‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

[Machine beeping] “The frustrating thing
about all of this is it really just feels like
it’s too little, too late. Like we knew —
we knew it was coming. Today is kind of
getting worse and worse. We had to get a
refrigerated truck to store the bodies of
patients who are dying. We are, right now,
scrambling to try to get a few additional
ventilators or even CPAP machines. If we could get
CPAP machines, we could free up ventilators
for patients who need them. You know, we now have
these five vents. We probably — unless
people die, I suspect we’ll be back to needing to
beg for ventilators again in another day or two. There’s a mythical
100 vents out there which we haven’t seen. Leaders in various offices,
from the president to the head of
Health and Hospitals, saying things like,
‘We’re going to be fine. Everything’s fine.’ And from our perspective,
everything is not fine. I don’t have the
support that I need, and even just the materials
that I need, physically, to take care of my patients. And it’s America,
and we’re supposed to be a first-world country. On a regular day, my
emergency department’s volume is pretty high. It’s about
200 people a day. Now we’re seeing 400
or more people a day. At first, we were trying
to isolate patients with cough and fever and be
more careful around them, but we weren’t
necessarily being extra careful around
all the other patients. And then we started to
realize that patients who were coming in with
no fever but abdominal pain actually had findings on
their X-rays and chest CTs that were consistent
with this coronavirus, Covid-19. So someone in a car
accident gets brought in and we get a CT scan of
them, and their lungs look like they
have coronavirus. We were seeing a lot of
patients who probably had Covid, but we didn’t realize. Ten residents and also
many, many of our nurses and a few of the attending
physicians got sick. The anxiety of this situation
is really overwhelming. All of the doctors,
it’s hard for us to get tested even if we want
to, even if we have symptoms. We’re exposed over
and over again. We don’t have the
protective equipment that we should have. I put on one N95 mask
in the morning. I need to have that N95 mask
on for every patient I see. I don’t take it off all day. The N95 mask I wore today
is also the N95 mask I wore on Friday. We’re always worried that
we’ll be out of N95 masks. What’s a little bit
scary now is the patients that we’re getting
are much sicker. Many of the young people
who are getting sick don’t smoke, they’re healthy,
they have no co-morbidities. They’re just young,
regular people between the ages of 30 and 50
who you would not expect to get this sick. So many people are saying
it’s going to be OK, everything’s fine, we have
what we need. And if this goes on for a
month or two or three or five like it did in China, and we’re
already this strained, we don’t have what we need. I don’t really care
if I get in trouble for speaking to the media. I want people to know
that this is bad. People are dying. We don’t have the tools
that we need in the emergency department
and in the hospital to take care of them, and — and it’s really hard.”

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  2. It looks like she's reading from a prop. She keeps rolling her eyes to the side as if she's reading from cue cards! This report is staged

  3. This is the likely outcome for all US hospitals in a few weeks. For those who think they can run to the hospital to get treated if they get covid…you're in for a big surprise.

  4. Thanks for speaking out about the Covid 19, alotta People Out there aren't taking The re-precautions Seriously

  5. We are lucky that in the us and Asia they created a cure but Asia is making the cure more rapidly and the USA is only 2 and a half thirds the speed of Asia making the cure

  6. I have a feeling after this everything that we fought for during this time will just be unlooked again and that’s when humanity shall perish on the next wave.

  7. This is scary… But that's the thing, in the back of my mind I always think that all of this will be over, everything is gonna be fine. But what if it doesn't?? Is this the end?

  8. At this point I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Trump the joke forbid europeans to land there… who's more infected now dump a**??? Are you still proud of your stupid "president"?? D from Europe.

  9. This president’s idiotic and reckless statements are no longer tolerable! His actions are crime against humanity!

  10. Why didn't the New York Times crap their pants in 2018 when 80,000 thousand people died from the normal flu? More and more people realize you don't print real news, you print scripted news.

  11. Where is Mayor Deblasio? Two weeks ago said, go out to St.PATRICKS.
    Just close the ER.
    Sadly local officials have point, meaning they are in charge.
    FEMA won't come and run the hospital for you. People need to understand if you see a LINE in the ER, stay away, drive few miles to a different ER. Ambulance services should do the same.
    Cuomo should be moving the stable patients out. Even patients in ventilation can be moved, we did this, ACLS ambulances can do this.

  12. stop sending prayers, just stay at home, vote better next time and defend your health system as much you defend your favourite celebrity in a useless feud

  13. I am f***ing livid right now, thinking about all those idiots who treated this illness like some season flu. God bless these brave healthcare workers working in such atrocious work environments.

  14. This is not a joke,
    Let's stay home!
    Also lets not blame people who taking this situation lightly, instead educate them about the severity of this situation.
    Because in this times of pandemic we must help and support each other.

  15. These people saying we need ventilators, where exactly are they suppose to get them from? Just snap your fingers like Thanos and make them appear? But its ok blame Trump for everything. Not only that you need to call Apple and ask them why they are hoarding 9 million mask?

