Palin A ‘National Embarrassment’ on Fox News

Palin A ‘National Embarrassment’ on Fox News

this episode of the young taxes brought to
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that goes on prostitution greta van susteren
as she is of course going to disagree with
president obama’s
policy committee
does she know itu israel to disagree about
conceivable chance that she would have a great
of course
so she s a
fumble for ways to disagree and fumble she
got leaders
because by virtue we’re gonna find out
that isn’t working the into things that we
did not know before subbing lesser
and other in question has to be aspirated
army at war i haven’t heard the president
say that
we are at war and and that’s why i to uh…
not going to use this the term intervention
means war doing use
ice storm is what is it
here’s what we don’t use
because this is not at work
you’re looking for skirmish
their lack of intelligence
ward knowledge
is coming has gone beyond music to a whole
new level i don’t know how to describe this
is like when bush came out
uh… you know the disassembly
which means liar
no it doesn’t mean that
you got your word of the day
this sampling not
disassembly which means that the poor
you know i i don’t know what the caller said
a swarm ish
score which would have to repudiate
europe back
and get off at the
by jackie actually go to the south pacific
gets worse she’s out of the greta van susteren
and little greta van susteren says about new
on sunday they revel in how stupid bear
you know in my feeling his speech but he said
tonight and then we may have several times
we need to know if there are no one says and
i thought to myself
if in times of war that you have to explain
in milan system really does mean that you
really don’t have a clear sense of
why would there what we’re doing water objective
is is when you have to sort of got well it’s
a little bit this alone but that i think that’s
that’s not just the senate
what i find it is certainly
is your
piece i sprayed
it is not zero or one what this
it had the it
nuance worlds
filled with me was missiles still big
you want to light
passive plaza where others have personnel
is it was about state
well that i can explain it to you this you’ll
lacked the proper intelligence
understanding complicated situation
you let’s say it’s kind of unisys some in
the middle
we we just take rest
reviewing that’s pathetic we’re gonna go back
to accept him
is going to give in inexplicable
little speeches about the north star let’s
say we decided to see it
i have a little bit of hope during the speech
when he mentioned the north are acts in the
north star so often or start part of the
alaska flagler we uh… here are able to use
other g_p_s_ is kind of our harp on line of
the great north star with his abiding life
toward land and sea of beacon bright we look
at the north star at it helps us i believe
it helps me stay focused on what really matters
so when the president mentioning or start
tonight i thought maybe he gets it may understand
what the u_s_ interests are happen and we
need to be too many in this intervention in
this war and yet even from there the reference
to the north star he kinda wanted off again
a lot more the inconsistencies in the questions
in that
and the the dubious rationale being used in
more of that is was being rebuilt
so use at having a
impose a conversation about haiti with the
rebel stand
uh… what should we go with our allies
you know tribunal was going to be in old razzle-dazzle
she’s like left units start
initiate it was up
like most red was u
i love the north star but it’s a little far
which walking about it
and she’s claims on something that
what does that have to do with libya and how
would that be on and above let me stop talking
about the north atlantic i confused you might
like to libya i go to libya
accusing the work
i couldn’t see
or the worst anymore
combine many purple dinner uncertainty
you gotta be embarrassed by this this is your
idea of leadership
blueprint for the whole country they were
having serious debates with goof balls like
and people don’t know this about me but i
mean underground cabling
anti-war i’d love to play video games whether
hero of our responses he implied that both
although i did it again but will serve as
new aircraft
also no late fees no due dates shipping always
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100 thoughts to “Palin A ‘National Embarrassment’ on Fox News”

  1. I can assure you as a Brit Sarah Palin is far far more of an embarrassment to the US than Obama will ever be.
    The difference is you may not agree with Obama's policies but you can be sure he formulated and understands them, whereas Palin is a true low grade moron who couldn't find her own arse with both hands.

  2. What do they need to win the war? A compass! Giving your soldiers compasses will solve all the problems!
    Because then they will know which direction is north even during the day or on cloudy nights! Since this has been the biggest problem in modern wars…

  3. Ha! The only running there's going to be is her campaign into the ground. She's gonna sabotage herself after her first speech.


  5. Judging from your incoherent post I'm guessing you are a Palin supporter? that or you were dropped on your head as a baby.

