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  1. I always wonder, how those jury memders are feeling over the years. They clearly know, the whole world is convinced of his guilt. Do they ever feel guilty for setting an obvious murderer free…???

  2. OJ knows U.S is stupid. Better to be rich and black then rich and white. Don't start pulling the rich card though because that exactly how the race card started people.

  3. Everyone considers him guilty, even the civil court case proves that. The case against him was not proven. That doesn't mean he was not guilty. He ruined his own life too, and lost all his status. I mean, who would WANT to be OJ. (apart from the money he has left… ). He failed as a human-being and is destined for Hell.

  4. This man…. saved himself by playing the race card while some innocents are really facing with serious racism stuff who got to be saved. #sadfact

  5. I remember when i was in junior high i asked my Host family in Wisconson …. Did he do that? she saied i don wanna talk about it coz we loved him … [ fyi my host are white ]

  6. Can't believe people believed that he didn't do it. Of course he did, all the evidence led to him but he was saved just because he was rich. If he was poor he would've gotten the death sentence with no hesitation

  7. His son killed them and they proved it with a private investigation. In the words of Eddie Bravo LOOK INTO IT. The fact speak for themselves

  8. Why no blood on the gas/brake pedals and floorboard of the Bronco? Why no blood on his plush white carpet in his home? Where’s the knife?

  9. Welcome to the United States, where the following judicial system exists…the guilt or innocence of any given defendant, ultimately lies in the hands of 12 people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty. RIP Nichole and Ron!

  10. The RACE card did NOT save OJ Simpson. Money did! He was on the inside. He was in their clique. They moved the venue to downtown rather than in the jurisdiction where the crime was committed. The knife disappeared from the bathroom. Neither the suicide note nor the low-speed chase was submitted to the jury as evidence. So much from the trial points to cover-up or an inept prosecution team. It was theater. In other words, RACE WARFARE is a farce… the OJ Simpson case is the first tangible evidence where you can see the CLASS WARFARE. I wouldn't be surprised if JonBenét Ramsey is evidence of the human trafficking in kids and now there is Macaulay Culkin making claims that Heather O'Rourke was sacrificed. As outlandish as some of news may seem. All allegations need to be scrutinized.

  11. Not guilty, so no rioting across the country the country afraid of rioting. If he wasnt famous/ rich he'd be in jail.

  12. Son of a bitch laughs at the interview he's in about the murders of Nicole and Ron. he should be thrown into a large fire pit

  13. Hypothetically. It’s so sick the way he plays with this subject and plays with us so you still can’t quite ‘get him’. He enjoys the attention and that is sick too. It’s not funny what happened and he plays with us as if it is!

  14. Its a great thing that he killed that race mixer,as it goes "you burn the coal you pay the toll" and thats the cost of treason👏

  15. You can’t just blame the race card for OJ getting out without context. It’s the LAPD’s fault for having blatantly racist officers and a bad history which allowed OJ’s lawyer to make it a race issue 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  16. Most sane and honest people knew that OJ murdered those two people. This is one more example of greedy lawyers getting guilty scum …

  17. I mean this just confirmed 2 things we already knew
    1) people with money definitely are above the law in some way..
    2) oj definitely did it😂😂 You dumb if you think he’s innocent 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Did OJ say he took the knife from Charlie?? Who’s that?? Or did he say Cowling? His friend who drove the white Bronco… Was there someone else there??

    He really is a straight up psychopath!! He’s put the Brown & Goldman families through hell! And here… he’s just rubbing salt in their wounds!! It’s a shame that double jeopardy exists in his case!! Hopefully they’ll catch him cheating on his taxes or something and throw him back in prison!!

  19. He’s sick in the head 🤦🏾‍♀️why would her laugh at all ?tf?Something is going on there in Devilwood!

  20. Have you made up your mind… and just what is it made up of? Anyone who has heard of OJ Simpson is very well informed of; White Broncos, red herrings and black gloves thanks to our mainstream media cycles. Most people also have their own firm opinion of his guilt or innocence via main stream media. However most people are blindly unaware that OJ's 24 year old son Jason a professional chef, was on probation for assault with a knife upon an employer at the time of the murders… Or that he had also severely beaten an ex-girlfriend, prior to cutting off her hair with a knife.

    Jason had clinically diagnosed rage issues. He took Depakote, an anti- rage drug that would cause blackouts if used with alcohol. On the night of the murders, Jason had proudly procured and cooked a special meal for the family. Nicole was a no show at Jackson’s Restaurant, where Jason was head chef that night. With or without the courtesy of a call in advance is not known.

