USA is winning and China is paying. Don't be silly to back down. Trump, if you are a man, if you still think you have a big hand, if you still want your people to believe you are a tough president just put another 50% tariff for the Chinese goods. US government will be benefited more and China will get more suffer.

  16. This is the second "interview" in a week that I have seen a Fox commentator constantly badgering and interrupting Peter Navarro throughout the entire interview. First a really aggressive, obnoxious Leland Vittert was incredibly rude to Mr. Navarro, never giving him time to answer a question, and constantly badgering him, and now Stuart Varney doing almost the exact same thing. Not good interview technique at all, and belongs over on MSNBC.

  17. More donkey discussion of Trump's announcement to force another Wall Street drop and now a recovery in just a few days. The President can so easily manipulate investments, flow of currency in and out of the economy, and blame it all on China, without anything but a few words spoken to the press. What a guy….

  18. This guy Navarro has always been considered a flake in economic circles.
    He and Trump deserve each other. Both mentally unstable.

  19. Wow what a hard hitting rapid fire style…. Gimme a break. You should have just lightly tossed a roll of two-ply at him, same effect.

  20. Trump shows "strength" and "flexibility" rather than his daily insecurity?
    And these tariffs are so supposedly harmless to us that we have to… delay them until December?
    Yeah, sure, buddy. Trump's admin will keep kicking that can down the road until after the election, so it can be someone else's problem when the recession finally hits. It's transparent.

  21. So he gave US business three month to figure out away around the tarrifs, All this prove to China is that we are very dependent on them for our supply.

  22. Why are there slaves and fascist psychopaths in the modern world.. We have technological weapons to liberate the Chinese with a surgically decisive nuetralization…Gitmo the little creeps.

  23. First time to see Peter lost cool. Obviously those questions from Varney are hard to answer in front of camera. But have to answer.

  24. Dow closed at -800!
    This is what you trump-tards wanted!!! Great job! Ruined the economy, racist! Good job American's!

  25. This navarro guy's just blowing smoke. He is delaying to prevent an immediate recession. Lowering interest rates is a good sign that they are postponing a market crash, but reality is that it's already coming thanks to all republicans and the wh.

  26. I hate those people in Fox now.  They are always cutting people off when they interview them.  They are so rude.  Also, why do you want to know their plans.  If you guys know then the stupid Chinese knows too.  Shut up Stuart!!!


  28. This parasite is not a contributor to America his intentions are to block anything that allows the USA to go forward .
    This guy is just using the corrupted fed policy.

  29. "your job as a fox host is to just shut up and go with the talking points we're putting out Stewart!!.. It's a great day in America as the market is in free fall.. Now shut up and bow to the king!!" 🤣

  30. Poor white people are not intelligent enough to understand what Trump have done to America on the world stage. See his supporters thinks everyone else is afraid of America, but the smart and wealth one's know better. America time has came just like all the others throughout history, Trump can't be held solely responsible be he just showed the entire world what America stands for and have always been a white supremacist Nation. This statement also includes Democrats also not just the Republicans. Both have taken advantage of the ADOS and all other people of color. Time to pay for the actions you have benefited from.

  31. WH knows they are in a losing game. Then double down to make people and themselves believe otherwise.
    Blaming China, blaming Fed, blaming everyone else …

  32. Stewart Varny does nice job of trying to make himself the news! Uses his rehearsed concerned faces looks. When did Varny become such an expert and go to guy for US strategy? Quit listening at 8:20.

  33. It's as strong as the Central Banksters longterm bonds … like he LOST AGRICULTURE ENTIRELY dufus!

    This was directly over the added tariffs, what's the ROI again?

    Get real … buy gold, bitcoin or silver, dollars are tanking, the sinking of the Titanic Depression has begun by all pundits except those on the poop deck.

  34. Strong and flexible, strength. Key words wanted to assuage one person. The only currency manipulator is this guy and his buddies.

  35. Navarro, U like Trump are dumb as tacks when it comes to economics,, do you really think fueling debt with more debt, just does not work, your right, China gave nothing, Trump; caves again, Navarro and Trump both lying

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