Olivia Jade’s Fake Athletic Profile Revealed In Court | TODAY

Olivia Jade’s Fake Athletic Profile Revealed In Court | TODAY

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  1. What kills me is the cast of “When calls the heart” backing her up! They should be ashamed!!!! I get it be a friend but to publicly defend her as part of the show is ridiculous!!!!

  2. Omg, yeh they parents saying ya withholding crucial evidence that will free us. Then boom mikedrop gov or feds drop the fake resume profile into the public view that the awards were faked, its like they just oh yeh gotcha here. Still wanna plea deal last shot.

  3. Wouldn’t other members on the crew team see the webpage and wonder why someone who is not on the team is listed as being on the team? Why did they think they could get away with this?

  4. "I want them to have a degree to fall back on" lady your daughter barely graduated high school, she even said she barely went!

  5. Wow. Her children must feel real special . The kids are so stupid they had to bribe the school to make sure their kids would be able to get in to College.

  6. I think most high school students know their grades and are aware of what schools they might qualify for. Did she really think she earned it? 🤔

  7. Unbelievable!!! 🙄I hope they find a jury that is smart unlike the stooges in the Casey Anthoney case where they left a murderer go free. These individuals don't even think they did anything wrong nor that they need to apologize for their crimes.
    Narcissists who believe that they are better than anyone else thus, they expect total royal exoneration by a jury of commoners who should be grateful for the opportunity of being in the honorable position of evaluating them and the imperious obligation to decide on their favor.
    Afterward, they expect The judge, Lawyers, Jury, and everyone else in the courtroom to bow down as a symbol of appreciation and kiss their feet before they are majestically escorted while walking on a golden carpet on their way to the airport flying on Air Force One with President Trump and Melania who had to stand all the way to LA because all the chairs were taken. Cest La Vie!!! Gosh! I really, really, really hope that the jury is not stupid as the one on the Casey Anthony fiasco!!

  8. Haha aunt Becky is going to jail. That profile is hilarious. Imagine your child being so dumb you gotta bribe people to get them into a mediocre school. Then dumb child can't even remember cover story. Hilarious

  9. They did this to themselves. Their lawyers had to have said plead guilty and this will be over. But, no! They’ve prolonged their case by trying to “clear their name”. It’s not working. They will not be acquitted . At what cost to them? Will it give back Lori’s standing as a wholesome actress? Nope, this stain will never go away. If they get acquitted the best they could hope for is an Oprah interview and a book deal. She’ll never work again. Lastly, I follow Olivia on Social. She’s pretty, but she’s not smart enough to write that resume. She didn’t do that for sure.

  10. Lori is walking around with this p***ed off look on her face. I don't know who she's got it in for because she only has herself to blame 💁

  11. This posting online of what was is always doing, all the crap they have & how great their lives are,
    is a sick perversion of reality that often ends in a harsh reality check.

  12. What I don't understand is…she made it clear she didn't want to go to college, but she was forced to go by her parents. So as she said, she went to college just to party. The point of college is to work hard at a major, graduate, and find a good job making money. Well they are millionaires, so she did not have to go to college. She is big on YouTube and making good money with that. So why the parents forced her to go to school is beyond me. She didnt have time for school anyway, too busy living her best life. I blame her parents, not her for this mess.

  13. Rich people have been doing this "forever" just not so blatantly. Usually they buy a new wing for the university or some other overpriced things to get their kids admitted. It's no different except the bribe was given to the entire college not just a single staffer.

  14. They should have just let the girl do YouTube like she wanted. All of this and the girl didn’t even want to go to college. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. Funny how all that hard work landed her and her sister expelled from USC. But then she wasn’t all that interested in college other than for her social life. Shallow little thing isn’t she.

  16. The children could’ve totally said no mom I’m not going to that college because I know you’re lying. But guess what? She went along with it.

  17. Oh please, that is how the rich keep it in the family and are above the rest of us, really is anyone surprised. They don't get to be rich and keep it if they were honest. See it everyday.

  18. USC is a decent school but if you’re going to go to these kind of lengths and spend so much money, at least try to get her into Harvard or something.

  19. Loved the faked profile. But now waiting to see her rowing pics with her 2 Gold Medals. 🥇 🥇😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. I think they are guilty. They have a lot of money and I think that money is going to buy me anyting but money is a root of all evil and they should go to jail for the crime today committed.

  21. Ok seriously the daughter had no interest in academics AT ALL. Why fake your way into school when all you want to do is be a YT star? What is the point in going to school? SMH

  22. Wow. All you internet judge and juries. Why dont y'all wait until and if they are found GUILTY. The world wide web has made everyone an expert. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. NOT VICE VERSA.

  23. They should just put Olivia in a petting zoo, she acts like a goat, looks like a goat and should be treated like a goat

  24. What a bunch of LOSERS. Why did she even go to college. ? Sure hope they are found guilty… Lori in jail cell. That's funny.

  25. Just have Olivia compete in an actual rowing competition. Case closed 🤣 pretty sure they won’t be able to defend their case after that

  26. They should have to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships for deserving students.they should be ashamed of herself.quite a contrast to the characters she played on tv.

  27. The privilege life of rich kids make middle class people like me sick my dad was a farmer 👩‍🌾 because he loved it not for the money I worked my butt off to be the first to go to college and the first girl business owner 20 years working my butt off to keep my employee paid and give whatever else I make to help the less fortunate yes it would have been nice to have help but my father would have only done it the right way with morals and pride don’t these people have any pride

  28. I hope they don’t get away with this.
    This is completely unacceptable and just plain wrong. Neither of them even seem sorry about it

  29. i know they've done something wrong, but i hope somewhere down the line (when they've done the time for the crime) that people allow them to redeem themselves.


  31. I wonder if Lori has any regrets about what she did! Why did she want Olivia and Isabella to go to USC so badly instead of letting them decide whether they wanted to go to college or not?

  32. Money never buys class. This family caused their own grief and begs off as being naive. Lame excuses and the prosecutors see right through this ruse.

  33. How did the daughter not know this was going on? I’m sorry, but she had to know something was amiss. I think she should be charged if she was involved. Perhaps it would knock her entitled a** down a peg or two. Sorry… I can’t stand rich people thinking they’re above the law.

  34. The SAT should be immediately done away with. It is a scam when parents can pay people to alter tests. It’s a money making scheme designed to create average 1000 scores. It’s absolute bullsh*t

  35. Very unpopular opinion but I don't really see anything out of the ordinary for a PRIVATE university to accept a bribe. Tons of famous people's kids go to good schools because of their name, not their academics and I just didn't think this whole thing was that earth shattering. I never thought Olivia got in for her grades, I thought she got in because her mom is famous… I don't really get why now USC getting bribe money for it makes it that much different. It sucks but that's kinda just life… money is power and money talks.

  36. imagine having to bribe yourself into uni, like i’m not even very academic and i managed to get the grades to get into uni 😂

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