  6. Yep definitely dropped on you're head…..just think in a few years you'll be old enough to vote for one of these GOP goofballs, think how great you'll feel then.
    Until then remember typing in capitals gives more away than you're age, it advertises you're low IQ….remember that when you are applying at McDonald's.


  8. god fucking damn. Dumb fuck fox girl "why we are there, what we are doing, whats our objective? Hey dumb bitch, let me help you out. See the iraq war. Well, that would require reading and getting the fuck away from fox.

  9. ''I like the North Star; it's shiny. The president said he likes it, too, so I thought he was on to something. But then he just went back to facts, and that's where he lost me.''
    National. Embarrassment.

  10. Palin is not worth a damn. I have nothing positive to say about her, and she has no credentials to be on TV to talk about foreign policy. That being said, it's very pedantic for Cenk to criticize every mistake. He's superficial and hypocritical because he makes similar mistakes. Cenk said "sustance" at 1:46. Sustance is not a word. Maybe he meant to say substance. It's not a big deal. Even the best public speakers mispronounce words sometimes.

  11. Just for the record, she said u can see russia from some parts of ALASKA, not her house. Tina fey changed her words. Look it up, its true

  12. nah, she is reasonably intelligent…shes on the level of a run of the mill college grad; you get pressed with questions, you have to memorize the responses with the SAT vocab words..its easy for you and I to type behind a computer screen but when you have cameras in your face knowing that at least several million are watching, it's tough to deliver the responses eloquently; especially when they aren't the words you would normally use

  13. You have been ripped off for paying for an education or you have a really lame mode of sarcasm. Go back to the dean of your university and ask for a refund.

  14. I really don't think her saying 'Squrmishing' is a national embarrassment, her so direly seeking a way to disagree with something she likely agrees with is. Who knows if it was her not knowing a word, slip of tongue or an impediment. Its not a national embarrassment.

  15. i said she was "reasonably intelligent," like slightly above the average citizen…it wasn't a compliment…i mean george bush sounded like he was mentally retarded on national television but i bet if we were at a bar just hanging out he'd seem like an ordinary guy.

    i didn't realize you were famous, you know all about the constant cameras, pressure, paparazzi in your face the second you step everything you say gets blown up and you have to memorize talking points

  16. I REALLY don't care for Sarah Palin. However, when it comes to war there SHOULD be a clear objective- that is just basic for anything and most certainly when lives are at stake. Complicated situation or not, I don't understand why it is such a stupid idea to want a clear cut answer or explanation for why a country is going to war. There SHOULD be clear explanations; anything less can be construed as fabricated information and just plain deception. This goes for any presidental administration.

  17. The only thing here is bash the Republican not there remarks but the person. You call them stupid, where is your brain, Do you even know the definition of WAR?

  18. The only thing here is bash the Republican not there remarks but the person. You call them stupid, where is your brain, Do you even know the definition of WAR? Look to the current VP if you want a slip of the tongue remark to laugh at.


  20. How is someone with no intelligence at all allowed to even be a political figure of any kind?  That is insulting to high school drop outs.  I would have to believe she gave sexual favours to her college professors to get the grade so she wouldn't fail.

  21. She's a disingenuous fraud! Her and the GOP don't care about the heartland of America. Her kind are vile and repugnant! The GOP has no healthcare plan, other than letting Americans die!
    Obama Care and the Opt-in Medicaid expansion saved my life. I'm unable to work, I have a preexisting condition, I'm sick, but still have to fight for SSI. In Palin's world, I go to the ER. They do very little for me, other than, we see you have an disease, come back when you're closer to dying! If I'd not been granted a temporary medical card, I feel they would've let me die.

  22. I just can't help coming back to this clip, it helps remind me how bloody stupid Palin really is. 
    How anybody can watch this and then turn around and still claim that Palin is fit for office is beyond reason, this imbecile just gets on camera and all she has in her mind is to rubbish Obama. For a politician thats understandable but you have to make sense and coherent points, but Palin just sounds like an eight year old in the playground whining…..every country has their own idiots in politics but America has gone beyond a joke with a lot of the morons currently representing the GOP.

  23. this CUNT is STUPID AS FUCK, a hockey mom running the country LMFAO. and tyt stfu u guys have JEW VIEWS   ure not ANY BETTER than this dumb cunt, who's daughter had a child at fucking 16.