  16. I began liquid fasting when it got bad, to boost my immunity. I'm a trucker; can't isolate, can't go home. I'm praying for all of the medical personnel; and that we all return home healthy.

  17. Can the lies.

    Coronavirus, this pandemic, started in Wuhan China in December '19, which is why it was ridiculously labeled "COVID-19."

    Coronavirus is not new, it was first identified in the 60s.

    There IS stuff available to be sent to hospitals.

    If anyone there was paying any attention to a reliable, relevant, (TV) news source, then it'd be known who/where to contact.

    There is no other 'most' reliable news source. No, NYT, you're not reliable. You even say to provide an email address just "to gain access" to 'your' "most up-to-date information and guidance on the coronavirus." It is illegal to require an email address for any given reason (unless it's reasonable). It's called OPT-in because it's OPTional. All you want to do is spam people that don't want your emails, just to provide them with your "most up-to-date information and guidance."

    The BEST place for "the most up-to-date information and guidance" is coronavirus.gov.

    Even better, CDC/WHO, but there are also other better sources than you.

    You're (likely) part of the reason people are letting themselves be scared, in fear and such.

  18. It makes me cry knowing humans caused this disease…it hurts me so much even knowing children and parents, even grandparents are dying by such…I hope this ends soon…

  19. But Amanda Meek on Facebook says pray for her…she collects checks and they might not wash their hands before they hand over their money. Sick

  20. I am glad there are still these people in the world, those who are not afraid to say and show the reality. Many people say the situation is all under control but as you can see here, no it is not…

  21. Take a good look people. This is modern medecine, we need to be doing so much more in our medical and science sectors. If it is a resource issue we need to create better ways to handle and collect resources. Its sad people rely so blindly on this broken corrupt money driven system.

  22. “ we knew what was coming “ your name is the New York Times. Oh wait you told me this is just like the flu.

  23. It's all by China ,wipe it out without a second thought ,otherwise they will release many more viruses like this.

  24. CCP virus At first, let overseas Chinese buy masks and protective suit, these things have not been sent to the hands of Chinese front-line doctors, and then pretend to calm the world to engage in pneumonia diplomacy.

  25. You all need to learn something beyond allopathic medicine. Man made drugs are inferior to heal a body that was not created by man but by the Creator.

  26. Yes Trump banned travelers from China in late January. But he didn’t do the same thing for EU. My friends arrived in February never got asked for travel history, health conditions or tested for body temperature.

  27. People in the US should take it seriously now, atleast LISTEN for once and stay home. Due to strict lockdown in India atleast I feel like I have a chance of survival.

  28. Isn't America the greatest country on Earth? are we not the most technologically-advanced, and have the best healthcare? Why can't we get some equipment for these poor nurses and doctors?

  29. In Russia we have not even 1% of the most needed medical equipment for this situation with covid 19. It’s a shame

  30. Are people so dumbed down now as to believe the mainstream media..stay indoors with family, how many in it? All couped up together with flatmates not spreading flu?: This really upsets me, as we are witnessing the greatest heist on humanity the world has ever seen by the chosen elite abusers.

  31. https://interestingengineering.com/canadian-doctor-rigs-ventilator-to-treat-nine-patients-instead-of-just-one?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=Mar22

  32. What wrong with their leader "we are fine" when would they be awakened? When the outbreak would be at its zenith? Why is the government showing up this lethargic attitude when every leader is acting proactively! God bless America and the rest of the countries.
    Love from India

  33. Some influencers even joked about the epidemic when it first broke out in Wuhan, I hope now they realize how serious it is. And please get these doctors and nurses some proper protection, they’re literally wearing Saran Wrap with a big hole on their backs, cmon now.

  34. That poor nurse seems or is implying to have no support at all from her state government or hospital corporation. Like she is carrying the entire hospital on her back. I feel sorry for her. So overwhelmed. How can they be so poorly prepared …. but of course it is all 'orange man bad' fault. Too bad we have all seen pictures of truly overrun hospitals in Italy and China.
    Did she actually say they got a refrigerated for the people who were dying? I hope she meant 'dead' but she was just following the script.
    A fine example of Fearporn. America is so proud of the NYT. Great job encouraging the masses.

  35. As a nurse, cant even test myself if I have covid already, cough and body weakness I have, cant leave work as we are understaffed. Im not afraid if i have them already just please o lord let my daughter be safe

  36. Doctor Vladimir Zelenko has treated 100's of Corona infected patients with the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and his success rate is virtually 100%

  37. actually if you smoke better weed or drink alcohol or have a active immune system you can survive with mild symptoms this thing can be fire walls line to the virus ,,,of course natural fooe spices ,too…

  38. What a liar. Talking about how "we dont have the machines…" and there are rows and rows of UNUSED and FRESH machines ready to go. Doesnt add up. Truth is there is nothing to worry about. More dope heads die just in USA than this thing all over the globe. Its such a small problem and the govt is crushing our economy over it.

  39. Exactly, you're supposed to be a "first world country." Maybe now you guys will stop looking down on the "third world countries" and assuming that a country is a third world without even knowing anything about how people live there. Hang in there.

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