    Angry enough to leave work without punching out, Jason left to go confront Nicole at her home. Coincidentally, amidst Jason’s confrontation with Nicole, Ron Goldman shows up with her eyeglasses she had left behind at Mezzaluna, where he was a waiter. Ron’s chivalrous intervention was met with deadly opposition. Upstairs a bubble bath, two goblets and wine awaited. What a nice gratuity for Ron, but who knew stiffing on a bistro rezo could be ever so deadly? Meanwhile, very likely upon Jason’s call to OJ and a volatile expression of disappointment about Nicole’s inconsiderate no-show , OJ showed up to intercede, just a tad late.

    OJ and Jason were seen leaving the murder scene by a PI in the area on other business. This information, like many other facts was never brought forward. In the days, months and years that followed, OJ's love for his son has now clearly demonstrated that his best reverse play, distractive tactics, acting or interference blocking wasn’t actually done on the playing field or the cinema screen.

    Check out veteran PI and ex-cop William Dear’s book; “OJ is innocent of murder, and I can prove it” for some concise, compelling and professionally gathered evidence that was never presented at trial or in the media. Don't look to the DA, Mayor Garcetti’s family or LAPD to admit any of their most epic oversights. BTW, OJ is actually also a confirmed haemaphobe. He gets quite queasy at the sight of blood, despite his athletic might. He likely wouldn’t opt for knife play in a homicide, and truly had no motive to commit one.

    Wm. Dear happened to later acquire the contents of Jason’s abandoned storage locker. Property within it included some very incriminating diaries and photos. Most compelling was a Gerber style fighting knife consistent with the victim’s wound cavities. The crescent shaped gash found on Nicole’s scalp also matches the contour of the pommel handle. A photograph of Jason wearing a black knit cap is also amongst the storage contents. It is exactly like the black cap found at the scene with African American male hair samples inside it? That hair was later tested and found to be similar, but not an exact match to OJ’s DNA. There were also blonde canine hairs attached to the cap. In one photo, Jason can be seen lying on his bed with his dog, a golden lab cross breed. Upon this info and photo later being made public, the actual cap was promptly removed from the LAPD’s public exhibit of their most famous murder case!

    Chances are this might be the first time you have been exposed to this information. Has it perhaps interrupted your opinion on the matter? So just who tells our trusted newscasters just what to say? Our newspaper editors what to print and what not to? Investigative journalism has diminished. Diligence and discernment of facts vs. feelings is now more important than ever. What else has been seriously affected by omissions from our world view? Overlooked? Suppressed? What else have we have been led or mislead by? Having lived in private investigation, I strongly recommend these three critical things to avoid media mind control;

    1) Before “buying” the entire ensemble, always check the content label on any Emperor’s new clothes. 2) Never underestimate the power of; Emotion, rejection, love, courtesy, critical thinking or due diligence. 3) A wise Shepherd in wolves’ clothing is often most effective to thwart a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  21. So they were all chatting before the fight took place. OJ would not attempt to take them both out like that. Nicole was dead & Ron showed up & was taken by surprise.

  22. A true confession of demon posses's person.
    it is evident in the fact that, demon posses people do not remember
    when they are posses or what they do or how they behave and act. This man will stand before the

  23. This dirt bag spends time in my city to visit family. I hope I run into him some day and I am going to make it known what a dirt bag I think he is.

  24. I knew he did it without even hearing this alleged confession. To bad he got away with it. Just think, with all the evidence they had, he was found not guilty and I’ll tell you why, it’s because it was turned into a race thing period. Again a case where the media f’d everything up majorly

  25. Wow….Bad Acting….
    Who's been telling this guy 'yes' all his life? Somebody's been lying to him about his credibility bcos he isn't even believable! Thing is, he looks like hes used to getting away with his act.
    Woe betide he who dares admit to OJ he doesn't believe what he's saying whatever the topic might be!

  26. OJ is such a scary murderer , a true psychopath killer,,He can laugh as he is telling the murder scene in details. you got to be a real pathological sick killer to act that way

  27. This is what Karma looks like 20 years later his spirit is still tormented and he has to go on national TV and confess. You see how karma works? This thing is has been hunting him for the last 20 years and he can’t find peace…. he’s trying to make it look like a joke but he knows what’s up. God don’t play with nobody.

  28. 76% of muslims in India are anti-BJP, and 78% hindus are pro-BJP
    76% of white women felt OJ is guilty, and 78% black women feel OJ is not guilty
    – does that prove BJP or OJ is NOT GUILTY? NO – Just stand up at least when evidence is staring you in the face, old fuck! FUCK OJ n FUCK BJP

  29. Everybody that’s HONEST and Not a Black Racist Hypocrite KNOWS OJ Simpson Murdered his Ex-Wife and Ron Goldman. Hopefully OJ will Repent and Receive the Biblical Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Saviour or he will Drop into Hell at Death !!!

  30. can we just take a moment to talk about how he is like not really there. like he seems like he’s on drugs or smt

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