  24. Sarah Palin is no more than a Right Wing Android, she only repeats what she hears the rest of The Right Wing says as Morton Downey Jr.(God rest his soul)would call her if he was alive, A total Right Wing Pablum Puker

  25. I theorize that the reason there are no genius politicians, is because all of the smart people decided that it is not worthwhile.

  26. This video is absolutely priceless, these two morons are scratching around trying to find something to criticize Obama about and all they achieved was making themselves look like dumb and dumber.
    Can you imagine what Palin would've been like on the international stage dealing with the likes of Putin?  It would've been like a four year slow motion car crash, and after inflicting Bush on the world for eight years our allies would've wondered if the American voters had been lobotomized. 

  27. I'm zeeeeerooooo for Palin but Squirmish was obviously an accident.  I'm so sick of politics.  The only answer is to eliminate making money or money being involved.  It should be like jury duty.  Minimum wage.  We'd see how many career politicians would do it out of love for country. 

  28. Watching this makes me angry that I paid all that damn money for my degrees.  I should have just dropped out in the 10th grade.  I would have made millions

  29. You actually by into this Liberal Bilge……  Who's the NINCOMPOOP now…… Lets talk intelligence and refer to Obama,  the King of Platitudes and rhetoric, circular thinking and whirlwind innuendos and you make these statements and believe your portraying yourself as a knowledgeable reputable agency …. I think not.  Or lets talk about Hillary ' WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE' and you probably believe she's and articulate intelligent women.     Your a joke and shallow in thought and facts.   Grow up and listen….. quit walking the LIBERAL,  PROGRESSIVE line and look at some semblance of reality

  30. I wonder has she ever heard that one Proverb that goes quote "It Is Better To Be Silent And Thought of as a Fool than to speak and remove all doubt"

  31. Cenk, why do you pick on Sarah. She likes north stars, pink ponys, rainbows,telatubbys,etc
    Isn't that what you would want in your leaders?

  32. I say, after we get a constitutional amendment with Wolf-PAC, we add another Amendment that bans anyone with the name "Palin" from public office and television. sigh -_-

  33. Scwormish, is when you are in
    a battle in a forward assault
    And you shake, shimmy, from side
    To side, and act crazy as hell, so the enemy can then take his/her
    Time and put your dumb ass out of our misery.

  34. Hispanics invaded our country hm!
    Let's see, no our Hispanic brothers to our south, were the ones who along with native Americans, when Christoffer Columbus stepped out of his dingy
    And discovered! Hell!! Some one already lives here. But don't worry
    Cause we will help you rid yourself
    of a life you have known for thousands of years, as "savages"
    Take your shit, and introduce you
    To some real savages.

  35. Someone should sit PALIN down and explain to her what's going on in foreign affairs – she clearly has no idea.

    Having watched her on a previous film clip at a NRA Convention, her speech was appalling. The audience were either narrow-minded or haven't a clue what she is saying and like sleep they're following one another by just clapping at the usual "buzzwords" mentioned.

  36. Before anyone who may not know palin thinks 'it's okay, it's just one small mistake'
    This isn't the first time she's f*cked up. Who do YOU think internet, who is the dumbest person / what is the dumbest comment ever made?

  37. a fucking star? omg PLEASE FELLOW AMERICANS someone call her out, and mccain please distance yourself from this disaster waiting to happen or she is gonna bring u right down also

  38. Every time Palin opens her mouth I think what a nice place to pour some concrete, build a dance floor, throw up a disco ball and have a gay old party!

  39. Palin scares the crap out of you libtards and she's not even in office or running. Lol, now y'all have to choose between Hilary or Sanders, a couple of insane stooge progressives.

  40. "The Dunning-Kruger effect: When people fail to adequately assess their level of competence — or specifically, their incompetence — at a task and thus consider themselves much more competent than everyone else. This lack of awareness is attributed to their lower level of competence robbing them of the ability to critically analyse their performance, leading to a significant overestimate of themselves."

  41. Squirmish = New word which combines Squirmy and mishmash. Every time I hear her Mishmash talk I feel all squirmy.

  42. To be fair she is a plank,but calling her out for a simple mistake like the inserting of a W sound into skirmish is bit nitpicky

  43. Guy Will1 second agoI enjoy the attempt. I enjoy the amusing way Palin wants to try and make a point and simply cannot do so. When she goes off the track even before completing a sentence is wonderful, it is like being a driver's education instructor on a 16 year old's first driving test. She never knows when to use the accelerator or the brake…… Sarah to pieces….

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